Position Statement of MobileAware Ltd

MobileAware has long been a supporter and developer of metadata-driven multi-channel authoring. The genesis of our core product line was premised on the idea that adaptation of content for multiple devices could be achieved if sufficient information from the author was available. To this end, MobileAware developed a solution that enables the author to express additional information in the content for the purpose of adaptation, together with a custom adaptation engine that consumes the authored content and delivers adapted representations to hundreds of different clients, including fixed and mobile devices.

From the beginning, our technology has been based upon W3C technologies. Indeed, MobileAware was one of the first companies to adopt XHTML as an authoring format for adaptable content, with the addition of specific modules to represent metadata.

With our reliance on W3C technologies, it was inevitable that we would participate in W3C activities, and for some years we have been active in the Device Independence Working Group. By contributing to, editing and authoring documents published by this group, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to the vision of a common, flexible and adaptable authoring environment. With our colleagues in the DIWG, and the W3C generally, we hope to achieve this vision.

MobileAware is pleased to have the opportunity to host the W3C Workshop on Metadata for Content Adaptation. Through the workshop we will be pleased to share our experience, explain our approach, demonstrate our results and discuss the way forward.

We will be represented at the workshop by Dr Rotan Hanrahan, Chief Innovations Architect who leads our R&D activities. Rotan is also our primary representative in the W3C and a participant in the DIWG. Rotan is co-chairing the workshop with Stephane Boyera of the W3C, who leads the Device Independence Activity.

For further information, visit our website at http://www.mobileaware.com/