DOM Level 3 Load and Save Test Suite Matrix

68 tests were ran against the Xerces implementation on December 24, 2003 (original report).

Note: (*) indicates that the test is suspicious and may be invalid.

Tests with failures
Test Description

Specify encodings for LSInput with string data. The setting should have no effect and the inputEncoding of the resulting document should be UTF-16.


Uses a filter to strip all text during serializer then parses output to check an attribute.

DOMBuilderTest1 (*)

Uses LSParser.parseWithContext to replace a node in an existing document.

DOMBuilderTest2 (*)

Uses LSParser.parseWithContext to append a document as a child of an existing node.

DOMBuilderTest3 (*)

Uses LSParser.parseWithContext to insert a document after a node.

DOMBuilderTest5 (*)

supported-media-types-only is set to true if supported and an XML file with an unsupported media type from an HTTP server on the local machine is retrieved.


Calls DOMImplementationLS.createLSParser(MODE_ASYNCHRONOUS, null) and checks the return value is not null. Only applicable if DOMImplementation.hasFeature("LS-ASync", null) is true.


Checks support of infoset.


Checks support of well-formed.


Writes a document to a character stream and rereads the document.

SystemId1 (*)

Writes a document to a URL for a temporary file and rereads the document.

SystemId2 (*)

Writes a document to a URL for a temporary http document and rereads the document.

LSSerializerConfig1 (*)

Checks initial state of serializer configuration.

LSSerializerConfig2 (*)

Checks getParameterNames and canSetParameter.

LSSerializerConfig6 (*)

Checks support of ignore-unknown-character-denormalizations.


Checks support of well-formed.