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Topic: 13 April 2005 WCAG Techniques Task Force
13:53:49 [ben]
Chair: Wendy
13:54:32 [ben]
agenda + Look at example use of link to mark navigation objects. Discuss proposed technique for feedback to UAWG and PFWG
13:54:42 [ben]
agenda + Test files review, #75, 76, 77, 78 79, 27, 128, 129, 183
13:54:50 [ben]
agenda + Examples of Baseline information in HTML Techniques
13:55:00 [ben]
agenda + User Agent matrix
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Hi Chris
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Ben, could you send me a message if you take up agenda item 4? My IRC client should beep then
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Hi yevtte
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Hi Wendy
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excellent! thanks ben!
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zakim, who's on the phone?
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On the phone I see Ben, John_Slatin, Wendy, Dave_MacDonald, Christophe_Strobe, Becky_Gibson, Yvette-real, Yvette_Hoitink, Tim_Boland
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zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1. "Look at example use of link to mark navigation objects. Discuss proposed technique for feedback to UAWG and PFWG" taken up [from ben]
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14:06:42 [wendy]
14:06:52 [David_]
wc: look at "link" item want out feedback to PFWG
14:07:53 [David_]
wc: source code link "rel" UA can identify that and skip blocks
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14:08:31 [David_]
cwc: creating a firefox extension to implement and demo it, would replace skip links that we use now
14:08:40 [David_]
14:09:21 [David_]
BG: I'm confused, won't work til UA get on it
14:09:51 [David_]
bg: will show peices of doc but won't take you there
14:10:16 [David_]
bg: need # sign
14:11:05 [David_]
js: it's looking for a file not a bookmark (witihout the #)
14:11:25 [David_]
wc: think there is an error in there code
14:12:51 [David_]
js: implementing in 4.01 and XHTML 2.0 backward,
14:13:19 [David_]
wc: UA wg driving it cause they want oto know what to tell UA to do
14:13:53 [David_]
js: might be "future" and "repair" will be easy in Xhtml2 but tricky in HTML1
14:14:04 [David_]
bg: right now it only works in Moz or opera..
14:14:21 [David_]
js: and moz and opera don't have screen reader support yet
14:14:58 [David_]
js: don't understand Mozilla, support if firefox puts text to speech
14:15:16 [David_]
bg: Mozilla will die, everybody should switchto firefox.
14:15:52 [David_]
wc: main question, what do we think of the technique, are there issue
14:16:02 [David_]
tb: UA issues
14:16:25 [Yvette_Hoitink]
14:16:30 [David_]
wc: but apart from that, do we support UAWG in there efforts to push this on UA
14:16:34 [Yvette_Hoitink]
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14:16:35 [Becky_Gibson]
example that works in Mozilla:
14:16:39 [Becky_Gibson]
this is in member space
14:17:02 [David_]
js: wondering about Screen readers, how will it work
14:17:35 [David_]
bg: put this tecniuqe , these links, each UA will have its way to get to main content
14:18:20 [ben]
14:18:32 [David_]
js: is here any impact on the wa a screen reaeder would behave in "say all" mode will it be convenient
14:18:47 [David_]
bg: don't know if that has been thought through
14:18:57 [David_]
js: it needs to be thought through
14:19:07 [wendy]
ack yvette
14:19:08 [David_]
tb: nervous how it will test
14:19:35 [David_]
yh: no side affects from using it. won't break code if UA don't support it.
14:19:48 [wendy]
ack ben
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14:20:16 [David_]
bc: point out, interesting technique. create a standard outside of the spec..what are the implications of that
14:20:38 [David_]
what motivations are there for browsers
14:20:43 [David_]
14:20:52 [wendy]
ack john
14:21:26 [David_]
js: this stuff is in spec for xhtml 2.0, the idea is to try to make it available to older versions of html
14:21:49 [David_]
js: can present it as future or optional but not for now
14:21:51 [wendy]
ack david
14:23:08 [David_]
dm: might mean that usable current techniques won't be used even though this is not supported yet so it will mean that sit emay remain inaccessible
14:23:46 [David_]
js: what is the expected for a result for a sreen reader in say all mode, will it affect the way a SR reads a page
14:23:47 [Zakim]
14:23:59 [ben]
zakim, [Microsoft] is Jenae
14:23:59 [Zakim]
+Jenae; got it
14:24:23 [David_]
js: take it to CG
14:24:31 [wendy]
action: wendy take summary of concers to CG
14:24:47 [wendy]
zakim, close this item
14:24:47 [Zakim]
agendum 1 closed
14:24:48 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
14:24:49 [Zakim]
2. Test files review, #75, 76, 77, 78 79, 27, 128, 129, 183 [from ben]
14:24:51 [wendy]
zakim, take up item 2
14:24:51 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Test files review, #75, 76, 77, 78 79, 27, 128, 129, 183 " taken up [from ben]
14:24:55 [ben]
david's summary:
14:25:10 [wendy]
scribe: Becky_Gibson
14:25:15 [Becky_Gibson]
scribe Becky:
14:25:45 [wendy]
ack john
14:25:48 [ChrisR]
14:26:10 [Becky_Gibson]
js: important to use same terminology in tests and techs and guidlelines
14:26:53 [Becky_Gibson]
js: term text equiv is still being used should be text alternative
14:27:23 [Becky_Gibson]
js: also statements must be testable: X is Y rather than X must be Y
14:27:37 [Becky_Gibson]
ja: will be checking test files for consistency with wording
14:27:56 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: looks like David's questions were about the test files
14:28:10 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: Chris indicates that I should make suggestions form correcting them
14:28:23 [Becky_Gibson]
tb: also found Chris's post helpful about procedure
14:28:32 [wendy]
zakim, who's making noise?
14:28:48 [Zakim]
wendy, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: 10 (8%), John_Slatin (34%), Dave_MacDonald (46%), Christophe_Strobe (8%), Becky_Gibson (62%)
14:29:49 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: questions about test files being WCAG compliant in all respects except for error we are trying to identify
14:30:11 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: isn't there a way we can make the test files compliant except for the specific error? looking for feedback from group
14:30:48 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: tests seem they are written for machine test rather than human testing
14:31:09 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: for example, some tests leave out the object tag in order to pass
14:31:20 [Becky_Gibson]
js: didn't understand that from David's post
14:32:01 [wendy]
14:32:03 [ben]
14:32:18 [Becky_Gibson]
bg: there are a few tests that require the page to be usable with object removed
14:32:31 [ben]
(test file 75-2)
14:32:37 [Becky_Gibson]
bg: pass test just removes the object tag - but there is no way for a machine to determine if the page is still usable
14:32:51 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: agree
14:32:59 [Becky_Gibson]
js: so how can we fix?
14:33:17 [ChrisR]
14:33:51 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: another example is object must be keyboard operable. the pass test just leaves the object tag out
14:34:00 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: that doesn't really test for keyboard operable
14:34:08 [ben]
14:34:18 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: so want to make sure test contains valid example and requires human testing
14:34:43 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: can we do that - require human testing? this is why we are different from other WCAG groups
14:34:43 [wendy]
ack chris
14:35:06 [Becky_Gibson]
cr: agree with David - need to make human's part of the process; need to improve the test files to make more realistic
14:35:29 [Becky_Gibson]
cr: example where the test file is not finished - encourage people to find good examples
14:35:36 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: yes, we all need to help with the writing
14:35:52 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: action item for Chris and David to develop the test files for object?
14:35:55 [wendy]
action: david and chris develop test files for tests in this set
14:36:26 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: yes but have to agree that we have test files where just looking at the good can't guarantee a pass
14:36:33 [wendy]
ack ben
14:36:38 [Becky_Gibson]
cr: need a good test that a person can look at and understand
14:37:07 [Becky_Gibson]
bc: test that removes element in question is a test file that illustrates when the test doesn't apply rather than a test file that passes the test
14:37:40 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: does anyone disagree that test files should be usable in sense that they illustrate what we are testing for
14:37:57 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: no one is disagreeing with David - issue is that the test file isn't finished
14:38:31 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: Chris can you make the changes John suggested to the test files
14:38:37 [Becky_Gibson]
cr: yes will do some editing
14:38:46 [Becky_Gibson]
js: can you work with Jenae?
14:39:05 [Becky_Gibson]
ja: is actually looking at the approved tests to double check
14:39:10 [Becky_Gibson]
cr: willing to share :-)
14:39:13 [wendy]
action: chris edit these test cases (75, 76, 77, 78¸ 79, 27, 128, 129, 183) based on language feedback from john
14:39:49 [ben]
14:39:54 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: does group agree that it is possible to make WCAG compliant tests or will it bloat or confuse the tests?
14:40:01 [ChrisR]
14:40:11 [wendy]
ack ben
14:40:40 [Becky_Gibson]
bc: concerned that it will bloat the test and make too much work and harder to user to figure out what test is trying to accomplish
14:40:44 [Becky_Gibson]
14:40:47 [wendy]
ack chris
14:40:57 [Becky_Gibson]
cr: not sure what WCAG 2.0 compliant means yet :-)
14:41:34 [wendy]
ack becky
14:41:52 [wendy]
bg: e.g., lang
14:42:16 [Becky_Gibson]
bg: offer html with lang attribute as an example where it starts to make code larger
14:42:33 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: what about video test - should it include video
14:42:36 [wendy]
ack john
14:42:44 [Becky_Gibson]
js: yes and shouldn't be too hard to find
14:42:45 [Becky_Gibson]
14:42:59 [Becky_Gibson]
js: issue with finding text alt for the object element
14:43:29 [Becky_Gibson]
js: example am hard of hearing and have various media players installed; if have stand alone audio file inside object element
14:43:57 [Becky_Gibson]
js: one tech says include transcript in body of object element - how would a user ever find that alternative
14:44:05 [Becky_Gibson]
js: when the technology is installed?
14:44:40 [wendy]
bg: trying to work that w/screen reader developers. want a way to access text in the object tag when the tech is enabled.
14:44:57 [wendy]
bg: currently, HPR offers the content. all will show you the title.
14:45:08 [Becky_Gibson]
js: is there a way to provide text alt. explicitly associated with the object
14:45:08 [wendy]
bg: if have an object that is not accessible, could get to alternative.
14:45:53 [Becky_Gibson]
js: doesn't solve hearing impaired issue since not using AT
14:46:04 [Becky_Gibson]
bg: recommend putting title attribute
14:46:13 [Becky_Gibson]
js: but can't put an entire transcript in title
14:46:33 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: this has already been raised an an issue for GL 1.1
14:46:56 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: could that prevent us from accepting these test if we don't have a technique to solve this issue
14:47:11 [Becky_Gibson]
bc: have been recommending this since 1.0 but still isnt' supported in UA
14:47:37 [Becky_Gibson]
bc: so do we change what we are recommending because UA haven't moved forward or do we put more pressure on UA?
14:47:50 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: need more work on the technique
14:47:56 [Becky_Gibson]
js: talk to UAAG and PF
14:48:36 [wendy]
action: john raise issue w/object support with UAWG and PFWG via CG
14:49:12 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: helpful for Michael, Chris and David to develop technique proposal and test files all at once
14:49:46 [Becky_Gibson]
js: since there are possible implications to GL 1.1 as well - can Wendy and Ben be added to that action as well
14:50:02 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: Chis and David accept that change to previous action
14:50:12 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: David, can you be lead?
14:50:25 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: ok, but no conference space
14:50:40 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: can create conf space if necessary
14:51:23 [Becky_Gibson]
js: just want to make sure GL 1.1 still works and there are techs and test for implementingit
14:51:32 [wendy]
action 2 = david, michael, wendy, and chris coordinate on changes to object techniques and test files (develop together to synchronized. wendy there to help with guideline 1.1 issues - explicitly associated defn)
14:51:42 [Becky_Gibson]
bc: explicitly associated is the "sticking" point
14:52:15 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: 2 other things about object element to discuss
14:52:26 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: will they addressed by action or are they philisophical
14:52:54 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: just make sure not to have obvious WCAG errors in the test files that may confuse the authors
14:53:16 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: try to keep test files as compliant as possible; other issue is issue with embed
14:53:29 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: assuming something about support for embed?
14:53:50 [Becky_Gibson]
dm: yes using embed is a bit of a hack - should it be a repair technique
14:54:20 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: in prev. discussions we felt okay dealing with embed; there are DTDs that you can validate against that have embed
14:54:41 [Becky_Gibson]
wc: think this will be covered by action item
14:54:43 [wendy]
zakim, close this item
14:54:43 [Zakim]
agendum 2 closed
14:54:44 [Zakim]
I see 2 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
14:54:45 [Zakim]
3. Examples of Baseline information in HTML Techniques [from ben]
14:54:57 [David_]
dm: thanks becky
14:55:05 [David_]
scribe: David
14:55:22 [ben]
14:55:22 [ben]>
14:55:25 [wendy]
zakim, take up item 3
14:55:25 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Examples of Baseline information in HTML Techniques " taken up [from ben]
14:56:17 [Tim]
need to sign off now - sorry swamped at work today
14:56:19 [Tim]
Tim has left #wai-wcag
14:56:41 [Zakim]
14:57:32 [David_]
bg: I was trying to CSS = 5.11 when to use this could I use this technique...found it hard to araphrase when to use assume CSS is present, might want to use <b> <i> if you expect your audience has not css then back to 3.2 etc
14:57:46 [David_]
don't wnat to say use <font>
14:58:31 [wendy]
14:58:54 [wendy]
dmd: looked through techniques to see how effected by baseline.
14:59:23 [wendy]
15:00:07 [wendy]
15:01:03 [Yvette_Hoitink]
15:01:12 [Yvette_Hoitink]
zakim, mute me
15:01:12 [Zakim]
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15:01:25 [Yvette_Hoitink]
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15:01:35 [wendy]
q+ to ask "i18n -"
15:01:46 [wendy]
dmd: in browser world, eveything is free, right?
15:02:05 [wendy]
ack john
15:02:26 [wendy]
david? are you still minuting?
15:02:31 [David_]
15:02:38 [wendy]
15:02:52 [David_]
js: chaper for each baseline
15:03:09 [David_]
instead of sorting it out at the technique level
15:03:39 [David_]
"if you have chosen this baseline here are your techniques"..."if ...
15:03:51 [wendy]
ack yvette
15:05:00 [David_]
yh: how can you test ofr browsers. ??? wel we use VM ware that makes us test all ie.5.5, 5.0, etc on different virtual machines
15:05:18 [wendy] although doesn't have assistive technologies
15:05:26 [wendy]
ack wendy
15:05:26 [Zakim]
wendy, you wanted to ask "i18n -"
15:05:39 [Yvette_Hoitink]
zakim, mute me
15:05:40 [Zakim]
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15:05:55 [David_]
wc:1) what do authors need 2) what resources do we have
15:06:24 [David_]
wc: richard said, "i don't want to get sold on a technique then find out if it won't work in a browser
15:07:29 [David_]
wc: understand user support...lots of data out there for elements in browsers, what will we include....there is tons of data out there, we just need to focus on AT
15:07:55 [wendy]
ack john
15:07:57 [David_]
wc: internationaliaation is providing tons of info and less peoople than us
15:08:39 [David_]
js: I like saying something up front to let peoeple make good selecitons...whether chapter idea I had or wendy's idea
15:09:04 [David_]
js: must have feature support going back several browsers
15:09:54 [David_]
wc: depends on how they would let us use there infor...they don[t dea with baselines. which is similar to the direction we are headed
15:10:28 [David_]
bc: what do they do when something works in ie 5 and not 6 what happens i there support chart...
15:10:54 [David_]
wc: our chart could get very difficulty
15:11:06 [wendy]
s/difficulty/complex quickly
15:11:15 [David_]
js: then you get into video card etc....
15:12:33 [ben]
15:12:36 [David_]
wc: we need ot focus on intended default behaviour is complex enough
15:13:06 [David_]
bc: internationalization have a simple matrix and a complex one
15:13:59 [David_]
js: language easier than our problems
15:14:19 [David_]
int'nation is providing very cool layouts etc
15:14:55 [David_]
js: we should be able to grow steadily like them
15:15:50 [David_]
wc: maybe if we just focus on the scripting techniques...rather than all techniques
15:16:16 [David_]
bc: yeah we could document the important areas like screen magnification , screen readers etc.
15:17:18 [David_]
wc: any action items in progress for scriting?
15:17:38 [David_]
bg: yup, mc and I
15:18:41 [David_]
wc: feels we need scripting baseline stuff, develop those techniques cbecomeing imortant. try a table, what browser support is out there....etc.
15:19:55 [David_]
bg: I say 3 catagories, 1) script turned off 2) script can help accessibility 3) if writing scripts here's how to write it accessibly
15:21:30 [David_]
wc: scripting , j- script, javascript, etc.. dosn't feel that we have the same broad catagories in scripting as HTML, CSS,
15:22:31 [David_]
js: 1st decision an author will have to make is scripting, matter of the order we present things in a decision tree.
15:24:07 [David_]
bc: different consequences to baseline support, buch of elements in 3.2 , is it worth documenting that
15:24:26 [David_]
dm: even poor countries have 3.7
15:24:47 [David_]
wc: is there action item or resoltion
15:24:48 [Yvette_Hoitink]
15:24:52 [Yvette_Hoitink]
zakim, unmute
15:24:52 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'unmute', Yvette_Hoitink
15:24:53 [wendy]
ack yvette
15:25:20 [David_]
yh: wondering if planning "out of the box features ofwindows"
15:26:32 [David_]
yh: people slightly short sighted might use windows magnifier and not know about majic etc
15:27:19 [David_]
yh: see if our techniques work with windows accessibility features...
15:27:34 [David_]
bc: can't see where our techniques are in conflict,,
15:27:53 [wendy]
heard: proposal for "chapters," different issues for baseline for scripting than html/css (although some overlap. although "property/element support" is one aspect and "scripting off/on" another), i18n approach of matrix, focus just on testing asst tech and harvest browser support info from external resources, get info from asst tech developers
15:28:29 [David_]
js: narrator...MS is explicit that its not a serious screen reader. deliberately limited...anti trust issues
15:28:43 [Yvette_Hoitink]
zakim, mute me
15:28:43 [Zakim]
Yvette_Hoitink should now be muted
15:29:32 [David_]
wc: john had a proposal for chapers, different issues for baseline, int'l approch their matrix, harvesting external ideas
15:30:24 [wendy]
action: john contact asst tech developers to discover what info they provide about support
15:30:55 [wendy]
action: john write one paragraph summary about "chapters" idea for techniques
15:31:02 [wendy]
15:31:16 [wendy]
action: jenae send john contact info
15:31:26 [wendy]
zakim, close this item
15:31:26 [Zakim]
agendum 3 closed
15:31:27 [Zakim]
I see 1 item remaining on the agenda:
15:31:29 [Zakim]
4. User Agent matrix [from ben]
15:32:07 [David_]
wc: left over wquestions, safari, jaws unicode supprots, and support of other languages
15:32:21 [wendy]
zakim, take up item 4
15:32:21 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "User Agent matrix " taken up [from ben]
15:34:10 [David_]
js: let's get preliminary info on safari it will become a more realistic option that blind users on a MAC...web developers who are MAC based. can do accessibility testingin the platform
15:35:05 [David_]
wc: a lot of this info available already
15:36:00 [David_]
js: zoomtext reads aloud and does kareoke style reading as they go along
15:37:05 [David_]
bc: jaws support for reading style sheets...provide a way to disable style sheets using !import feature
15:37:40 [David_]
interesting implicaiton...if SR read stylesheets it willa ffect "show/hide"
15:38:37 [David_]
wc: what aciton item do you recommend
15:38:44 [David_]
js: create the matrix
15:38:45 [wendy]
15:39:19 [David_]
ja: matrix exists do we just need to update it
15:39:47 [David_]
js: yes it needs to be updated, how far back does it go
15:39:56 [David_]
ja: I 'll update it
15:39:59 [wendy]
action: jenae finish update of matrix
15:40:30 [David_]
wc: let's adjurn
15:42:24 [Yvette_Hoitink]
zakim, unmute
15:42:24 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'unmute', Yvette_Hoitink
15:42:28 [Zakim]
15:42:30 [Zakim]
15:42:30 [Zakim]
15:42:32 [Zakim]
15:42:33 [Zakim]
15:42:35 [Zakim]
15:42:40 [wendy]
zakim, who's on the phone?
15:42:40 [Zakim]
On the phone I see John_Slatin, Wendy, Chris
15:42:49 [wendy]
zakim, drop Chris
15:42:49 [Zakim]
Chris is being disconnected
15:42:50 [Zakim]
15:43:23 [ben]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
15:43:23 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate ben
15:48:15 [ben]
Present: Becky_Gibson Chris_Ridpath Christophe_Strobe Dave_MacDonald Jenae John_Slatin Tim_Boland Yvette_Hoitink Wendy_Chisholm Ben_Caldwell
15:48:35 [ben]
Meeting: Weekly WCAG Techniques Task Force Call
15:48:50 [ben]
RRSAgent, generate minutes
15:48:50 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate ben
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15:55:21 [Zakim]
15:55:27 [Zakim]
15:55:28 [Zakim]
WAI_WCAG(techniques)10:00AM has ended
15:55:29 [Zakim]
Attendees were John_Slatin, Wendy, Ben, Dave_MacDonald, Christophe_Strobe, Becky_Gibson, Yvette?, Chris?, Tim_Boland, Chris, Yvette_Hoitink, Jenae
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16:40:43 [wendy]
zakim, bye
16:40:43 [Zakim]
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16:41:20 [wendy]
RRSAgent, bye
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
I see 8 open action items:
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: wendy take summary of concers to CG [1]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: david, michael, wendy, and chris coordinate on changes to object techniques and test files (develop together to synchronized. wendy there to help with guideline 1.1 issues - explicitly associated defn) [2]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
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16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: chris edit these test cases (75, 76, 77, 78¸ 79, 27, 128, 129, 183) based on language feedback from john [3]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: john raise issue w/object support with UAWG and PFWG via CG [4]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: john contact asst tech developers to discover what info they provide about support [5]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: john write one paragraph summary about "chapters" idea for techniques [6]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
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16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: jenae send john contact info [7]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
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16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: jenae finish update of matrix [8]
16:41:20 [RRSAgent]
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