Fabio Paternò (http://giove.isti.cnr.it/~fabio/) is senior researcher at ISTI-CNR, where he leads the Human Interfaces in Information Systems Research Laboratory.

He is the scientific coordinator of the CAMELEON EU project (http://giove.isti.cnr.it/cameleon.html), which will finish at the end of 2004. In this project a number of methods and tools for the design of usable multi-device interfaces have been developed. In particular, he has been working on the design of the TERESA tool (http://giove.isti.cnr.it/teresa.html), an environment supporting the design and development of multi-device Web interfaces, which has been implemented in his group, based on the use of two conceptual levels described through platform-independent languages and transformations able to generate interfaces for different platforms and modalities adapting them to the platform features. In this tool we have recently added support for semantic, platform-dependent redesign, which means the ability to change Web pages for desktop systems into pages for mobile devices taking into account their logical description.

His main interests are in methods and tools for design and evaluation of usable interactive software systems accessible through many types of contexts and modalities.

He participates to the workshop to contribute to the discussion on how to design usable multi-device Web pages.