Orange UK Position Paper
W3C Workshop on Metadata for Content Adaptation


Orange has specific business requirements that rely on detailed content metadata models for a whole host of mobile services. These services can be personalised on the basis of channel, device, location etc. and of course user capabilities and preferences.

Existing technology is exploited in a variety of arenas across Orange Group in support of a wide range of both fixed line and mobile portal and messaging products. Specifically both Orange UK and Orange France have developed extensive capabilities in this area.

Content metadata is of course key to all aspects of delivering rich multimedia services to mobile devices. We understand well the issues in finding a common way to describe content semantically using XML elements and the interoperability problems that arise in content authoring, content management, delivery and content adaptation and presentation. As such the need for industry-wide standards to achieve device independent presentation is well appreciated.

In the absence of such a standard Orange are currently forced to fall back on a combination of proprietary commercial offerings and in-house schema developed to fill the gap.

In attending this workshop Orange would seek to offer its own experience in tackling the difficulties in creating multiple presentation XML-based documents.

At the same time we would hope to provide a multimedia services perspective, that is independent of its current reliance on both in-house and proprietary vendor specific solutions that will help the W3C's Device Independence Working Group define its content metadata specification.

To give you a flavour of current activity within Orange we are currently pursuing with colleagues in Orange France and France Telecom the definition of an Orange Group mark-up language. This activity aims to deliver an XML based definition for expressing device specific behaviour for content adaptation. At the same time we hope to provide an avenue for migration to industry standards when they become available.

Attendee from Orange UK would be:

Barry Haynes
 Orange UK - Multimedia Operations
 Head of Technical Strategy and Architecture

Matthew Clough
 Orange UK - Multimedia Operations
 Technical Analyst/Architect