There is a solution to this problem. XML 1.1 decouples the link between XML and Unicode versions. If you use XML 1.1, all these characters we have discussed are available. And yet the take-up of XML 1.1 by technologies within the W3C has been slow.

The slow up-take is down to differing views and arguments in the technical community. During this Technical Plenary we have already discussed XML 1.1 adoption, and the naysayers have said things like "XML 1.1 is disruptive", "XML 1.1 is not a success", and "Don't mess with the foundation". The problem is that we may have built a beautiful building with fine foundations, but there are still many people out there sitting on the street.

These people don't care about the technical issues; they just want the Web to work for them. Whether we package this as "Web for everyone", "Overcoming the digital divide", or "Customer First!", I believe we should use the outstanding technical expertise available in our Working Groups to address the technical barriers to making the World Wide Web worldwide, and finish the job.

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