Internet Application Protocol Collation Registry

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Many Internet application protocols include string-based lookup, searching, or sorting operations. However the problem space for searching and sorting international strings is large, not fully explored, and is outside the area of expertise for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Rather than attempt to solve such a large problem, this specification creates an abstraction framework so that application protocols can precisely identify a comparison function and the repertoire of comparison functions can be extended in the future.

The following specifications currently reference, or intend to reference, this work:

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Editing Copy

Drafty draft, in preparation for draft-newman-i18n-comparator-04.txt (not available yet):

Side-by-side diff to last published draft

Published Versions

Issues List

CN: Chris Newman; MJD: Martin J. Dürst

categories: pending, tentatively closed, closed

name description status raised discussion resolution
nameprep-01 Is any Nameprep processing appropriate for the basic collation? open draft-02 - -
ICU-custom-02 Should additional algorithmic customizations in the ICU implementation of UCS be added to this specification? open draft-02 - -
custom-format-03 Should a data format for collation customization be defined for disconnected clients? open draft-02 - -
indeterminate-04 Need to deal with "maybe" or "indeterminate" matching or ordering results open draft-02 - -
IANA-URL-05 Need to get agreement from IANA to provide persistent URLs for the registry open draft-02 - -
chars-or-octets-06 definition of collations in terms of characters or octets? open Michael Kay Jim Melton, Michael Kay -
wildcards-07 wild cards should be out of scope open Michael Kay Jim Melton, Michael Kay -
keyword-value-08 registration should define base algorithm and keyword/value pairs open Michael Kay Jim Melton, Michael Kay -
initial-separate-09 registry and initial registrations should be separate open Michael Kay Jim Melton -
process-10 need process definitions for registry maintainance open Michael Kay Jim Melton -
invariants-11 definition of collations should include some invariants open Michael Kay Jim Melton, Michael Kay -
third-party-12 registration of third-party, not completely described collations open Michael Kay Jim Melton, Michael Kay -
- template - - -
tentatively closed

Mailing List

The mailing list for public discussion of the Collation Registry is, with a public archive. To subscribe, send mail to with subscribe as the subject.

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