Voice and Multimodal Interaction Demonstration Session

Introduction: industry perspective

Introduction: multimodal interaction

Introduction: Voice Browser and Multimodal Activities

Analysts - "Open standards programming will become mainstream, focused around VoiceXML"

projected growth of VoiceXML
VoiceXML will dominate the voice environment, due to its flexibility and eventual multimodal capabilities

Source Data Monitor, March 2004

Introduction: Fitting it all together

Demonstrations: People at Work and Play

JK Insurance Demo Gerald McCobb (IBM)
Voice Enabling Forms Mikko Honkala (HUT)
Visual and Aural rendering of RSS Dave Raggett (Canon/W3C)
Mobile Multmodal Games Ewald Anderl (Kirusa)
VoiceXML and Video Scott McGlashan (HP)

JK Insurance Demo

JK Insurance Enterprise Architecture

complex diagram

Mobile Adjuster submits new claim

projected growth of VoiceXML
The submitted claim is added to the embedded DB2e database. Additionally, the claim data is placed into an MQe message and sent to a Claims Processing Server, which listens for MQe messages and responds with claim status updates. The MQe message is queued while offline, and is transmitted when the device has an Internet connection.

complex diagram

JK Insurance Demo

Speech Enabled XForms

Mikko Honkala

Helsinki University of Technology

Speech Enabled XForms

Motivation: XForms as the basis for multimodal user interfaces



Implementation: Tools used




Visual and Aural Rendering of RSS News Feeds

Dave Raggett, W3C/Canon


Multimodal Rendering

Say It! Browser Extension

XSLT Stylesheets


Extensions will be available under W3C's open source software license


Mobile Multimodal Games

phone with game selection menu

Multimodal Games — Multiple Standards in play

phone with word finding game

VoiceXML and video: why

VoiceXML and video: how

VoiceXML and Video Demo

complex diagram

Panel Discussion