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Topic: Guideline 4.2 redux
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RRSAgent, make log world
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RRSAgent, pointer?
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Meeting: WCAG WG F2F 15 June (day #3)
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Chair: Gregg, John
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loretta's 3 may proposal:
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java accessibility guidelines from ibm:
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custom controls:
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09:04:04 [Michael]
resolution: Write an ednote in 4.2 L1 SC2 that we are considering replacing it with the other success criteria elsewhere to be created by 4.2 WG.
09:04:12 [Michael]
action: 4.2 work group go through proposed success criteria (items 4 through 9) in Loretta's analysis and other sources of similar information including IBM Java Accessibility Guidelines definition of user interface components []. Create a unified set of proposals to be linked from ednote for 4.2 L1 SC2.
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resolution: remove L3 SC3.
09:11:54 [Michael]
Remove L3 SC3 because being an open standard doesn't necessarily improve accessibility.
09:15:45 [Michael]
resolution: Remove L3 SC1 and L3 SC2.
09:15:50 [Michael]
L3 SC1 and L3 SC2 are made redundant by new L1 SC1 and making a statement does not increase accessibility.
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RRSAgent, make log world
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scribe: Yvette
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Next up: Level 3 discussion
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Topic: Level 3
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action: Makoto Ueki to look at the differences between WCAG and JIS to see which are language specific or general
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action: Yvette Hoitink to look at the differences between Dutch rules for government websites and WCAG
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resolution: Survey the working group regarding the number of levels.
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scribe: andi
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punch list:
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that is accompanied by a specific sensory experience
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