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zakim, this will be ert
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ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()12:00PM scheduled to start in 7 minutes
15:53:41 [shadi]
meeting: ERT WG
15:53:51 [shadi]
15:53:59 [shadi]
agendum+ Assertor Class
15:54:09 [shadi]
agendum+ Report Class
15:54:19 [shadi]
agendum+ Additional Properties
15:54:38 [shadi]
agendum+ F2F Registration
15:54:48 [shadi]
agendum+ Location Class
15:55:02 [shadi]
chair: shadi
15:55:23 [shadi]
regrets: none
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zakim, ipcaller is really Chris
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+Chris; got it
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zakim, ipcaller is really Charles
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zakim, Charles is really Nick
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Grrr. Waiting for connection manually
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Grrrr, zakim hung up on me
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16:09:00 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 1
16:09:00 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Assertor Class" taken up [from shadi]
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16:09:41 [shadi]
16:10:01 [shadi]
zakim, ??p7 is really Charles
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+Charles; got it
16:10:03 [chaals]
scribe: chaals
16:11:53 [chaals]
Shadi: comments on the proposal?
16:12:48 [niq]
16:13:00 [niq]
example 4, you're in two minds
16:13:20 [niq]
<earl:PersonUsingTool ...> ... </earl:Assertor>
16:14:18 [niq]
16:16:27 [shadi]
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16:18:05 [chaals]
chaals: seems like a lot of verbiage. Not sure that we need it all, but I don't see anything wrong with it.
16:18:12 [chaals]
niq: At first glance I like it.
16:18:14 [niq]
not me guv
16:19:45 [chaals]
shadi: this is meant to be clearer than having an Assertor represent a single Assertor.
16:21:07 [Zakim]
16:21:20 [chaals]
s/single assertor/either a single person, tool, or compound assertor
16:21:29 [shadi]
zakim, klaus is really Johannes
16:21:29 [Zakim]
+Johannes; got it
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16:22:52 [niq]
I like a compound assertor that'll deal with complex cases like
16:23:06 [niq]
- tool highlights X on every page
16:23:31 [niq]
- webmaster determines that's a sitewide policy that isn't a problem
16:23:48 [niq]
- assessor makes individual comments on particular pages
16:24:01 [niq]
for different levels of assertor
16:29:14 [chaals]
RESOLUTION: we will go with this proposal for now.
16:29:24 [chaals]
zakim, close this agendum
16:29:24 [Zakim]
agendum 1 closed
16:29:25 [Zakim]
I see 4 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
16:29:26 [Zakim]
2. Report Class [from shadi]
16:29:34 [shadi]
zakim, take up agendum 2
16:29:34 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Report Class" taken up [from shadi]
16:29:35 [shadi]
16:30:25 [chaals]
Shadi: If there is a class that can be used already maybe we shuld do that. But the idea is to have a wrapper for a collection of assertions that belong together.
16:30:48 [chaals]
... you might also want to define assertins that go together for a collection in a large store.
16:31:56 [chaals]
chaals: I don't think this is particularly useful, it mimics the results of a query for some given query. I think creating a class for that is just bloat.
16:33:19 [chaals]
... I can't imagine we would bother implementing this.
16:33:19 [chaals]
shadi: yes it is miimcking a query. This can be put into a repository, and reports generated can be queried
16:34:40 [chaals]
johannes: I think I don't need it now, but may be useful later
16:35:16 [chaals]
Shadi: A file is not really a report - sometimes a report will be drawn from bits of several different files.
16:36:16 [chaals]
RESOLUTION: We will drop this for now
16:36:24 [chaals]
zakim, next agendum
16:36:24 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Additional Properties" taken up [from shadi]
16:36:29 [shadi]
16:37:49 [chaals]
shadi: includes some properties that need to be understood in this part of a graph - for example if people are using XML parsers not RDF parsers.
16:38:04 [chaals]
... and then there is the hash proposal, for a checksum or similar.
16:38:22 [chaals]
... this one seems like a can of worms. Maybe we should leave it for a later draft.
16:38:36 [chaals]
chaals: should leave hash for later draft.
16:38:47 [chaals]
16:39:18 [chaals]
RESOLUTION: Hash / checksum / etc is an issue for after this draft.
16:39:29 [chaals]
Shadi: What about the DC properties that can be used
16:39:35 [chaals]
chaals: don't care either way.
16:39:48 [chaals]
... think it is bloat, but no problem
16:39:54 [chaals]
johannes: OK
16:39:55 [niq]
16:40:47 [chaals]
RESOUTION: Put the DC properties as optionals, as per proposal.
16:40:58 [chaals]
zakim, next agendum
16:40:58 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "F2F Registration" taken up [from shadi]
16:41:19 [chaals]
shadi: Face to face agenda is out, registration is open, please sign up.
16:41:47 [chaals]
shadi: Map of the area?
16:42:03 [chaals]
johannes: There are online map tools - will post a link.
16:42:09 [niq]
I've found the area, but there isn't a street address for it!
16:42:40 [chaals]
zakim, next agendum
16:42:40 [Zakim]
agendum 5. "Location Class" taken up [from shadi]
16:44:05 [shadi]
16:48:08 [chaals]
chaals: something looks not quite right, but I can't figure it out here and now.
16:48:29 [chaals]
shadi: let's leave it out for now and work out how to publish a draft...
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Attendees were Shadi, Sandor_Herramhof, Chris, Jose_Manuel_Alonso/CarlosI, Nick, Charles, Klaus/Thomas, Johannes
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zakim, bye
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rrsagent, bye
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