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French Translations of W3C Documents
(Liste des traductions françaises disponibles des documents W3C)

No translations are available under the specified constraints. Please, consult our Translations page for the policy on translations at W3C, and how you can volunteer as a translator if you wish to do so.

The query results rely on the following RDF files: tr.rdf, Trans2005.rdf, Trans2006.rdf, Trans2007.rdf, Trans2008.rdf, Trans2009.rdf, Trans2010.rdf, Trans2011.rdf, Trans2012.rdf, Trans2013.rdf, Trans2014.rdf, Trans2015.rdf, Trans2016.rdf, Trans2017.rdf, TransTo2004.rdf, extras.rdf, langInfo.rdf, translators.rdf, docGroups.rdf, recs.rdf, commented.rdf, deadDucks.rdf, and extraControls.rdf.

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