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[Presentation by Oskari Koskimies, Nokia]
08:46:53 [shadi]
Bert: are there existing implementations?
08:47:10 [shadi]
Oskari: will look into this
08:47:53 [shadi]
(discussion about client side vs server side adaptation)
08:49:48 [shadi]
Lisa: would categories of metadata help query the client capabilities?
08:50:32 [shadi]
Oskari: mobile devices will always be less capable than desktop PCs both in capability and bandwidth. need to adapt to this.
08:51:40 [shadi]
Lisa: dependency between author implementation and feature support. how to make standards used?
08:53:18 [shadi]
Oskari: good point. when authors employ less server side adaptation, clients need to do more.
08:54:39 [shadi]
[Presentation Fabio Paterno, CNR]
09:19:46 [shadi]
Lisa: in your presentation you were presuming user scenarios but you don't always know it
09:20:54 [shadi]
Fabio: to some extend i believe you can exclude certain cases
09:21:35 [shadi]
Oskari: the football match may be a bad example, but there are scenarios where it may relevant
09:23:26 [shadi]
[Presentation by Joost Geurts, CWI]
09:43:51 [shadi]
Bert: how did the name come about?
09:44:23 [shadi]
Joost: we were hosted by the museum and history in our department to use names of architects
09:44:28 [shadi]
09:46:11 [shadi]
Rolland: users might want to receive information in a viable format. for example audio stream for a small screen or someone who is blind.
09:47:49 [shadi]
Lisa: agree, but important to note that detailing the reason (ie the user is blind) may be a danger hazard
09:49:28 [shadi]
Lisa: want to underline that the users need to make a choice of what they want, not a predecision by the provider
09:51:29 [shadi]
Tod: agree, also on a desktop the preferences may be diverse according to the user
09:53:23 [shadi]
Daniel: how a service is expressed is an impression of the company branding
09:56:31 [shadi]
Fabio: need to balance complexity and uptake of the service. working with and involvement end-users is necessary, but need to know the uptake.
09:58:00 [shadi]
Rotan: environment is also a factor, maybe a device should deny delicate operations (eg bank transaction) in an insecure environment.
09:58:20 [shadi]
Stephane: can we differentiate between preferences and constraints?
09:58:45 [shadi]
Fabio: under certain constraints i have different preferences.
10:00:15 [shadi]
Tod: what is the preference of the content authors?
10:02:28 [shadi]
Stephane: we are assuming a flat authoring and consumption model, but maybe we need to consider content negotiation.
10:02:53 [shadi]
[End of Session]
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