Questions (and Answers) on the Semantic Web
Ivan Herman, W3C
“Ontologier i arbete”, Kista, Sweden, 31 August 2004

Slides of the presentation given at the event Ontologier i arbete (Ontology in practice) organized by the W3C Swedish Office and Metamatrix ABin Kista, Sweden, on the 31st of August 2004.

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$Date: 2004/08/31 11:07:30 $

Table of Content:

  1. [No title]
  2. So…
  3. Well, Let Me Help You…
  4. [No title]
  5. NO!!!
  6. RDF (Resource Description Framework)
  7. OWL (Web Ontology Language)
  8. OWL and Logic
  9. And what about AI?
  10. [No title]
  11. The “Web” is in the URI-s!
  12. Related Question…
  13. [No title]
  14. RDF is a graph!
  15. A Simple RDF Example
  16. Things Are Not That New…
  17. RDF/XML has its Problems
  18. Other Encodings Examples…
  19. [No title]
  20. It Depends…
  21. Merge Shown as a Graph…
  22. Extra Bonus: OWL
  23. Finding New Relationships
  24. [No title]
  25. It May Be a Problem, But…
  26. [No title]
  27. Not Necessarily
  28. [No title]
  29. Not Any More…
  30. Lots of Tools
  31. SW Applications
  32. SW Application Examples
  33. SW Application Examples (cont)
  34. SW Application Examples (cont)
  35. SW Application Examples (cont)
  36. SW Application Examples (cont)
  37. SW Application Examples (cont)
  38. [No title]
  39. SW and WS are Complementary
  40. Examples for Potential Synergies
  41. SW-WS Synergy Example
  42. Convergence (at W3C)
  43. [No title]
  44. Semantic Web Activity Phase 2
  45. "Best Practices" Work
  46. RDF Data Access (a.k.a. Queries)
  47. Data Access Example
  48. Rules
  49. Trust
  50. [No title]
  51. Some Books
  52. Further Information
  53. W3C Primers and Test Cases
  54. Public Fora at W3C
  55. Further Information
  56. Now For Real…