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From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" (1999-07-23) | Glossary for this source

A programming language developed (originally as "Oak") by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems. Designed for portability and usability embedded in small devices, Java took off as a language for small applications ("applets") that ran within a Web browser.

From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" (1999-07-23) | Glossary for this source

Open source Web server of great modularity, written in Java. From W3C and friends.
JPEG (Joint photographic experts group)

From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" (1999-07-23) | Glossary for this source

This group defined a format for encoding photographs that uses fewer bytes than the pixel-by-pixel approaches of GIF and PNG, without too much visible degradation in quality. The format (JFIF) is casually referred to as JPEG.

From Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 (2004-03-16) | Glossary for this source

Java API Speech Grammar Format. A proposed standard for representing speech grammars. See [JSGF]

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