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mapping document:
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20:06:23 [ben_]
agenda+ TTF Update
20:06:34 [ben_]
agenda+ Harvest techniques and/or tests beginning with Guideline 2.1
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zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1. "TTF Update" taken up [from ben_]
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zakim, take up agendum 1
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agendum 1. "TTF Update" taken up [from ben_]
20:07:31 [ben_]
scribe: ben_
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scribe: ben
20:08:08 [ben_]
chair: Michael_Cooper
20:09:16 [ben_]
mc: Wednesday calls to focus more on testing in coming weeks, would like to spend more time on Thursday calls on techniques as well as we go forward.
20:10:27 [ben_]
scripting tests are a current priority/concern
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ack alex
20:12:31 [ben_]
Topic: WCAG Weekly Telecon
20:13:21 [ChrisR]
20:13:23 [ben_]
discussing: is it possible to be comprehensive with script techniques testing?
20:14:42 [ben_]
20:14:44 [Zakim]
20:15:33 [ben_]
zakim, ??P13 is Sebastiano
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+Sebastiano; got it
20:17:28 [ben_]
description of some of the issues around scripting techniques: 06
20:17:37 [ben_]
zakim, next item
20:17:37 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Harvest techniques and/or tests beginning with Guideline 2.1" taken up [from ben_]
20:18:04 [ben_]
sc to techniques mapping:
20:19:42 [ben_]
2.1 L1 SC1
20:20:54 [ben_]
topic: 2.1 L1 SC1
20:21:23 [ben_]
bg: onclick as mechanism to get focus
20:21:31 [ben_]
bg: can talk about tabindex, though UA issues
20:21:53 [rscano]
with this issue, an event with onkeypress without onclick is valid, but an event with onclick without onkeypress is not valid... so no device independence...
20:22:20 [ben_]
bg: anchors on image buttons
20:22:36 [ben_]
topic: 2.1 L3 SC1
20:23:45 [ben_]
mc: technique saying you can't use server-side image maps
20:24:34 [ben_]
bg: use of <map> to allow keyboard navigation
20:24:57 [rscano]
what about GIS web applications?
20:25:31 [ben_]
s/saying you can't use server-side image maps/recommending redundant links for server-side image maps
20:27:05 [ben_]
yh: keyboard access to controls used in mapping programs
20:27:35 [ben_]
topic 2.2 L1 SC1
20:27:47 [ben_]
topic: 2.2 L1 SC1
20:28:42 [ben_]
yh: general technique to show time remaining04
20:29:07 [ben_]
yh: server-side tech to remember settings related to timeouts
20:29:29 [ben_]
bg: creating a time out with a way to turn it off
20:29:52 [ben_]
bg: creating a way to extend or modify time w/ script
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20:30:55 [ben_]
topic: 2.2 L2 SC1
20:31:21 [ben_]
dm: need to cover animated gifs
20:31:57 [ben_]
bg: scripting technique to implement blinking via script w/ a way to turn it off
20:32:22 [ben_]
yh: css technique that lets you switch between using animated vs. static images
20:33:07 [ben_]
topic: 2.2 L2 SC2
20:33:34 [ben_]
bg: script tech for first SC also applies
20:33:39 [ben_]
mc: animated gif as well
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20:34:02 [LucaMascaro]
20:34:07 [ben_]
yh: pausing multimedia (author issue or user agent issue?)
20:34:15 [rscano]
20:34:31 [ben_]
dm: use of script to make text shake, there should be a script technique to make it stop shaking.
20:34:49 [rscano]
depends from the object proprieties and how the browser embed it
20:35:20 [Michael]
ack chris
20:35:25 [ben_]
ack Luca
20:35:44 [rscano]
20:35:50 [ben_]
al: techniques around ticker-tape scrolling?
20:36:12 [LucaMascaro]
zakim, mute me
20:36:12 [Zakim]
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20:36:40 [LucaMascaro]
I suggest to use a SMIL file to general technique
20:37:28 [rscano]
other object that can move are: java ticker, object (flash animations, multimedia objects), markup (SVG, ...), CSS...
20:37:39 [David]
zakim, mute me
20:37:39 [Zakim]
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20:37:41 [LucaMascaro]
I am a problem with microphone
20:38:10 [rscano]
blink attribute
20:38:42 [ben_]
topic: 2.2 L3 SC1
20:39:11 [ben_]
yh: general technique on how to design content without requiring timing
20:39:28 [rscano]
online test can be an example
20:39:33 [ben_]
mc: address online testing
20:40:36 [ben_]
topic: 2.2 L3 SC2
20:40:54 [ben_]
yh: meta-refresh technique
20:41:06 [ben_]
bg: general scripting technique for turning things off
20:41:23 [ben_]
mc: javascript alerts?
20:42:04 [ben_]
bg: issues around allowing users to turn off alerts
20:42:50 [ben_]
bg: might be a technique to allow people to prevent alerts
20:44:26 [ben_]
topic: 2.2 L3 SC3
20:44:59 [ben_]
yh: server-side techniques around keeping data while awaiting re-authentication
20:45:00 [rscano]
this is a server-side issue that we cannot charge on the web content developer
20:45:16 [ben_]
yh: store intermediate results on multi-part surveys
20:45:48 [ben_]
(stored on the server)
20:46:34 [ben_]
bg: checking to find out if timeout is about to occur and allowing users to submit before timeout occurs
20:47:39 [ben_]
topic: 2.3 L1 SC1
20:48:12 [ben_]
yh: use robots.txt to exclude violating content from search engines
20:48:50 [ben_]
yh: general techniques for how to provide a good warning and using entry pages
20:48:55 [rscano]
ora a door-page
20:49:04 [ben_]
mc: issues around controlling path users use to get to a page
20:49:29 [rscano]
there are no PICS Label that can do this?
20:50:15 [ben_]
mc: scripting technique that can check preferences before serving problem content
20:50:26 [ben_]
mb: splash page that warns of issue before playing
20:51:23 [ben_]
yh: use a checkbox on a page that presents a warning before presenting content
20:51:43 [ben_]
al: just don't do it
20:51:57 [David]
That's should be a general techniue
20:52:37 [ben_]
bc: general technique for how to evaluate for problematic content
20:52:44 [ben_]
topic: 2.3 L3 SC1
20:55:00 [ben_]
mc: foreground/background issues w/ HTML/CSS on this?
20:55:30 [ben_]
mb: general technique - some way to determine whether or not they are violating this
20:57:18 [ben_]
guide doc/general techniques need to address what the problem space around these criterion are
20:57:26 [ben_]
topic: 2.4 L1 SC1
20:57:54 [ChrisR]
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20:58:00 [Zakim]
20:58:01 [ben_]
yh: <link> and <a> in HTML
20:58:27 [ben_]
yh: also header elements
20:59:07 [ben_]
yh: lists and groups of links
20:59:16 [ben_]
bg: can reference DHTML Roadmap work here
21:00:15 [ben_]
mc: HTML/Script technqiue for javascript URL (sometimes navigational feature, sometimes not) -- if you're using this as a navigational feature, don't.
21:00:38 [ben_]
yh: onclick event handlers that take you to another page
21:01:08 [ben_]
mc: autosubmit combo boxes
21:01:39 [ben_]
topic: 2.4 L2 SC1
21:02:16 [ben_]
yh: should also be one on table of contents
21:02:26 [ben_]
yh: server-side tech about using search engines
21:02:38 [ben_]
yh: general techniques about linking to related content
21:02:57 [ben_]
yh: how to assign effective metadata
21:03:13 [ben_]
yh: allowing users to search as well as browse
21:04:05 [ben_]
bg: script tech from a list apart - use link element to create drop-down menus
21:04:25 [ben_]
yh: providing links to most popular content
21:04:45 [David]
zakim, unmute me
21:04:45 [Zakim]
David_MacDonald should no longer be muted
21:04:52 [ben_]
topic: 2.4 L2 SC2
21:05:06 [ben_]
bg: CSS to allow keyboard users to view skip links
21:06:28 [ben_]
yh: perhaps revise HTML 9.7 to be more general? (currently applies only to link groups)
21:06:56 [ben_]
mc: ideally, using <div> would help
21:07:03 [ben_]
yh: using headers helps
21:07:12 [ben_]
mc: using tables can also be helpful
21:08:06 [ben_]
yh: technique to hide repeated content?
21:08:26 [ben_]
topic: 2.4 L2 SC3
21:08:51 [ben_]
yh: general technique for writing a good title
21:09:15 [ben_]
yh: general technique about titles being unique?
21:09:26 [ben_]
topic 2.4 L2 SC4
21:10:30 [ben_]
yh: use spacer gif in link text so that it is not visible
21:11:01 [Yvette]
yh: where alt for spacer gif gives additional clarification
21:11:07 [ben_]
topic: 2.4 L3 SC1
21:11:56 [ben_]
yh: negative technique around illogical HTML source order corrected by CSS
21:12:10 [ben_]
mc: for imagemaps, area element should exist in source code in reasonable order
21:12:47 [ben_]
dm: focus order for javascript menus
21:13:41 [ben_]
yh: HTML forms, if multiple submit buttons, be sure the first one is the one you want to be default (may fit better under 2.1)
21:13:59 [ben_]
topic: 2.4 L3 SC2
21:14:09 [ben_]
dm: breadcrumb navigation (server-side)
21:15:02 [ben_]
could also be HTML
21:15:24 [ben_]
yh: using icons and color to differentiate sections of a site
21:17:28 [ben_]
breadcrumb technique above may fit better under general
21:18:04 [ben_]
mc: techniques around use of <link> element
21:18:24 [ben_]
yh: negative technique around breaking the back button?
21:18:49 [ben_]
yh: using different colors on visited vs. unvisited links
21:19:30 [David]
21:19:31 [rscano]
and different styles, not only colour ;-)
21:20:02 [David]
21:20:27 [Becky]
scribe: becky
21:21:26 [Becky]
topic: 2.5 L1 SC1
21:22:07 [Becky]
dm: see #1 in url posted above
21:22:37 [Becky]
mc: client side validation and scripting alert
21:23:00 [Becky]
mc: client side validation and add error text via the DOM
21:24:03 [Becky]
dm: validation of credit card formats
21:24:22 [Becky]
yh: gen. tech for writing understandable 401 or 404 pages
21:25:01 [Becky]
mb: provide tech. to provide a guess when desired page is not found "smart 404"
21:25:02 [David]
21:25:09 [David]
here is myfavorite 404
21:25:10 [rscano]
note that not all the server admin let to customize these pages
21:25:44 [Becky]
bc: techs for when move a url to redirect to correct page
21:26:15 [Becky]
topic: 2.5 L2 SC2
21:26:37 [Becky]
mc: some of above listed techs might fall better under hear
21:26:44 [Becky]
yh: google "did you mean" example
21:27:12 [Becky]
yh: provide a list of words that are similar; type 3 letters and provide a list of choices that begin with those letters
21:28:16 [Becky]
yh: use soundex codes
21:28:34 [LucaMascaro]
Google suggest?
21:29:13 [Becky]
yh: show similar search results/matches
21:29:41 [Yvette]
yh: especially if exact matches are not found
21:29:57 [Becky]
dm: in page link from error message to field with the error
21:30:02 [LucaMascaro]
a featured link in amazon?
21:30:12 [Becky]
cs: query enhancements
21:30:41 [Becky]
topic: GL 2.5 L2 SC3
21:31:11 [rscano]
21:31:18 [rscano]
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21:31:23 [Becky]
yh: gen tech. about dividing processes into steps and allowing forward and backward nav.
21:31:25 [Zakim]
21:31:58 [Becky]
dm: return a new form with only the incorrect fields available
21:32:41 [Becky]
bg: alert/pup-up with "Are you sure?" and ok, cancel
21:33:09 [Becky]
dm: programmatically provide supplemental information - tooltips with addn. info or help
21:33:18 [Becky]
bc: is a bugzilla feature
21:33:49 [Becky]
yh: server side tech that allows users to log back in, see past transactions and cancel
21:34:14 [Becky]
topic: GL 2.5 L3 SC1
21:34:36 [Becky]
dm: confirmation window opens to show user action has completed
21:35:09 [Becky]
yh: provide spell checking
21:35:27 [Becky]
mc: help bubbles
21:35:31 [Becky]
yh: tooltips using title
21:35:45 [Becky]
dm: do not use same words or letter combinations to begin each item of the list
21:36:26 [Becky]
yh: providing help link on every page
21:36:50 [Becky]
yh: (annoying) assistant in the corner of the page
21:37:41 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L1 SC1
21:38:35 [Becky]
cs: html text directionality
21:38:58 [Becky]
mc: use of meta tag with content-language
21:39:06 [Becky]
mc: not sure that is supported/valid
21:39:23 [Becky]
cs: text dirction:
21:39:23 [Becky]
<Becky> mc: not sure that is supported/valid
21:40:27 [Becky]
mc: not sure that meta tag with content-language is supported
21:41:29 [Becky]
yh: tech about how to use templates - put language in just once in the template. this could also be used in many other areas
21:41:40 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L2 SC1
21:41:57 [Becky]
cs: text directionality also applies here
21:42:31 [David]
gotta go...cheers...
21:42:40 [Zakim]
21:43:22 [Becky]
yh: what to do if specify more than one language in header?
21:43:28 [Becky]
mc: needs more discussion
21:43:45 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L3 SC1
21:44:25 [Becky]
(note) we are working from mapping doc url at beginning of discussion - it may not map exactly with current draft)
21:44:42 [Becky]
mc: link rel="glossary"
21:45:53 [Becky]
bg: provide definitions via bubble help
21:46:17 [Becky]
yh: gen tech to provide hyperlinks to relavent online dictionarys
21:46:39 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L3 SC2
21:47:38 [Becky]
bg: provide a way to highlight important words in the content via button press and scripting/css
21:47:48 [Becky]
yh: definition lists
21:48:14 [Becky]
mc: via internal linking
21:48:46 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L3 SC3
21:49:01 [Becky]
yh: same techns that we already have for finding definitions
21:49:54 [Becky]
mc: expanded form presented first time it is used and acronym is presented in parends after - then use acronym in subsequent references
21:50:21 [Becky]
yh: provide search engine to look up - can be used for several of these SC
21:50:38 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L3 SC4
21:51:14 [Becky]
yh: tech how to mark up section titles
21:51:25 [Becky]
bg: gen tech of how to write descriptive titles
21:52:01 [Becky]
topic: GL 3.1 L3 SC 5
21:52:29 [ben_]
lots of general techniques for this one -
21:52:33 [Zakim]
21:52:45 [Becky]
mb: provide recommendations on how to provide the alternatives
21:53:31 [Becky]
yh: font load the document - make first paragraph the summary
21:53:49 [Becky]
yh: css tech about how to make sure people notice the text summary by using diff. presentation style
21:54:18 [Becky]
yh: style sheet switcher or script tech. to switch between diff. version of a doc.
21:54:42 [sebastiano]
I've to go, cheers
21:55:17 [Becky]
yh: make sure spoken version of text content is not started automatically in the background or only at the user's request
21:55:51 [Zakim]
21:56:11 [Becky]
got thru harvesting techniques through GL 3.1
21:58:16 [Becky]
rsagent, generate minutes
21:58:21 [Zakim]
21:58:22 [Zakim]
21:58:23 [Zakim]
21:58:24 [LucaMascaro]
21:58:25 [Zakim]
21:58:25 [Zakim]
21:58:26 [Zakim]
21:58:26 [Zakim]
21:58:28 [Zakim]
21:58:31 [Zakim]
21:58:32 [Zakim]
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21:58:33 [Zakim]
Attendees were Alex_Li, Michael_Cooper, Yvette_Hoitink, Becky_Gibson, Gregg, Roberto_Scano, Chris, Christophe_Strobbe, Bengt_Farre?, Ben?, Ben, Mike, LucaMascaro, David_MacDonald,
21:58:35 [Zakim]
... rellero, Andi, Sebastiano
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Regrets: Gregg_Vanderheiden, Matt_May, Tim_Boland, Roberto_Castaldo, Takayuki_Watanabe
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Zakim, bye
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Meeting: WCAG Weekly Telecon
22:01:20 [ben_]
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