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14:59:38 [danbri]
what do you folks see at:
14:59:46 [danbri]
old stuff, or new (incl Ontology tag etc)?
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15:01:01 [janet]
zakim, please call janet-617
15:01:01 [Zakim]
ok, janet; the call is being made
15:01:03 [bwm]
Zakim, ??p20 is bwm
15:01:03 [Zakim]
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+bwm; got it
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15:01:34 [danbri]
15:01:36 [Zakim]
15:01:43 [DaveB]
Zakim,??P21 is DaveB
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+DaveB; got it
15:02:01 [danbri]
zakim, who is on the call?
15:02:01 [Zakim]
On the phone I see FrankM, DanBri, bwm, Janet, EMiller, DaveB
15:02:39 [danbri]
gk, are you dialing in?
15:03:20 [Zakim]
15:03:21 [bwm] contains an ontology section
15:03:22 [danbri]
zakim, pick a scribe?
15:03:22 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, danbri.
15:03:26 [danbri]
zakim, pick a victim
15:03:26 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose DanBri
15:03:30 [danbri]
zakim, pick a victim
15:03:30 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose bwm
15:04:15 [bwm_scribe]
regrets from danc, pat, janG, jjc
15:04:20 [bwm_scribe]
Zakim, who is on the phone?
15:04:20 [Zakim]
On the phone I see FrankM, DanBri, bwm, Janet, EMiller, DaveB, GrahamKlyne
15:04:29 [Zakim]
15:04:52 [danbri]
Janet on testamonials:
15:04:58 [danbri]
4: Testimonial Orientation
15:04:58 [danbri]
Guest: Janet Daly
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15:05:10 [bwm_scribe]
Janet: congrats on having docs ready
15:05:38 [bwm_scribe]
... preparing for a big announcement about rdfcore and webont drafts
15:05:51 [bwm_scribe]
... plans
15:06:00 [DaveB]
janet knows this is logged, yeah?
15:06:34 [bwm_scribe]
... hoping on Feb 10 that rdfcore and webont drafts will be published as recs (modulo directors decision)
15:07:05 [bwm_scribe]
... plan to have a joint announcement under banner of semantic web milestone
15:08:05 [bwm_scribe]
... thought it best to have a single big announcement showing how pratical applications are already kicking in
15:08:17 [bwm_scribe]
... testimonials are important
15:08:32 [bwm_scribe]
... testimonials are accepted through ... missed the date
15:08:54 [bwm_scribe]
... focusing on specific current or specific planned uses of the semweb specs
15:09:21 [bwm_scribe]
... good to give precise and concrete examples of how these specs are being used
15:09:34 [danbri]
q+ to ask re single quote on RDF vs one on RDF, one on OWL?
15:09:50 [bwm_scribe]
... want to dispose of the myth that this is all theoretical
15:10:10 [bwm_scribe]
q+ to ask janet about closing date for testimonials
15:10:52 [bwm_scribe]
... the goal is to have people thinks its real and exciting and they want to learn more
15:10:58 [danbri]
ack me
15:10:58 [Zakim]
danbri, you wanted to ask re single quote on RDF vs one on RDF, one on OWL?
15:11:20 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: do you want single quote on RDF and a single on Owl or a joint quote
15:11:36 [bwm_scribe]
Janet: there will be two separate testimonial sheets
15:11:45 [bwm_scribe]
.. can run joint testimonials on both sheets
15:11:55 [bwm_scribe]
... or have separate testimonials
15:12:01 [bwm_scribe]
... don't make things up
15:12:31 [danbri]
ack bwm_scribe
15:12:31 [Zakim]
bwm_scribe, you wanted to ask janet about closing date for testimonials
15:12:39 [bwm_scribe]
ack bwm_scribe
15:12:44 [danbri]
janet: end of business (whever you are) 6 feb
15:12:49 [bwm_scribe]
janet: end date is 06 Feb 2004
15:12:51 [danbri]
...see mail msg 4: Testimonial Orientation
15:12:51 [danbri]
Guest: Janet Daly
15:12:55 [danbri]
oops bad paste
15:12:57 [bwm_scribe]
that is end date for testimonials
15:13:02 [DaveB]
see janet's mail
15:13:53 [bwm_scribe]
janet: folks might want to allow time for w3c review of the testimonial and time to ammend it
15:14:00 [bwm_scribe]
... allow one days turnaround
15:14:22 [bwm_scribe]
... send to two addresses i.e. comms team and eric miller
15:14:39 [bwm_scribe]
... comms team distributed around the globe
15:16:38 [bwm_scribe]
frank: has this request for testimonials gone to the AC? There are orgs, e.g. Sun that are not on the WG but are users of RDF.
15:16:43 [ericm]
15:16:51 [bwm_scribe]
Janet: no specific request to membership but likely will today
15:17:03 [bwm_scribe]
Frank: can we have pointers to examples
15:17:04 [janet]
15:17:14 [ericm]
15:17:22 [bwm_scribe]
Janet: start here - you'll find some
15:17:41 [danbri]
15:17:48 [danbri]
ack ericm
15:17:49 [bwm_scribe]
Danbri: we've looked at the cc/pp example
15:17:54 [DaveB]
15:18:32 [danbri]
brian, was "5: Press Release Input and Request for Reviewers" on agenda covered? (wasn't sure your intent re 'Reviewers')
15:18:34 [bwm_scribe]
em: whilst we haven't asked the ac yet, em has been approaching folks for testimonials
15:18:58 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: ask eric - I just copied his request
15:19:27 [bwm_scribe]
em: I'm pretty excited about the support we are getting ...
15:19:49 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: eric and janet - do you want reviwers
15:20:07 [bwm_scribe]
janet: sometimes orgs want to see press release before submitting testimonial
15:20:40 [bwm_scribe]
... we hope to have a draft press release this afternoon
15:21:07 [bwm_scribe]
... some orgs want to make press releases of their own to accompany w3c announcement
15:21:12 [bwm_scribe]
... w3c welcomes that
15:21:29 [bwm_scribe]
... w3c would like to see the text no later than 24 hours before announcement
15:21:37 [bwm_scribe]
... to check for accurate representation ofw3c
15:22:04 [bwm_scribe]
... 2nd thing is that any companion release is at least 15 mins after schedule w3c release
15:22:11 [bwm_scribe]
15:22:24 [danbri]
ack DaveB
15:23:05 [bwm_scribe]
daveb: time of release is Tues 10 Feb 10am Eastern
15:23:45 [bwm_scribe]
daveb: my name is associated with RDF. should I have a director sign testimonial
15:24:19 [bwm_scribe]
janet: there are no restrictions on name, but suggest choose someone who would recognised in the trade press
15:24:38 [bwm_scribe]
note: it was janet who gave timing of release
15:24:43 [janet]
15:26:31 [bwm_scribe]
janet: press folks have to turn a story round in three hours - to them titles are important
15:27:11 [bwm_scribe]
daveb: can the person to be rung up be different to the person who provides testimonial
15:27:19 [bwm_scribe]
janet: take offline
15:27:31 [danbri]
ack bwm_scribe
15:28:39 [bwm_scribe]
bwm: should accompanying press release wait till 15 minutes after scheluded or actual w3c release
15:29:11 [bwm_scribe]
janet: docs must go first
15:29:40 [bwm_scribe]
janet: if there is a problem with docs then w3c release will be delayed
15:30:16 [bwm_scribe]
janet: we might call you and say don't send it
15:31:18 [danbri]
brian: so we'll go ahead unless we hear from you?
15:31:22 [danbri]
janet: yes
15:31:28 [danbri] numbers needed
15:31:59 [bwm_scribe]
janet: hp should plan to release on schedule and w3c will call if there is a problem requiring delay
15:32:11 [DaveB]
thanks janet
15:32:23 [bwm_scribe]
if you have any questions send to w3tpr list with cc to eric
15:32:46 [gkgk]
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15:32:50 [Zakim]
15:32:58 [bwm_scribe]
janet has been dreaming of semweb super tuesday for a while, and its great to finally have it
15:33:00 [danbri]
6: Next telecon 13 Feb 2004 1000 Boston Time
15:33:16 [gkgk]
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15:33:19 [DaveB]
13feb is a saturday
15:33:40 [bwm_scribe]
em: brian please take a look at press release
15:33:41 [janet]
no, it's friday the 13th!
15:33:43 [bwm_scribe]
bwm: ok
15:33:53 [DaveB]
gah, me and dates, me--
15:34:09 [janet]
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15:34:10 [bwm_scribe]
next meeting: 13 Feb?
15:34:21 [bwm_scribe]
em suggests 6th rather than 13th
15:35:24 [bwm_scribe]
next meeting is 6th, if we need it.
15:35:34 [danbri]
7: Rec Docs sanity check
15:35:35 [bwm_scribe]
rec docs sanity check
15:35:52 [bwm_scribe]
to move to rec, there is editorial work to do:
15:36:01 [bwm_scribe]
em: key points ...
15:36:22 [ericm]
15:36:24 [bwm_scribe]
... using primer as example
15:37:17 [danbri]
em: changes will be made by w3c team
15:37:22 [bwm_scribe]
... want editors to check the changes
15:37:23 [danbri]
...i've been making changes in prep for rec
15:37:41 [bwm_scribe]
... draw ed's attention to a few main points ...
15:38:04 [bwm_scribe]
... style sheets, copyright, links to errata and translations
15:38:16 [bwm_scribe]
... want a check on status of the docs sections
15:38:35 [bwm_scribe]
... check references are correct
15:38:53 [DaveB]
is "Proposed Recommendation Working Draft" the right phrase in the status? s/Working Draft// ?
15:38:58 [bwm_scribe]
... there will be a single status section for all docs
15:39:37 [bwm_scribe]
... also note big yellow box whcih is a standard disclaimer
15:39:58 [bwm_scribe]
frank: we should check whether these have the staging URI's are references
15:40:05 [bwm_scribe]
em: staging ...
15:40:17 [gk]
q+ to ask if editors can be notified when w3c team has made changes
15:40:38 [bwm_scribe]
frank: did you see my email yesterday about some of these
15:41:13 [DaveB]
frank's mail
15:41:15 [danbri]
15:41:38 [bwm_scribe]
em: are you willing to pair with me on chekcing the status of the doc?
15:42:06 [bwm_scribe]
frank: do I need to do anything?
15:42:35 [bwm_scribe]
em: danbri and em to follow up with Frank
15:42:51 [bwm_scribe]
em: editors - please do not make any further changes to these documents
15:43:17 [bwm_scribe]
frank: thats fine - please note the comments that I made
15:44:14 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: I have a schema issue
15:44:37 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: I've updated the doc at the schema namespace URI which requires a change to the schema doc
15:44:51 [bwm_scribe]
em: liase with me. em has write lock on the documents
15:45:06 [gk]
q+ eric's page of diffs ... URI?
15:45:17 [gk]
q+ to ask about eric's page of diffs ... URI?
15:45:45 [bwm_scribe]
em: don't check till the big yellow box is there
15:45:51 [danbri]
15:45:53 [bwm_scribe]
15:45:53 [danbri]
ack gk
15:45:54 [Zakim]
gk, you wanted to ask if editors can be notified when w3c team has made changes and to ask about eric's page of diffs ... URI?
15:46:15 [bwm_scribe]
gk: em - jjc is unavailable so I assume I'm doing this
15:46:26 [bwm_scribe]
... em: what is the uri of the page of diffs?
15:46:38 [danbri]
ack bwm_scribe
15:47:04 [bwm_scribe]
em: will need to follow up on that ...
15:47:07 [DaveB]
I just visuall checked CVS 1.56 of rdf syntax, the diffs look ok. refs look ok
15:47:16 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: danbri - review schema
15:47:31 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: daveb review syntax
15:47:40 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: daveb review test cases
15:47:44 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: frank primer
15:48:09 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: gk concepts
15:48:28 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: em review model theory
15:48:33 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: what about lbase
15:48:42 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: we have not rev'd it
15:48:44 [bwm_scribe]
em: yes
15:48:58 [bwm_scribe]
8. mime-type registration
15:49:53 [bwm_scribe]
frank: mime-type reference will expire a month after we publish
15:50:09 [bwm_scribe]
daveb: syntax does not refer to url of mime-types doc
15:50:19 [bwm_scribe]
... refers to the page where you can find it
15:50:40 [bwm_scribe]
gk: the internet draft references will become obsolete
15:50:48 [bwm_scribe]
gk: dave's suggestion is a good one
15:51:13 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: propose update mimetype reference to ...
15:52:06 [ericm]
15:52:08 [bwm_scribe]
gk: is the rdf reference on the iana web page yet?
15:52:08 [DaveB]
syntax ref is to
15:53:47 [DaveB]
"Registration Note (Informative): For the state of the MIME type registration, consult IANA MIME Media Types[[IANA-MEDIA-TYPES] "
15:54:44 [bwm_scribe]
bwm: hard to find the reference
15:55:02 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: em please take this offline
15:55:14 [bwm_scribe]
daveb: do I have to do anything?
15:55:24 [bwm_scribe]
em: no - I have the monkey, though I may consult with DAve
15:55:49 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: em use judgement to update IANA reference appropriately
15:56:16 [danbri]
9: TAG Architecture Doc review
15:56:24 [danbri]
bwm: we agreed as a group to review TAG arch doc
15:56:35 [danbri]
both gk and jang agreed to do this. we have gk's.
15:57:06 [danbri]
...idea here was to see if there was discussion on gk's points.
15:57:08 [bwm_scribe]
gk: too soon to do anything detailed with these
15:57:24 [bwm_scribe]
gk: when we talked about the mimetype registration ...
15:57:39 [bwm_scribe]
gk: do we want to press ahead as soon as posible or wait till docs get to REC?
15:57:50 [bwm_scribe]
gk: recommend pushing ahead
15:58:35 [bwm_scribe]
bwm: I thought we'd decided to press ahead, is anyone proposing to change this
15:58:56 [bwm_scribe]
gk: aaron is holding off because he assumed we would wait for rec
15:59:23 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: rec is so soon - lets do that
15:59:39 [bwm_scribe]
gk: I hadn't realised rec was so soon, so I agree
15:59:52 [bwm_scribe]
RESOLVED: wait for rec
15:59:52 [danbri]
resolved: to wait for rec
16:00:04 [bwm_scribe]
ACTION: please let aaron know
16:00:12 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: quick aob
16:00:28 [danbri]
Interest Group meeting at Tech Plenary
16:00:31 [danbri]
thoughts on agenda solicited
16:00:40 [bwm_scribe]
... I sent draft agenda for ig meeting at tech plenary. please comment.
16:00:54 [bwm_scribe]
16:01:11 [bwm_scribe]
danbri: I've updated the namespace docs, need to test hte char encoding is right
16:01:16 [bwm_scribe]
mimetype has changed
16:03:25 [danbri]
GRDL example:
16:05:55 [Zakim]
16:05:57 [Zakim]
16:05:59 [Zakim]
16:06:00 [Zakim]
16:06:06 [Zakim]
16:06:09 [Zakim]
16:06:15 [Zakim]
16:06:16 [Zakim]
SW_RDFCore()10:00AM has ended
16:06:17 [Zakim]
Attendees were FrankM, FrankM, DanBri, Janet, bwm, EMiller, DaveB, GrahamKlyne, Mike_Dean
16:06:31 [danbri]
RRSAgent, pointer?
16:06:31 [RRSAgent]
16:06:55 [danbri]
RRSAgent, bye
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
I see 8 open action items:
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: danbri - review schema [1]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: daveb review syntax [2]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: daveb review test cases [3]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: frank primer [4]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: gk concepts [5]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: em review model theory [6]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: em use judgement to update IANA reference appropriately [7]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: please let aaron know [8]
16:06:55 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
16:07:04 [bwm_scribe]
hmmm, can someone chacl the log please, if not already done