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rrsagent, make log world
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/invite rrsagent
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rrsagent, pointer?
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rrsagent, make log world
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** action mm to ping will pearson about remaining active in the uaag
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19:14:34 [mcmay]
ACTION: mm ping Will Pearson about joining UAWG
19:15:04 [jma]
date for next Sun Beijing telecon is Apr 11
19:15:34 [JRG]
19:15:40 [jma]
Thanks to cl for the HPR UAAG review
19:17:12 [jma]
discussion of test suite problems in cl report
19:17:15 [jma]
Test 101: PROVISION 1: ONCHANGE attribute for TEXTAREA elements
19:17:15 [jma]
There is a bug in the testcase - HTML source is showing up in the textarea
19:17:15 [jma]
and you don't see the results paragraph displayed properly.
19:19:16 [jma]
19:20:24 [jma]
there is no result section on this page that explains expected results
19:22:07 [jma]
jg: textareas are a problem, textareas are used in the creation of the testsuite, when you add a textarea in the suite creation textareas things break
19:24:00 [Zakim]
19:25:35 [jma]
Test 110: TABINDEX
19:25:35 [jma]
The author should set focus when the page loads to the link or control with
19:25:35 [jma]
the lowest tabindex value.
19:26:14 [jma]
cl: this is just a suggestion.
19:26:33 [jma]
Test 128: PROVISION 2: ONFOCUS and ONBLUR attributes for TEXTAREA elements This testcase is broken.
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19:27:42 [jma]
19:28:01 [jma]
this is another textarea problem
19:33:20 [jma]
problem resolved
19:35:38 [jma]
test 101 - repaired
19:36:52 [jma]
cl: jaws and windoweyes report do not show up in public area
19:37:58 [jma]
** jma review jaws & IE6 (win2000) report
19:39:25 [jma]
discussion of col and colgroup test suite, not sure what the test is supposed to do
19:39:47 [JRG]
19:45:18 [jma]
mm: can be used to associate groups of columns, in practice it is used for presentation.
19:47:54 [jma]
discussion of accessibility value of this test
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19:53:34 [jma]
this test should be deleted, but it is linked to existing browser reviews...
19:54:06 [jma]
** action jg - delete the test and solve linking problems
19:55:20 [jma]
Test 148: PROVISION 1: repairing missing ALT conditional content for AREA
19:55:21 [jma]
This is not a good test case because there is not a real URL for the areas.
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20:00:38 [jma]
wai cg meeting: no consistent/preferred way to indicate "navigation bar" on a page. working with Al Gilman to create a proposal.
20:01:23 [jma]
perhaps wrapping the unoredered list with <map> and title attribute for html 4.01
20:02:30 [jma]
goal is to push at developers to support this feature and tool developers. act as a bridge for dhtml roadmap and xhtml2
20:03:32 [jma]
coord. group meeting next week - each working group allowed 2 participants, contact jg if you want to participate.
20:04:28 [jma]
would be an interesting technique
20:04:55 [Zakim]
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20:05:06 [jma]
cg group 2:30 central next Wednesday 3/30/2005
20:05:12 [jma]
end of meeting
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WAI_UAWG()2:00PM has ended
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Attendees were [IBM], Matt, Jim_Allan, Bingham
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