Questionnaire for Standards Organizations

Interfacing between research projects and ICT standardization

The Cooperation Platform for Research and Standards was initiated by CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, W3C and The Open Group, and aims to support European research projects in their interfacing with ICT standards organizations in general, i.e. also beyond the partners in COPRAS.

For this purpose it develops tools (for example a set of ‘Generic Guidelines for IST projects interfacing with ICT standards organizations’) encouraging and facilitating cooperation and communication between research projects and ICT standards organizations on a European, as well as on a global level. These Guidelines are accessible through

This questionnaire seeks to gather feedback from standards organizations on their experience with research – standards interfacing processes, in order to improve these Guidelines, as well as additional tools COPRAS is currently developing.

We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to fill out the multiple choice questions listed hereunder. Please note that for most questions, more than one answer is possible.

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Project & contact information
Standards organization / technical body
E-mail address



Does your standardization activity interface with European research projects on a regular basis with respect to potential contributions from these projects to standardization

  1. Yes, several projects participate in our standardization processes
  2. Yes, several projects submitted their research output to be standardized
  3. Yes, information (e.g. on standardization development) was provided to some projects
  4. No, we have not interfaced with any project (go to question 5)

What is the overall opinion (e.g. based on experience) within your standardization activity with research - standards interfacing processes?

  1. Research-standards interfacing is a mutually beneficial process
  2. Research-standards interfacing is primarily beneficial to standards organizations
  3. Research-standards interfacing is primarily beneficial to research projects
  4. Research-standards interfacing does not generate benefits for either party involved (go to question 4)

What are the major benefits your standards activity achieves – or could achieve – from cooperation with or contributions from European research projects?

  1. Overall acceleration of standardization processes
  2. Additional expertise brought by projects to standardization processes
  3. Better industrial and/or societal basis for standards being produced
  4. Other (please specify)

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What do you see as the most obvious issues complicating communication and cooperation between European research projects and standards activities?

  1. Matching projects’ planning and standardization agendas can be difficult; contributions are not always relevant at the moment they are being submitted
  2. Financial, membership, or IPR-policy issues can prohibit contributions from projects to standards
  3. Limited lifespan prohibits projects completing their work in standardization
  4. Projects have difficulty finding the right standardization activity to interface with
  5. Relevant standardization activity takes place outside Europe
  6. Other (please specify)

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What is the role European research projects could and/or should play in the overall ICT standardization process in Europe?

  1. Projects could help to pioneer standardization processes and open up new areas
  2. Projects should map their standardization objectives with requirements in ongoing standardization activity, and provide input where there is concrete stakeholder need
  3. We don’t see a significant role for projects in standardization processes
  4. Other (please specify)

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What would be overall recommendations to improve the research/standards interfacing process from the perspective of your standardization activity?

  1. Research-standards interfacing should start as early as possible, allowing projects to participate in the process of building consensus and defining functional requirements
  2. Standards organizations should more actively approach projects to review the possibility of tangible contributions to standardization emerging from their activities
  3. Standardization support for projects should be more structurally embedded into research programmes
  4. There should be dedicated funding available for research projects’ contributions to standardization activities
  5. Other (please specify)

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What could be additional means/tools/measures to improve overall quality and quantity of contributions from European research projects to ICT standardization?

  1. Better (automated) tools for projects determining whether interfacing with (specific) standardization activity would be relevant in their specific case
  2. Special facilities provided in standardization activities such as temporary membership, special (fast track) procedures, specific confidentiality facilities, etc.
  3. More financial facilities, e.g. allowing projects continuing standardization processes after their own lifespan
  4. Closer and more structural cooperation between standardization activity on a European or global level encouraging and improving research/standards interfacing
  5. Other (please specify)

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To which extent are these (and other) research/standards interfacing issues being addressed adequately by the COPRAS Generic Guidelines and/or what aspects could be improved/should be added to this document?

  1. More detailed information on the benefits of standardization and/or the process of determining whether or not to interface with standards organizations
  2. More information on structuring standardization activities in a project’s work plan
  3. More detailed guidelines on how to choose and get in contact with standardization activities
  4. Others (please specify):

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The answers will be stored in our database. Note that you can answer the questionnaire multiple times, but only the last answers will be used.

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