D12 — Information analysis report Call 2 - executive summary

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The Deliverable D12 establishes the report of the information analysis process addressing FP6 IST research projects in Call 2. It describes the objectives of the information analysis as well as the methodological steps followed through the process and covers the following 8 Strategic Objectives:

Open development platforms for software and services

Cognitive systems

Embedded systems

Applications and services for the mobile user and worker

Cross-media content for leisure and entertainment

GRID-based systems for solving complex problems

Improving risk management


The report aims to describe the methods applied and to provide a summary of the results achieved during the process, ultimately focusing to organize a kick off meeting, aiming to jump-start cooperation between (groups of) research projects and standardization working groups. The report, together with the actual information gathered during the process, aims to serve as a basis for further activity in COPRAS and establishes the starting point for the development of appropriate standardization paths for projects in Call 2, starting end of June 2005.

The information analysis processes targeting FP6 IST projects in Call 1 took place between 24 June and 13 August, 2004. The process followed the methodological steps as described in section 4.1.2 of the COPRAS Quality Plan. Taking the information gathering reports as a basis, the tasks in WP3 encompass the definition of the COPRAS Programme, i.e. the selection of FP6 IST research projects with whom Standardization Action Plans will be developed and COPRAS Community, i.e. the selection of FP6 IST research projects that will produce standards related output or would benefit from getting access to information on ongoing — or newly initiated — standardization processes relevant to their specific Strategic Objective.

The deliverable also reflects one of the two recommendations received from the project reviewers during the first project review held 17 March 2005 and provides an analysis of the reasons for projects' non-response to the COPRAS questionnaire. It identifies a set of generic reasons why projects do not respond, rather than trying to identify the reasons on a per-project basis (which incidentally would turn non-response into response as well). The second recommendation on a »reverse mapping« analysis is reflected in a separate COPRAS deliverable (D18).

The deliverable also describes a process of projects clustering into "logical' groups in order to define groups or "clusters' of projects that have a similar focus with respect to standardization and to organise the kick-off meeting with the selected project in an effective manner.

The deliverable provides a quality review of a project analysis process and identifies the lessons learned from Call 1 and 2 projects analysis. Finally, conclusions for the Call 1 and 2 information gathering process are provided.

Rigo Wenning, Bert Bos
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