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Topic: Meeting times
01:08:22 [mcmay]
jg: Should we schedule a regular time for this meeting?
01:08:33 [mcmay]
cl: Mondays are better for me.
01:08:46 [mcmay]
jl: Tuesday ok.
01:08:53 [mcmay]
jg: Assume we want to meet once per month?
01:09:06 [mcmay]
pk: Seems we don't have enough important material to meet more often than that.
01:09:11 [mcmay]
jg: First Monday of every month?
01:10:05 [mcmay]
kyle: First Monday of May is Chinese holiday
01:10:12 [mcmay]
jg: Can meet May 9.
01:11:37 [mcmay]
Topic: Mozilla Accessibility Extension
01:11:47 [mcmay]
jg: We've added table navigation to the Moz accessibility extension.
01:11:51 [JRG]
01:12:57 [mcmay]
jg: Looking at mapping roadmap document into HTML 4.01 space.
01:13:30 [mcmay]
jg: Considering linking role element to link element. Link goes into head.
01:13:48 [mcmay]
jg: Using title attrib of link element, can give a description to inform what that element is for.
01:14:04 [mcmay]
jg: Can use href to point to id of object you want to associate.
01:14:25 [mcmay]
jg: Shows up under navigation, table of contents. Looks for link elements and allows people to link to those.
01:14:50 [JRG]
01:15:33 [mcmay]
jg: Role attributes are displayed similarly to how they will be in XHTML 2.
01:16:04 [mcmay]
pk: Still using dialog boxes, not accesskey?
01:16:08 [mcmay]
jg: Right.
01:17:01 [mcmay]
jg: Still working on direct keyboard shortcuts.
01:17:27 [mcmay]
cl: When you say activate, are you activating the link?
01:17:47 [mcmay]
jg: There are some interesting behaviors, between platforms. Goal is to move focus and not activate anything.
01:18:02 [JRG]
01:21:29 [mcmay]
jg: We moved navigation up to a main menu selection, so it's a 2-keystroke thing.
01:22:03 [mcmay]
kyle: Shortcuts work in Unix.
01:24:31 [mcmay]
cl: How are you separating layout from data tables?
01:24:38 [mcmay]
jg: Data tables have to have a TH element.
01:25:18 [mcmay]
kyle: Why doesn't accessibility menu have accelerator key?
01:25:21 [mcmay]
jg: That's a bug.
01:25:45 [mcmay]
kyle: There's a menu item to expand ABBR menu, missing from menu.
01:25:50 [mcmay]
jg: Another bug.
01:26:00 [mcmay]
kyle: Why does nav menu appear twice?
01:26:13 [mcmay]
jg: Probably doesn't need to be under acc. menu.
01:28:33 [JRG]
01:29:49 [cklaws]
01:32:32 [mcmay]
cl: WCAG is trying to recommend a combination of TH and summary attrib. I don't think they're using caption.
01:33:28 [cklaws]
01:33:41 [cklaws]
Has captions and TH
01:34:02 [mcmay]
jg: Intention with the extension is to get web developers to notice that if their tables don't appear in table mode, they have to do something.
01:38:26 [mcmay]
pk: If we can give users what they're asking for through the extension, would be better.
01:38:48 [mcmay]
cl: Mnemonic nav is a good feature.
01:39:53 [mcmay]
pk: Wonder if there is a way to introduce a combination of C code and script to offer keystrokes to a given extension. Then can delegate to the extension.
01:40:05 [mcmay]
cl: Could do it using JavaScript onkeydown or XUL.
01:40:28 [mcmay]
jg: I think Aaron said there's a place to put an alternative keyboard handler.
01:43:04 [mcmay]
jg: Insight on how Javascript processes keystrokes?
01:43:46 [mcmay]
kyle: May be able to move from one DOM object to another, but can't move caret char by char.
01:43:56 [mcmay]
pk: Can you have JavaScript in an extension?
01:44:12 [mcmay]
kyle: Yes. JS can control keystroke.
01:44:22 [mcmay]
pk: And can install that in Mozilla extension?
01:44:35 [mcmay]
kyle: JavaScript component can control it. Not sure about extension.
01:44:44 [mcmay]
kyle: Need to copy file into JS component dir.
01:47:52 [mcmay]
pk: Feedback we've received is that everything must be user-configurable. But choose one default and start with that.
01:50:15 [cklaws]
01:50:20 [cklaws]
for events
01:55:41 [JRG]
01:56:42 [mcmay]
pk: Direct access will need to be in there before it gets widely used.
01:58:59 [mcmay]
cl: Is caret browsing in the Sun version of Mozilla going into the trunk soon?
01:58:59 [mcmay]
01:59:00 [mcmay]
kyle: Already finished 80%. There are still bugs.
01:59:07 [mcmay]
cl: Can pick up in Mozilla and Firefox?
01:59:10 [mcmay]
kyle: Yes.
01:59:23 [mcmay]
pk: Will have to wait for Firefox 1.1, because it's in head.
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