Mechanisms for Publishing RDF

Ways to make your data available to the semantic web:

  1. Publish a side note or XSLT
    Data available to the semantic web through gateways.
  2. Define semantics in terms of RDF
    Leverage RDF's document combination and linking functions.
  3. Use a closed content model that also happens to be RDF/XML.
    Now have XML and RDF tools available for processing the document.
  4. Use RDF/XML
    Document fully available to the semantic web.
    Naive or specialized clients can make use of their domain in the data.
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
  <wsp:or rdf:parseType="resource">
      <wsse:SecurityToken wsp:Preference="100">
        <wsp:Usage rdf:resource=""/>
      <wsse:SecurityToken wsp:Preference="1">
        <wsp:Usage rdf:resource=""/>
  <p3p:hasPolicy rdf:resource="http://foo.example/svcPolicy1">