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rrsagent, make log world
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Hi Matt
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Attendees were
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Matt I am on the phone if you want tot talk
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who is here?
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zakim, this is wai_ua
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ok, mcmay_; that matches WAI_UAWG()8:00PM
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see ??P0, ??P1, Matt, DPoehlman, Susan_Crayne, Peter_Korn
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On IRC I see korn, mcmay_, JRG, RRSAgent, Zakim, MattSEA
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+ +1.402.466.aaaa
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I'll type it into IRC
01:08:18 [mcmay_]
I may be in Japan for the Tuesday of the Tech Plenary, then to Boston Wednesday.
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01:09:20 [mcmay_]
Weds is the Plenary day
01:10:23 [mcmay_]
jg: Weds is when the group gets together to discuss general W3C technology
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01:11:51 [mcmay_]
pk: Not sure of the value or how many people to send
01:12:40 [mcmay_]
jg: Reason to meet with PFWG is to talk about DHTML and navigation to new formats. Might be useful for Sun people to get involved.
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01:14:40 [dpoehlman]
I read and commented. I'll be back on the phone shortly.
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01:15:55 [mcmay]
pk: item navigation is crucial. perhaps the best way to do that is crucial.
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zakim, who's making noise?
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mcmay, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: ??P1 (31%), Susan_Crayne (66%), Peter_Korn (85%)
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pk: Believe that much of what can be done should be done in JavaScript. Trying to make explicit that navigation is important.
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01:17:31 [mcmay]
pk: Sun is stating that we are doing certain work in this phase, and the rest of the work should be done by someone in JavaScript layer.
01:17:59 [mcmay]
pk: We have a bug list in Section 12 which notes what aspects of keyboard nav function in Mozilla head, what in Sun branch, what are not functioning.
01:18:25 [mcmay]
pk: We've posted a build of the Sun branch as a source tarball.
01:19:12 [mcmay]
pk: also talking with accessibility contacts at Red Hat.
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zakim, unmute p1
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sorry, mcmay, I do not see a party named 'p1'
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kyle might be muted.
01:20:22 [mcmay]
kyle: iframe is different from form control.
01:20:35 [mcmay]
jg: What about links in the document rendered in iframe?
01:21:29 [dpoehlman]
kyle is producing an echo.
01:21:35 [JRG]
01:22:34 [mcmay]
pk: We need to figure out what the behavior is for links within an iframe.
01:24:04 [mcmay]
jg: IE treats iframes as part of the doc. Don't know about Opera.
01:28:40 [mcmay]
pk: Could cause a race condition with a scroll when it moves up into an iframe.
01:29:12 [mcmay]
pk: What guidance is appropriate to UAs on this?
01:29:18 [mcmay]
jg: I think PF wants to discuss this.
01:29:37 [mcmay]
jg: In general, the design criteria would be not to use absolute positioning. But if using float and clear, then doc order would work.
01:32:17 [mcmay]
jg: What does WCAG say about floating content?
01:32:28 [mcmay]
mm: CSS suggests using float and clear.
01:32:37 [mcmay]
jg: What about fixed items along the edge?
01:32:42 [mcmay]
mm: Not sure there's a decision on that.
01:35:02 [mcmay]
jg: So document order may be the best strategy.
01:38:54 [dpoehlman]
q+ to ask about frames vs entire document nav?
01:39:15 [mcmay]
jg: What are you doing with tab?
01:39:32 [mcmay]
pk: We're talking about how to navigate into and out of an applet, for example.
01:40:00 [mcmay]
jl: There are some HTML widgets other than forms
01:40:32 [mcmay]
jl: Example of widget is textarea.
01:42:11 [mcmay]
dp: When you tab through a page and nav to a form control, test says that if you're to the right of an element, you're in the label. So the next tab takes me into the edit box, or I have to right-arrow into it?
01:44:58 [mcmay]
dp: Multiline edits?
01:45:07 [mcmay]
pk: That's a textarea. We don't have that in our example.
01:46:05 [mcmay]
pk: If you're in a form control that's eating the tabs, you have a special character to get out of that.
01:46:21 [mcmay]
jg: In Moz, hitting enter doesn't submit the form. Might in IE, but not in Moz.
01:48:17 [mcmay]
dp: Why does it say space to highlight and enter to activate it? Not sure I want to have to do that.
01:49:10 [mcmay]
pk: In GTK+, space equals click.
01:49:58 [mcmay]
ky: Space should actuate it.
01:51:22 [mcmay]
dp: In the document, Ctrl+Home goes to top of frame, Ctrl+End goes to bottom. I need to go from top-left of document to bottom-right corner of doc. I suggested Shift-Ctrl-Home and End, but Ctrl-PgUp and PgDn could do that.
01:51:32 [mcmay]
dp: If there's reasoning for this, I'm interested.
01:51:46 [mcmay]
pk: General reasoning is that each frame is its own little world and its own complete document.
01:55:20 [mcmay]
dp: I don't want to lose the ability to go all the way to the top/bottom of the document.
01:56:00 [mcmay]
jg: A lot of systems like WebCT and Blackboard have 7-11 frames, sometimes nested.
02:00:27 [mcmay]
pk: I think start and end of frame is very important.
02:00:45 [mcmay]
tr: I'd like to have both frame and master document.
02:01:12 [mcmay]
pk: Can David and Travis propose some keystrokes?
02:01:29 [mcmay]
dp: Every time I think of something, I realize it's used.
02:02:02 [mcmay]
dp: Ctrl-Home to top of frame, and up arrow twice to top of doc?
02:03:44 [mcmay]
jg: Meet Jan 5?
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Attendees were Matt, DPoehlman, Susan_Crayne, Peter_Korn, +1.402.466.aaaa
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