W3C Workshop on Metadata forContent Adaptation

Gabriel Guillaume, France Telecom (gabriel.guillaume@francetelecom.com)


Content adaptation is a key point for a networked world, especially from an integrated operator point of view. Enrich Internet documents with structured metadata to have a better control on how it's rendered for various delivery context might be (part of) the solution.

France-Telecom business needs in this field

For our own services (i.e. published with our brands), we need a way to map the structured content of a document to our graphical/ergonomics guidelines in order to get the right rendering whatever the delivery context. For the services of our partners, the content adaptation solution needs to be easy to use and MUST be a "cross-operator" solution.

General expectation

Learn how RDF could do the job Understand how this metadata could be used by any piece of software to get an optimized rendering of the document. See how it is possible to have a direct or undirect mapping between these metada and some graphical guidelines. Understand what is the position of such an approach towards CC/PP, Content Selection, CSS (and CSS-MQ), layout management and so on. Potential functional overlaps ? Discuss "graphic/rendering oriented" vs. "semantic oriented" metadata ?

Potential contribution from us

Provide the experience of an operator close to the end users and close to the service providers.