General considerations
    Format of Descriptions
    Corresponding Display Entity Sets

4 General considerations

This edition of the standard has been aligned with the Unicode 3.2 updates to ISO/IEC 10646:2000, as covered by Amendment 1 to the standard. For the purposes of backwards compatibility the names assigned to the characters in the original edition of the standard are shown before those assigned to the character in ISO/IEC 10646. References to characters in this part should, however, refer to the ISO/IEC 10646 name rather than the name originally assigned by ISO/IEC TR 9573.

4.1 Format of Descriptions

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4.2 Corresponding Display Entity Sets

Each character has a characteristic visual description known as a "glyph". Systems using these entity sets need to be able to convert each entity reference to an appropriate glyph. Where character sets based on ISO/IEC 10646 are available this is typically done by conversion to an entity reference of the form &xnnnnn; where nnnnn is the five digit hexadecimal code listed in the column headed Unicode/10646, where the first character indicates the plane of ISO/IEC 10646 to which the character has been assigned. The entity name and descriptive comment are added to the definition, giving it the form: