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19:06:48 [dpoehlman]
Jg, face to face. went to pf call to coordinate tuesday afternoon's meeting with them. One thing I didn't bring up was svg accessibility. Is pf planning to meet with us on wednesday or thursday?
19:07:20 [dpoehlman]
mat: we're talking with at least one person from svg in pf.
19:07:38 [dpoehlman]
jg, talked with Chriss Lili who said he'd be around.
19:08:19 [dpoehlman]
jg: I want to talk to Chriss about test suites.
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What's the URL for the SVG a11y requirements?
19:08:49 [dpoehlman]
jg: update on rechartering?
19:09:55 [dpoehlman]
matt: Everyone is going to have to rejoin the working group in the next month or so. The deadline is march 21. If not, they are off the group till they rejoin.
19:10:08 [dpoehlman]
Invited experts have a different process.
19:10:34 [dpoehlman]
jg: is this someting we can do now?
19:11:05 [dpoehlman]
matt: you can read participation.html but it has to be announced. You can do it now.
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19:13:25 [dpoehlman]
action: jg contact al to see if coordination with svg for face to face
19:14:18 [dpoehlman]
jg: we have an hour to talk with html working group on thursday. We want to talk with them about xhtml 2.0 and the keyboard model.
19:15:49 [dpoehlman]
jg we need over all on the mozilla keyboard model. There are some tings tat should be tidied up such as te shoulds to be more closely alliigned to our guidelines.
19:16:41 [dpoehlman]
jg working with mozilla group on minimal navigation set for html content.
19:17:15 [dpoehlman]
aaron: does this cover only caret browsing mode?
19:18:05 [dpoehlman]
Jg,: it covers focusable elements such as pre id and next id but they don't say what the sequence is or what the elements that are effected by these types of things.
19:19:32 [dpoehlman]
jg: we want to know exactly what the focusable elements are. We also want to talk about ow conditional content is handled.
19:20:46 [dpoehlman]
aaron: how do you make someting focusable but now in tab order?
19:21:30 [dpoehlman]
jg: next and previous id will replace tab index for this. What is consdered a focusable elements and what happens to elements that are considered not focusable.
19:22:00 [dpoehlman]
aaron: I don't want everyting in the tab order but I want them to be focusable.
19:22:35 [dpoehlman]
aaron: there are a lot of wigits that should be in the tab order once so it's important to be able to distinguis between focusable and in tab order.
19:22:59 [dpoehlman]
aaron, table cells is one example
19:24:26 [dpoehlman]
jg: we'd like to see the document have more guidance for a keyboard model for accessing things in xhtml 2.0.
19:25:31 [dpoehlman]
jg cells will have event handlers?
19:26:54 [dpoehlman]
aaron: yes, an example is a tree view. If you are mimicking the desktop environment, the author might use left and rigt arrow. If you are doing mail, you might just want to show conversations initially and not all te mesages. So, the idea might be to put conversations in the tab order and leave individual mail messages out.
19:28:56 [dpoehlman]
jg, Aaron, can you write up some of tese user senarios and post them to the list by monday?
19:29:29 [dpoehlman]
jg tuesday?
19:29:59 [dpoehlman]
jg: we should have a short meeting next week just to talk about what we are going to talk about with xhtml group.
19:30:49 [dpoehlman]
jg: I'll try sending some comments to the lst before the next call as well.
19:31:30 [dpoehlman]
jg: wat has pf been doing with xhtml 2.0?
19:31:49 [dpoehlman]
matt: talking about css and lists etc.
19:32:16 [dpoehlman]
matt: we ave html working group member on pf so we discuss it every week.
19:32:44 [dpoehlman]
matt: we don't have a comments document for xhtml 2.0 and we've been working on the road map.
19:33:17 [dpoehlman]
jg: is tere a list of tings you've asked them to do?
19:33:29 [dpoehlman]
matt: we're asking them to implement the road map.
19:35:42 [dpoehlman]
jg: Can people read the roadmap so we can discuss it next week?
19:37:28 [dpoehlman]
jg: what changes if any do we need in the web applications do we need in the uaag its self and what changes do we want to make to test suites and the oter is what work we are doing with mozilla extentions.
19:38:22 [dpoehlman]
jg: Aaron can demo on thursday morning when keyboard model will take place.
19:38:35 [dpoehlman]
action: group read roadmap document for next week
19:39:17 [dpoehlman]
jg: test suites. How do we get people to work on the test suites.
19:40:15 [dpoehlman]
Jg: wat is will Pearson's status?
19:40:21 [Zakim]
19:40:49 [dpoehlman]
Matt: he can be invited when we recharter.
19:41:25 [dpoehlman]
jg: Collin's contract has expired and will not be renewed.
19:42:04 [dpoehlman]
jg We need to find people who can work on test suites they need to be fairly technically competant.
19:43:25 [dpoehlman]
Jim Allan: we can spread the word through csun.
19:44:18 [dpoehlman]
kl, we've worked with Christa Ul and J leventhall.
19:46:54 [dpoehlman]
dp: write wai ig list?
19:47:21 [dpoehlman]
Jg: do we have to wait to put out an announcement till the rechartering has been announced?
19:52:16 [dpoehlman]
jg: we can contact people individual who are not w3c members and send them to jon and matt.
19:54:47 [dpoehlman]
jg: meeting next week focusing on discussion with pf on the road map and discussion wit xhtml working group on our uaag requirements such as access to conditional content and implied navigation features.
19:55:36 [dpoehlman]
jg: nagivation to elements and event handlers and how does focusable vs tabbable fit with jaag.
19:56:01 [dpoehlman]
aaron: items might not be in tab order, but they are in some order.
19:56:41 [dpoehlman]
jg: we won't talk about keyboard mappings but we can talk about sequential navigation.
19:57:13 [dpoehlman]
Aaron: sequential navigation and author supplied navigation.
20:00:06 [dpoehlman]
jg: our comments on xhtml 2 do not line up with te current draft.
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Attendees were DPoehlman, [IBM], Matt, Jim_Allan
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I need a link to the accessibility requirements for SVG
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