IRC log of UA on 2004-10-15

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00:12:29 [RRSAgent]
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00:12:35 [MattSEA]
rrsagent, make log world
00:12:42 [MattSEA]
sun: fixed bug for Ctrl-arrow word navigation
00:12:50 [MattSEA]
zakim, who's here?
00:12:50 [Zakim]
On the phone I see ??P2, DPoehlman, Matt, Kyle
00:12:51 [Zakim]
On IRC I see RRSAgent, kyle, Zakim, ginn, MattSEA, JRG
00:13:37 [MattSEA]
jg: working on form control?
00:14:22 [MattSEA]
ginn: yes
00:14:32 [Zakim]
00:14:38 [MattSEA]
jg: Any information changing on the status line when a cursor moves? Element name, etc.
00:15:04 [MattSEA]
jg: would provide orientation on what the user is navigating through.
00:15:33 [MattSEA]
ginn: Mainly depend on AT application to expose what is shown to the user. Just want to put cursor in correct position and let AT do other things.
00:15:46 [MattSEA]
jg: Will AT be able to find out what element is at the cursor?
00:15:56 [Zakim]
00:16:09 [MattSEA]
ginn: Yes.
00:16:53 [MattSEA]
jg: If UAWG made a test, would that help to figure out cursor movement?
00:17:00 [MattSEA]
ginn: Test HTML page, or something else?
00:17:29 [kyle]
MattSEA, it was me, kyle :)
00:18:19 [MattSEA]
oops. sorry, kyle.
00:18:27 [JRG]
00:20:45 [MattSEA]
kyle: There are only basic elements in the test suite?
00:21:01 [MattSEA]
jg: Yes, those are for first requirements. We don't have all the tests in order. This test is for keyboard support.
00:21:33 [MattSEA]
kyle: Some of these things only happen in complicated HTML pages.
00:21:55 [MattSEA]
jg: We could create a test suite for Moz keyboard navigation, with complex markup that might appear on a web page.
00:21:59 [MattSEA]
kyle: That would be great.
00:23:11 [MattSEA]
Cathy: Has the Mozilla access proposal been updated with our comments?
00:23:25 [MattSEA]
kyle: I'm still working on the revision of the proposal. I'll send it to Peter next week.
00:25:04 [ginn]
I think the test suite doesn't have test for "Caret Browsing".
00:25:37 [MattSEA]
Cathy: in the 1.8 document?
00:25:47 [MattSEA]
kyle: No, working from CVS tree.
00:25:57 [MattSEA]
kyle: We will backport to the Mozilla trunk.
00:28:39 [MattSEA]
Cathy: Aaron has prototyped a different mechanism.
00:28:49 [MattSEA]
jg: To override keyboard behaviors with JS extensions.
00:30:30 [MattSEA]
kyle: We will try to fix the major bugs before 1.7 release. Will be before end of November.
00:31:02 [MattSEA]
kyle: We will do kbd navigation in the second stage, next year.
00:31:11 [MattSEA]
kyle: (advanced)
00:31:34 [MattSEA]
kyle: Table navigation, and form control navigation.
00:33:07 [MattSEA]
Susan: Is Sun going to provide that JavaScript navigation glue, or will users provide their own?
00:33:13 [MattSEA]
jg: Sounds like Aaron would be doing that.
00:33:17 [MattSEA]
dp: Aaron says he'd written it.
00:33:47 [MattSEA]
Cathy: He's only written the one extension for line-by-line mode. Just a prototype now to show you can use a JS extension to override.
00:34:17 [MattSEA]
Cathy: We're still discussing options, but no commitment yet.
00:35:01 [MattSEA]
jg: Kyle, next week you'll have your proposal out?
00:35:22 [MattSEA]
kyle: Yes. Should be out next week.
00:35:42 [MattSEA]
jg: People can determine from that what's in or out. IBM sounds like still discussing strategy.
00:36:08 [MattSEA]
Cathy: Bigger question is AT for us.
00:36:15 [MattSEA]
jg: Will probably have to wait to see these documents.
00:36:50 [MattSEA]
jg: Would like to schedule a call for next Thursday.
00:38:06 [MattSEA]
jg: If Aaron's extensions are possible, could be more flexible. Different groups could have different functionality.
00:39:25 [MattSEA]
mm: Would be good to get Aaron on the call to explain the JavaScript thing.
00:41:29 [MattSEA]
jg: Next meeting next week; will also set up another meeting in 2-3 weeks to discuss with Sun Beijing.
00:42:13 [MattSEA]
kyle: 2 weeks is OK.
00:43:56 [MattSEA]
jg: Will send out proposed times soon.
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Attendees were DPoehlman, Matt, Kyle, Susan_Crayne, Cathy_Laws, Ginn_Chen
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