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Registering application/xenc+xml media type

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Subject: Registration of media type application/xenc+xml

This is a media type registration as defined in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) 
Part Four: Registration Procedures [MIME-REG] and Media Type Specifications and 
Registration Procedures [MEDIA-TYPE-REG].

XML Encryption Syntax and Processing [XML-Encryption] specifies a process for encrypting data and 
representing the result in XML. The data may be arbitrary data (including an XML document), 
an XML element, or XML element content. The result of encrypting data is an XML Encryption element 
which contains or references the cipher data. 

The application/xenc+xml media type allows XML Encryption applications to identify 
encrypted documents. Additionally it allows applications cognizant of this
media-type (even if they are not XML Encryption implementations) to note that the media type 
of the decrypted (original) object might be a type other than XML.


Type name:

Subtype name:


Required parameters: 

Optional parameters: 

    charset, as defined in section 3.1 of RFC 3023 [XML-MT].

Encoding considerations:

    The encoding considerations are identical to those given 
    for 'application/xml' in section 3.2 of RFC 3023 [XML-MT].

Security considerations:
     See section 6 of the [XML-Encryption].

Interoperability considerations: 


Published specification: 


Applications which use this media type:

    XML Encryption is device-, platform-, and vendor-neutral 
    and is supported by a range of Web applications.
    See also section 4 of [XML-Encryption].

Additional information:

    Magic number(s): none

      Although no byte sequences can be counted on to consistently identify 
      XML Encryption documents, they will be XML documents in which the 
      root element's QName's LocalPart is 'EncryptedData' or 'EncryptedKey' 
      with an associated  namespace name of ''. 
      The application/xenc+xml type name MUST only be used for data objects in 
      which the root element is from the XML Encryption namespace. XML documents 
      which contain these element types in places other than the root element can 
      be described using facilities such as [XML-schema].

    File extension(s): .xml

    Macintosh file type code(s): "TEXT"

Person & email address to contact for further information: (public archived mailing list for the XMLENC Recommendation)

Intended usage:


Restrictions on usage:


    The XML Encryption Recommendation is a work product of the World Wide
    Web Consortium (W3C) and was edited by:

       Donald Eastlake <>
       Joseph Reagle <> 

Change controller:

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has change control over the 
    XML Encryption Recommendation and its related media types.


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