D06 - Information analysis report Call 1 - executive summary

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The Deliverable D06 establishes the report of the information analysis process addressing FP6 IST research projects in Call 1. It describes the objectives of the information analysis as well as the methodological steps followed through the process and covers the following 10 Strategic Objectives:

Broadband for all

Mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G

Towards a global dependability and security framework

Multimodal interfaces

Semantic-based knowledge systems

Networked audio-visual systems and home platforms

Networked businesses and governments

eSafety of road and air transport


Technology-enhanced learning and access to cultural heritage

It should be noted that although the data provided in this report primarily reflect the results of the Information gathering process, the report also addresses some additional contributions received after the formal conclusion of the Information gathering report.

The information analysis report addresses the actual contents of the information gathered, in order to establish the basis for implementing the next methodological steps in WP3 (i.e. the selection of projects for the COPRAS Programme and subsequently the work in WP4: development of appropriate standardization paths.

The information analysis and project selection processes targeting FP6 IST projects in call 2 took place over a period between March 2005 and beginning of May 2005. The process followed the methodological steps as described in section 4.1.2 of the COPRAS Quality Plan. Taking the information gathering reports as a basis, the tasks in WP3 encompass the definition of the COPRAS Programme, i.e. the selection of FP6 IST research projects with whom Standardization Action Plans will be developed and COPRAS Community, i.e. the selection of FP6 IST research projects that will produce standards related output or would benefit from getting access to information on ongoing — or newly initiated — standardization processes relevant to their specific Strategic Objective.

The deliverable also describes a process of projects clustering into "logical' groups in order to define groups or "clusters' of projects that have a similar focus with respect to standardization and to organize the kick-off meeting with the selected project in an effective manner.

It provides the analysis of results, both in a qualitative and quantitative way and — to the extent possible — reviews the procedures implemented to obtain the results. In doing so it embraces lessons learned from the Call 1 information gathering process and likewise produces recommendations for the improvement of the quality of similar processes in subsequent calls addressed by COPRAS.

Rigo Wenning, Bert Bos
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