IRC log of rdfcore on 2004-01-16

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15:00:30 [RRSAgent]
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15:00:45 [DaveB]
Zakim, who's on the phone?
15:00:45 [Zakim]
sorry, DaveB, I don't know what conference this is
15:00:46 [Zakim]
On IRC I see ericm, RRSAgent, Zakim, danbri, DanCon, bwm, DaveB, logger
15:00:50 [DaveB]
Zakim, this is RDF Core
15:00:57 [Zakim]
sorry, DaveB, I do not see a conference named 'RDF Core' in progress or scheduled at this time
15:01:02 [DaveB]
Zakim, this is RDF
15:01:02 [Zakim]
ok, DaveB
15:01:09 [DanCon]
Zakim, this is RDF
15:01:09 [Zakim]
DanCon, this was already SW_RDFCore()10:00AM
15:01:09 [Zakim]
ok, DanCon
15:01:09 [DaveB]
Zakim, who's on the phone?
15:01:09 [Zakim]
On the phone I see PatH, ??P10, ??P11
15:01:15 [DaveB]
Zakim, ??P10 is ILRT
15:01:15 [Zakim]
+ILRT; got it
15:01:27 [DaveB]
Zakim, ILRT has bwm,dajobe
15:01:27 [Zakim]
+bwm, dajobe; got it
15:01:27 [ericm]
zakim, dial emiller-bos
15:01:28 [Zakim]
ok, ericm; the call is being made
15:01:28 [Zakim]
15:01:28 [DanCon]
agenda + 16Jan
15:01:36 [Zakim]
15:01:39 [ericm]
zakim, who is here?
15:01:39 [Zakim]
On the phone I see PatH, ILRT, ??P11, Emiller, DanC (muted)
15:01:40 [Zakim]
ILRT has bwm, dajobe
15:01:41 [Zakim]
On IRC I see ericm, RRSAgent, Zakim, danbri, DanCon, bwm, DaveB, logger
15:02:12 [Zakim]
15:02:44 [ericm]
zakim, P11 is jjc
15:02:44 [Zakim]
sorry, ericm, I do not recognize a party named 'P11'
15:02:48 [ericm]
zakim, ??P11 is jjc
15:02:49 [Zakim]
+jjc; got it
15:02:49 [Zakim]
15:03:15 [DanCon]
Scribe: danbri-scribe
15:03:17 [DanCon]
Chair: bwm
15:03:21 [danbri-scribe]
role call: see zakim above
15:03:29 [danbri-scribe]
15:03:30 [DanCon]
Meeting: RDFCore Telecon
15:03:33 [danbri-scribe]
regrets: Graham, JanG
15:03:38 [danbri-scribe]
15:03:40 [danbri-scribe]
15:03:42 [danbri-scribe]
agenda approved.
15:03:49 [DanCon]
Date: 16 Jan 2004
15:03:51 [danbri-scribe]
Scratch item 4 from agenda (typo)
15:03:59 [danbri-scribe]
minutes of last telecon:
15:04:08 [danbri-scribe]
5: Minutes of 12 Dec 2003 telecon
15:04:08 [danbri-scribe]
15:04:08 [danbri-scribe]
15:04:18 [danbri-scribe]
have been checked by dajobe, brian
15:04:27 [DanCon]
bug in proposed agenda "2004016" is missing a digit
15:04:28 [danbri-scribe]
RESOLVED: these are true record of 12 dec meeting
15:04:37 [danbri-scribe]
actions therein are all done
15:05:16 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: now we're meeting less regularly, propose we circulate minutes as usual, look for two to check, if nobody says they're flawed, I'll send a 'these are approved'
15:05:31 [danbri-scribe]
(see agenda for details of brian's process)
15:05:51 [danbri-scribe]
ah, "that a chair will announce on the list that the minutes are approved"
15:06:01 [DanCon]
chair to record the "approved" decision in mail to the WG
15:06:11 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: anything to say about AC Review status
15:06:15 [danbri-scribe]
danc? ericm?
15:06:31 [danbri-scribe]
danc: i've seen nothing that worries me
15:06:50 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: yesterday in webont you mentioned some names (of orgs/ACs) that hadn't yet expressed support... Same for rdfcore?
15:07:03 [danbri-scribe]
danc: list is smaller for rdfcore, and suggestive of bugs in wg membership list
15:07:16 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: i'm onto the HP vote...
15:07:28 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: i expect a bunch of last minute submissions
15:07:38 [danbri-scribe]
9: Proposed minor Changes to Primer Document
15:07:50 [danbri-scribe]
frank: I sent msg 67 today (@@url) with updated list of corrections to be made
15:08:00 [danbri-scribe]
...basically I didn't make one that was originally listed
15:08:02 [DaveB]
15:08:09 [danbri-scribe]
...the primer doc w/ the fixes applied is correct
15:08:21 [danbri-scribe]
....needs a slight mod to its list of corrections, which are in this msg.
15:08:42 [danbri-scribe]
...all changes listed w/ exception of the 3rd one
15:08:50 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: DanC, is this form of proposal appropriate?
15:09:05 [danbri-scribe] in the agenda, ie. "the WG recommends to the Director to make the change"
15:09:06 [danbri-scribe]
danc: yes
15:09:10 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: anyone reviewed them?
15:09:12 [danbri-scribe]
dave: yes
15:09:18 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: also gk looked
15:09:26 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: anyone got a problem with approving these
15:09:37 [danbri-scribe]
danc: 2 is good; more is better. cost of change now is high.
15:09:42 [ericm]
agenda + testimonials for rdfcore
15:09:56 [danbri-scribe]
...i'd like the wg to be have more eyes on this
15:09:59 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: I've also looked
15:10:10 [ericm]
bwm, please see agenda request and let me know if this is something we can address today
15:10:11 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: i could take an action, but can't do it now
15:10:28 [danbri-scribe]
pat: I looked too, happy
15:10:53 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: so proposal is, per the agenda w/ the ammendement in 0067.html above (dropping change 3)
15:11:00 [danbri-scribe]
"all in favour"?
15:11:04 [danbri-scribe]
lots of 'eyes'
15:11:11 [danbri-scribe]
no againsts; no absenttions.
15:11:26 [danbri-scribe]
RESOLVED: per the agenda w/ the ammendement in 0067.html above (dropping change 3)
15:11:42 [danbri-scribe]
(discussion of actions arrising)
15:12:17 [danbri-scribe]
danc/ericm talk details
15:12:51 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: I expect to do pubrules when we go to REC
15:13:19 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: (invites danc to run pub process this time)
15:13:25 [danbri-scribe]
danc: am disinclined
15:13:42 [danbri-scribe]
...WG decided to recommend changes to the Director
15:13:55 [danbri-scribe]
...ericm represents the Director here, so will need to manage that consultation.
15:14:09 [danbri-scribe]
...get the right bytes on server, make sure that the change wouldn't affect anyone's vote
15:14:14 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: I'll do that
15:14:24 [danbri-scribe] right bytes on server, where to get?
15:14:40 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: the agenda contains appropriate link, and the MD5 checksum of what we approved.
15:14:57 [danbri-scribe]
action: ericm to convey our recommendation regarding Primer edits to the Director.
15:15:07 [danbri-scribe]
10. Proposed Expository Changes to the Semantics document
15:15:17 [danbri-scribe]
pat: these are largely typose, minor grammar fixes etc.
15:15:27 [danbri-scribe]
also change suggested by Herman re def of d-interpretation
15:15:39 [danbri-scribe]
doesn't affect things mathematically but improves a 'slightly undefined' definition.
15:15:42 [DaveB]
what I just revieed was md5sum 78aa21363d290ef303bbd90971940160 at
15:15:52 [danbri-scribe]
His larger changes _have not been made_ (after considerable discussion)
15:16:02 [danbri-scribe]
...there is a more recent version with a few more typos
15:16:10 [danbri-scribe]
...and changelog fixes
15:16:13 [danbri-scribe]
...tiny bug fixes
15:16:18 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: i have a pref for the one I reviewed
15:16:20 [danbri-scribe]
15:16:33 [danbri-scribe]
pat: I offer this last one just in case typos worth fixing
15:16:38 [bwm]
ack danc
15:16:38 [Zakim]
DanCon, you wanted to ask that Patel-Schneider's opinion on PatH's proposal be entered into the record
15:16:42 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: i'm easy; either one acceptable.
15:16:48 [danbri-scribe]
danc: could separate editorials from math fixes
15:17:02 [danbri-scribe]
...have you showed pfps those bytes you're proposing to change
15:17:09 [danbri-scribe]
pat: yes, they're ok with them
15:17:21 [danbri-scribe]
...herman and peter approved them
15:17:30 [danbri-scribe]
...see mail earlier today (@@link)
15:17:42 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: of the versions mentioned, we should probably go w/ the one herman reviewed
15:17:45 [danbri-scribe]
pat: yes
15:18:00 [danbri-scribe]
danc: lets approve the stuff that's reviewed, then consider the later fix
15:18:12 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: danc, i'd like you to review peter and herman's responses
15:18:14 [bwm]
15:18:31 [DaveB]>
15:18:31 [DaveB]
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 07:52:04 -0500 (EST)
15:18:32 [bwm]
15:19:18 [danbri-scribe]
danc reads from pfps's...
15:19:25 [DanCon]
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:29:09 +0100 herman's
15:19:49 [danbri-scribe]
danc: hermans from 16jan 13:29, "changes are acceptable... although..."
15:19:54 [danbri-scribe] reads peters
15:20:30 [danbri-scribe]
peter, "do not make the document any worse"(!)
15:20:34 [danbri-scribe]
...would like a changelog entry
15:20:46 [Zakim]
15:20:53 [danbri-scribe]
welcome Mike
15:21:07 [DanCon]
"the editor's draft" is ambiguous
15:21:17 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: version we're discussing is linked to from today's agenda
15:21:47 [mdean]
mdean has joined #rdfcore
15:21:56 [mdean]
hi - sorry i'm late
15:22:54 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: we've established that peter says 'these don't make the doc worse'; Herman has approved. JJc has reviewed and OK'd. GK also.
15:23:06 [danbri-scribe]
(did I miss something at end of that list?) <- scribe query
15:23:14 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: (summarises for Mike)
15:23:25 [danbri-scribe]
....puts the question: that we sohould make the change per the agenda
15:23:33 [danbri-scribe]
ayes: lots; no objections;
15:23:38 [danbri-scribe]
abstain from ILRT.
15:23:57 [danbri-scribe]
RESOLVED: to propose to the Director that we make the changes to the Semantics doc outlined in today's agenda.
15:24:06 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: actions arising to follow discussion of detail.
15:24:20 [danbri-scribe]
pat: typos etc, including 'PPP' instead of 'P'
15:24:30 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: ah, these fixes were already approved
15:24:53 [danbri-scribe]
pat: in that case, only additional improvements beyond those we just agreed are w.r.t. detail of how this is captured in the change log.
15:25:00 [danbri-scribe]
...wording, links to archive, etc.
15:25:04 [danbri-scribe]
DanC: suggestion...
15:25:18 [danbri-scribe]
...these dont seem like they need WG approval
15:25:33 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: am happy to review any final changelog from pat if helpful
15:25:42 [danbri-scribe]
...if appropriate/useful
15:26:44 [DaveB]
pat refers to
15:26:57 [DaveB]
md5sum aeaed168ca67fd1e7b69ebc182727317
15:27:40 [danbri-scribe]
(discussion of action detail)
15:28:03 [danbri-scribe]
danc: how about brian, pat, eric, myself meet directly afterwards to decide detail
15:28:15 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: which version exactly do i review?
15:28:19 [danbri-scribe]
pat: bcc
15:28:23 [danbri-scribe]
(url above I believe)
15:28:29 [danbri-scribe]
pat: oh wait. Sorry. bc.
15:28:32 [danbri-scribe]
@@url pls
15:28:33 [DaveB]
15:28:51 [DanCon]
(detail = get to be exactly right by playing cvs-tiddlywinks)
15:29:08 [danbri-scribe]
15:29:57 [danbri-scribe]
pat: er, actually bcc
15:30:08 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: I am happy w/ bcc including its changelog
15:30:16 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: getting WG outside critical path...
15:30:32 [danbri-scribe]
...ericm w/ help from danc, me, pat to review any minor typo corrections and get that implemented
15:30:44 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: wording of any decision, should include changelog
15:31:07 [danbri-scribe]
action: ericm review last minute typo corrections, update changelog as appropriate, and convey WGs recommendation to Director (w.r.t. Semantics spec)
15:31:20 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: I'm happy so long as you folks help after call
15:31:35 [danbri-scribe]
danc happy w/ this. no objections from others.
15:31:41 [danbri-scribe]
moving on...
15:31:59 [danbri-scribe]
11: Review of TAG's Web Architecture Document
15:32:03 [DanCon]
pedantry: "neither Jan nor Graham _is_ here"
15:32:05 [danbri-scribe]
15:32:15 [danbri-scribe]
12: Mime-types doc:
15:32:15 [danbri-scribe]
Propose action Graham to investigate most effective means to publish.
15:32:15 [danbri-scribe]
Graham has indicated willingness to accept such an action:
15:32:16 [danbri-scribe]
15:32:46 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: gk suggests there might be a more lightweight process within IETF to getting mimetypes published
15:33:13 [danbri-scribe]
danc: reading this...
15:33:24 [danbri-scribe]
...wg put mimetypes to sleep until PR; we're now in PR.
15:33:29 [danbri-scribe]
...more lightweight than what?
15:33:32 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: don't know
15:33:53 [danbri-scribe]
danc: do whatever, I have no good advice
15:34:00 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: action is only to investigate
15:34:22 [danbri-scribe]
proposing action on gk to investigate most appropriate means of publishing the mimetypes doc within IETF
15:34:29 [gk]
gk has joined #rdfcore
15:34:56 [danbri-scribe]
action: gk to investigate most appropriate means of publishing the mimetypes doc within IETF
15:35:21 [danbri-scribe]
13: Docs at end of RDF and RDFS schema URIs
15:35:21 [danbri-scribe]
Status? Plans?
15:35:34 [bwm]
ack danc
15:36:03 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: I had an action pre-xmas to update the docs at the namespaces, which amounts to repartitioning the 2 or 3 rdf/xml docs we have (rdfs, rdf, fr transltion, seealso page etc).
15:37:12 [danbri-scribe]
danc: i'm a little bit suprised we don't have images of what should appear there in the specs
15:37:34 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: it is split between several files. rdfs never got to rec
15:37:53 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: i'd like to know when to do it? sooner or timed w/ REC?
15:37:58 [danbri-scribe]
danc/ericm: sooner is better
15:38:28 [Zakim]
15:39:00 [danbri-scribe]
action: danbri get rdf + rdfs ns docs updated asap, on behalf of w3c webmaster role
15:39:22 [danbri-scribe]
danc: we can make changes we believe timbl would approve to
15:39:34 [danbri-scribe]
welcome graham
15:39:50 [danbri-scribe]
(catching gk up w/ action)
15:39:56 [danbri-scribe]
rrsagent, pointer?
15:39:56 [RRSAgent]
15:40:45 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: drop dead date for ns updates in Jan30.
15:41:09 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: i intend to do this by monday
15:41:32 [danbri-scribe]
danc: better to do before REC, but the contents of those files isn't constrained by what's in the RECs. We could fix it afterwards if need be.
15:42:14 [danbri-scribe]
gk, I've fixed ACLs to public (See url just now) so you can review prev chat if you like.
15:42:23 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: can we talk about Tech Plenary?
15:42:36 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: let's talk testamonials first
15:42:40 [danbri-scribe]
zakim, agenda?
15:42:40 [Zakim]
I see 2 items remaining on the agenda:
15:42:41 [Zakim]
1. 16Jan [from DanCon]
15:42:43 [Zakim]
2. testimonials for rdfcore [from ericm]
15:42:48 [danbri-scribe]
take up agendum 2
15:42:52 [bwm]
15:43:12 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: I'd like testamonicals esp from WG member's orgs to accompany the rec
15:43:26 [danbri-scribe]
...for those that are interested, pls let me know, esp if I need to help.
15:43:37 [danbri-scribe]
danc: i can help 'make testamonials more real'
15:43:48 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: see w3c homepage for cc/pp REC link
15:43:58 [danbri-scribe]
danc: as jjc said
15:44:11 [danbri-scribe]
15:44:15 [danbri-scribe]
Testimonials for W3C's CC/PP 1.0 Recommendation
15:44:30 [danbri-scribe] "CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies 1.0 Is a W3C Recommendation"
15:44:38 [danbri-scribe]
danc"follow link to testamonials"
15:45:29 [danbri-scribe]
danc: invites MikeDean to read 1st testamonial
15:45:48 [danbri-scribe]
(from -- Carl Jones, Director Collaboration Services - Boeing Shared Services - Information Technology, The Boeing Company.)
15:46:34 [danbri-scribe]
danc: press release went out, reporters call Janet, who'll likely be asked for contact info from folk named in the testamonials
15:46:43 [danbri-scribe] get interviewed in trade mags
15:47:08 [danbri-scribe]
danc: the machinery of writing a testamonial and getting it into the press release...
15:47:38 [danbri-scribe]
...this is in the form before the AC currently, or rather the ability to express willingness to write one
15:47:40 [DanCon]
send your testamonial to
15:47:44 [danbri-scribe]
15:47:49 [danbri-scribe]
and pls cc eric miller
15:47:49 [DanCon]
... copy
15:48:36 [danbri-scribe]
...hp is interested
15:48:40 [DaveB]
"I [heart] RDF" ?
15:48:48 [danbri-scribe]
frank? is now an invited expert
15:48:59 [danbri-scribe]
(discussion of various) Jos, PatrickS, ...
15:49:09 [gk]
q+ to ask how soon this "game" might be playes?
15:49:17 [DanCon]
now, gk
15:49:20 [danbri-scribe]
Mike: I could take to M Grieves about a testamonial from DARPA
15:49:27 [gk]
15:49:35 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: need to be from Member organisations
15:49:57 [danbri-scribe]
danc: traditionally
15:50:05 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: worth investigating EU?
15:50:12 [danbri-scribe]
danc: yes, consult janet though
15:50:14 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: ack
15:50:24 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: jan30th drop dead date for these
15:50:38 [danbri-scribe] text to cc:
15:50:55 [danbri-scribe]
ie. 2 weeks from today
15:51:05 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: in remaining 9 mins
15:51:09 [danbri-scribe]
...ericm, danc?
15:51:09 [ericm]
15:51:11 [danbri-scribe]
q+ re TP
15:51:33 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: TP, in France, early March.
15:51:36 [DanCon]
is there a meeting page for the IG meeting, danbri?
15:51:54 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: SW related meetings are SW Best PRactices f2f kickoff
15:52:08 [danbri-scribe]
no, hence my q+, jjc: pinged me on www-rdf-interst and I intend to circulate one
15:52:36 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: SW IG too
15:52:44 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: ...which is renaming of the RDF IG
15:53:02 [gk]
q+ to ask if WG participation is needed for the best practices session participation
15:53:17 [DaveB]
gk: BPWG is a proposed WG
15:53:23 [ericm]
15:53:26 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: encourage folk interested in Best Practices or IG to follow link above and register
15:53:27 [ericm]
15:53:27 [danbri-scribe]
15:53:29 [ericm]
ack re
15:53:30 [bwm]
ack re
15:53:33 [bwm]
ack TP
15:54:20 [bwm]
ack gk
15:54:20 [Zakim]
gk, you wanted to ask if WG participation is needed for the best practices session participation
15:54:31 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: <invites tech topics for IG meeting, sent to IG or rdfcore lists>
15:54:39 [danbri-scribe]
gk: by time this comes around, I may not be in any WGs
15:54:50 [danbri-scribe]
...wonder if could be an impediment to participation
15:55:01 [danbri-scribe]
gk: particularly w.r.t. BP
15:55:12 [danbri-scribe]
danc: welcome on weds and IG meeting
15:55:27 [danbri-scribe]
...the BP WG meeting is for WG members; talk to chair re possible observer status.
15:55:36 [danbri-scribe]
dave: when is the WG meant to start? that day?
15:55:39 [danbri-scribe]
danc: pretty much, yup.
15:55:55 [bwm]
15:56:10 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: at webont meeting, noted that getting the funding to attend easier when there's an agenda
15:56:15 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: ack'd.
15:56:19 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: moving on...
15:56:24 [DanCon]
I wonder about using the wiki for the ftf agenda, danbri. has +'s and -'s
15:56:26 [danbri-scribe] topics we ducked, postponed
15:56:31 [danbri-scribe]
interesting idea.
15:56:44 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: eg. writing a schema for xml schema datatypes
15:56:58 [danbri-scribe]
...would we take it on, vs leave to a future best practices wg?
15:57:00 [gk]
q+ to ask about scope of suggested schema
15:57:02 [danbri-scribe]
pat: yes
15:57:07 [danbri-scribe]
...interesting thing to do, and should be done.
15:57:29 [danbri-scribe]
q+ to ask about WG windup
15:57:41 [bwm]
ack gk
15:57:41 [Zakim]
gk, you wanted to ask about scope of suggested schema
15:57:51 [danbri-scribe]
gk: when you talk about a datatype schema, the few rdf terms to do w/ datatypes, or picking up all of the xsd types?
15:57:54 [danbri-scribe]
b: the latter
15:57:56 [bwm]
ack danbri
15:57:56 [Zakim]
danbri-scribe, you wanted to ask about WG windup
15:58:16 [gk]
(Then I agree this probably should be Best Practices work item)
15:58:54 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: noting that the WG wraps up in may/june, to set some context for discussion of bits of work such as datatypes schema
15:59:09 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: I'm hoping this life after rec will be a lightweight task for those involved
15:59:13 [danbri-scribe]
pat: conducted by email
15:59:26 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: I'd expect so
15:59:47 [danbri-scribe]
next meeting?
15:59:49 [gk]
(FWIW, the IETF keeps a WG's mailing list active after a WG is closed)
15:59:51 [danbri-scribe]
bwm: I've not proposed one
15:59:52 [DaveB]
rdf core/webont "through May 2004"
15:59:55 [danbri-scribe]
danc: pls propose one
16:00:19 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: lets continue w/ usual expectation, cancel if not needed
16:00:24 [danbri-scribe]
danc: 23rd not convenient for me
16:00:38 [danbri-scribe]
16:00:48 [danbri-scribe]
30th proposed by danc
16:00:48 [DaveB]
23, 30th either ok
16:00:51 [danbri-scribe]
(various eyes)
16:01:00 [danbri-scribe]
resolved: next meeting on 30th
16:01:34 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: let's all go for drinks at Tech Plenary
16:01:49 [danbri-scribe]
16:02:07 [danbri-scribe]
ericm: who is thinking of joining Best Practices WG
16:02:10 [danbri-scribe]
danbri: yes
16:02:13 [danbri-scribe]
jjc: probably
16:02:18 [danbri-scribe]
path: how does an outside join?
16:02:23 [danbri-scribe]
danc: petition the chair
16:02:27 [danbri-scribe]
(proposed is guus)
16:02:36 [Zakim]
16:02:45 [Zakim]
16:03:06 [Zakim]
16:03:12 [gk]
gk has left #rdfcore
16:04:58 [danbri-scribe]
zakim, who is on the phone?
16:04:58 [Zakim]
On the phone I see PatH, ILRT, Emiller, DanC, DanBri, Mike_Dean
16:04:59 [Zakim]
ILRT has bwm, dajobe
16:05:17 [Zakim]
16:06:02 [ericm]
16:06:20 [DanCon]
16:08:02 [patH]
patH has joined #rdfcore
16:08:50 [ericm]
[cherry:RDFCore/TR/WD-rdf-mt-20030117] em% md5 Overview.html
16:08:50 [ericm]
MD5 (Overview.html) = 2dcd2292776e8274b6e8b288dd7022fb
16:09:21 [ericm]
1.57 is what the working group proposed
16:09:27 [ericm]
16:11:30 [DaveB]
committed 1.58
16:11:45 [DanCon]
agenda + which version corresponds to PR
16:11:59 [DaveB]
revision 1.58
16:11:59 [DaveB]
date: 2004/01/16 16:11:15; author: dbeckett2; state: Exp; lines: +9 -7
16:12:18 [ericm]
[cherry:RDFCore/TR/WD-rdf-mt-20030117] em% md5 Overview.html
16:12:18 [ericm]
MD5 (Overview.html) = a4ae449b6a993d0617fd43f242d6f10c
16:13:20 [DanCon]
$ cvs -n diff -bwu -r 1.57 Overview.html |less
16:15:42 [danbri-scribe]
/me sends mail investigating poss. of testamonial from Euro Commission folks
16:17:40 [DanCon]
16:19:04 [Zakim]
16:19:10 [ericm]
16:19:12 [DanCon]
$ cvs -n diff -bwu -r 1.55 -r1.57 Overview.html |less
16:28:54 [bwm]
I have verified that bytes DaveB uploaded are the same as from the url pat gave 'bcc' and am happy with the changes between the version that the wg approved and the updated file.
16:30:06 [bwm]
md5 of file on web = a4ae449b6a993d0617fd43f242d6f10c
16:32:07 [ericm]
bwm, confirmed
16:33:55 [Zakim]
16:38:51 [DanCon]
agenda + Best Practices foo
16:38:53 [DanCon]
agenda + SCL foo
16:39:08 [DanCon]
Zakim, close agendum 1
16:39:08 [Zakim]
agendum 1 closed
16:39:09 [Zakim]
I see 4 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
16:39:10 [Zakim]
2. testimonials for rdfcore [from ericm]
16:39:14 [DanCon]
Zakim, close agendum 2
16:39:14 [Zakim]
agendum 2 closed
16:39:15 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
16:39:16 [Zakim]
3. which version corresponds to PR [from DanCon]
16:39:19 [DanCon]
Zakim, close agendum 3
16:39:19 [Zakim]
agendum 3 closed
16:39:20 [Zakim]
I see 2 items remaining on the agenda; the next one is
16:39:21 [Zakim]
4. Best Practices foo [from DanCon]
16:39:28 [DanCon]
Zakim, next agendum
16:39:28 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Best Practices foo" taken up [from DanCon]
16:41:56 [ericm]
zakim, who is on the phone?
16:41:56 [Zakim]
On the phone I see PatH, Emiller, DanC
16:45:47 [ericm]
16:55:25 [Zakim]
17:03:09 [Zakim]
17:03:10 [Zakim]
17:03:11 [Zakim]
SW_RDFCore()10:00AM has ended
17:03:12 [Zakim]
Attendees were PatH, bwm, dajobe, Emiller, DanC, DanBri, jjc, FrankM, Mike_Dean, GrahamKlyne
17:14:06 [danbri]
danbri has left #rdfcore
17:14:12 [patH]
patH has joined #rdfcore
19:09:24 [Zakim]
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