IRC log of ua on 2005-04-07

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18:00:14 [mcmay]
zakim, call matt-bos
18:00:14 [Zakim]
ok, mcmay; the call is being made
18:00:15 [Zakim]
18:00:17 [Zakim]
18:00:18 [Zakim]
18:00:27 [mcmay]
zakim, who's here?
18:00:27 [Zakim]
On the phone I see [IBM], Matt
18:00:28 [Zakim]
On IRC I see RRSAgent, Zakim, mcmay, cklaws
18:00:48 [mcmay]
zakim, [IBM] is Cathy
18:00:48 [Zakim]
+Cathy; got it
18:02:51 [Zakim]
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18:03:05 [mcmay]
zakim, ??p0 is Jon
18:03:05 [Zakim]
+Jon; got it
18:05:25 [cklaws]
Monday night with Sun Beijing - talk about regular monthly meetings and phone bridge
18:06:05 [cklaws]
mm: easier to set up weekly than just when we need it
18:06:52 [cklaws]
Talk about whether Thursday or Monday is better. Phone set up for Thursday for now.
18:07:46 [cklaws]
jg: Has Judy talked to you about anyone working on test suites?
18:07:52 [cklaws]
mm: Not yet
18:08:16 [cklaws]
jg: Hard to hire someone to do this and may not be worth it.
18:08:36 [cklaws]
mm: Judy's priorities might be different.
18:08:52 [cklaws]
jg: I'll talk to Judy about setting up a meeting.
18:09:54 [cklaws]
jg: Are you following the DHTML and identifying sets of links and using links with rel attribute?
18:11:19 [cklaws]
jg: Will HPR be able to implement it?
18:12:22 [cklaws]
cl: HPR may take some different directions. Open source related.
18:12:29 [JRG]
18:13:20 [cklaws]
jg: Sample page related to the links. Talking to RIch on 4/8 at 11:00 CST
18:13:44 [cklaws]
cl: Ill talk to Rich about it.
18:14:15 [cklaws]
Maybe Window Eyes or JAWS will be able to implement it.
18:14:52 [cklaws]
jg: Heard from WIll Pearson? Tool to maintain member list?
18:15:11 [cklaws]
mm: Member list still separate for public list.
18:15:49 [Zakim]
18:16:03 [mcmay]
18:17:52 [cklaws]
DHTML trying to map into HTML 4 (and XHTML 2.0).
18:19:03 [cklaws]
Using the role attribute. List of standard roles. Test pages will be developed. Will implement in Mozilla extensions.
18:19:30 [cklaws]
jg: Setting up Solaris at U of I.
18:20:01 [cklaws]
jg: Interested in people who are blind installing on their own?
18:20:28 [cklaws]
pk: Text only install. Then second machine attached to serial port. Not as satisfying as we would like.
18:20:58 [cklaws]
pk: Experienced people familiar with Solaris could try it. Interested in their feedback.
18:21:35 [cklaws]
jg: I'll email Keith's contact info to you (from U of I).
18:22:52 [cklaws]
Loretta Guarino Reid from Adobe is a new UAAG member.
18:23:07 [cklaws]
jg: Someone from Safari?
18:23:34 [cklaws]
jg: From Microsoft?
18:23:42 [cklaws]
mm: Not yet.
18:24:25 [cklaws]
jg: Quicktime or Real Media? Other multimedia player groups? MS Windows Media?
18:26:06 [cklaws]
jg: Someone from Canada reviewed test suites and had comments. Thinking of contacting him. Not a member, but maybe could be invited expert. Any criteria?
18:26:24 [cklaws]
mm: Need subject matter expertise and be approved.
18:27:07 [cklaws]
jg: Meet again in 2 weeks on April 21st.
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18:27:58 [Zakim]
Attendees were Matt, Cathy, Jon, Peter_Korn
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scribe: cklaws
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