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Entity Declarations

Name Unicode Glyph Unicode Name Description Aliases
apE 02A70 U02A70 APPROXIMATELY EQUAL OR EQUAL TO approximately equal or equal to  
ape 0224A U0224A ALMOST EQUAL OR EQUAL TO /approxeq R: approximate, equals approxeq
apid 0224B U0224B TRIPLE TILDE approximately identical to  
asymp 02248 U02248 ALMOST EQUAL TO /asymp R: asymptotically equal to TildeTilde, approx, thkap, thickapprox
Barv 02AE7 U02AE7 SHORT DOWN TACK WITH OVERBAR vert, dbl bar (over)  
bcong 0224C U0224C ALL EQUAL TO /backcong R: reverse congruent backcong
bepsi 003F6 U003F6 GREEK REVERSED LUNATE EPSILON SYMBOL /backepsilon R: such that backepsilon
bowtie 022C8 U022C8 BOWTIE /bowtie R:  
bsim 0223D U0223D REVERSED TILDE /backsim R: reverse similar backsim
bsime 022CD U022CD REVERSED TILDE EQUALS /backsimeq R: reverse similar, eq backsimeq
bsolhsub 0005C-02282 U0005C-02282 REVERSE SOLIDUS, SUBSET OF reverse solidus, subset  
bump 0224E U0224E GEOMETRICALLY EQUIVALENT TO /Bumpeq R: bumpy equals HumpDownHump, Bumpeq
bumpe 0224F U0224F DIFFERENCE BETWEEN /bumpeq R: bumpy equals, equals HumpEqual, bumpeq
cire 02257 U02257 RING EQUAL TO /circeq R: circle, equals circeq
Colon 02237 U02237 PROPORTION /Colon, two colons Proportion
Colone 02A74 U02A74 DOUBLE COLON EQUAL double colon, equals  
colone 02254 U02254 COLON EQUALS /coloneq R: colon, equals coloneq, Assign
congdot 02A6D U02A6D CONGRUENT WITH DOT ABOVE congruent, dot  
csub 02ACF U02ACF CLOSED SUBSET subset, closed  
csube 02AD1 U02AD1 CLOSED SUBSET OR EQUAL TO subset, closed, equals  
csup 02AD0 U02AD0 CLOSED SUPERSET superset, closed  
csupe 02AD2 U02AD2 CLOSED SUPERSET OR EQUAL TO superset, closed, equals  
cuepr 022DE U022DE EQUAL TO OR PRECEDES /curlyeqprec R: curly eq, precedes curlyeqprec
cuesc 022DF U022DF EQUAL TO OR SUCCEEDS /curlyeqsucc R: curly eq, succeeds curlyeqsucc
Dashv 02AE4 U02AE4 VERTICAL BAR DOUBLE LEFT TURNSTILE dbl dash, vertical DoubleLeftTee
dashv 022A3 U022A3 LEFT TACK /dashv R: dash, vertical LeftTee
easter 02A6E U02A6E EQUALS WITH ASTERISK equal, asterisk above  
ecir 02256 U02256 RING IN EQUAL TO /eqcirc R: circle on equals sign eqcirc
ecolon 02255 U02255 EQUALS COLON /eqcolon R: equals, colon eqcolon
eDDot 02A77 U02A77 EQUALS SIGN WITH TWO DOTS ABOVE AND TWO DOTS BELOW /ddotseq R: equal with four dots ddotseq
eDot 02251 U02251 GEOMETRICALLY EQUAL TO /doteqdot /Doteq R: eq, even dots doteqdot
efDot 02252 U02252 APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO OR THE IMAGE OF /fallingdotseq R: eq, falling dots fallingdotseq
eg 02A9A U02A9A DOUBLE-LINE EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN equal-or-greater  
egs 02A96 U02A96 SLANTED EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN /eqslantgtr R: equal-or-gtr, slanted eqslantgtr
egsdot 02A98 U02A98 SLANTED EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN WITH DOT INSIDE equal-or-greater, slanted, dot inside  
el 02A99 U02A99 DOUBLE-LINE EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN equal-or-less  
els 02A95 U02A95 SLANTED EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN /eqslantless R: eq-or-less, slanted eqslantless
elsdot 02A97 U02A97 SLANTED EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN WITH DOT INSIDE equal-or-less, slanted, dot inside  
equest 0225F U0225F QUESTIONED EQUAL TO /questeq R: equal with questionmark questeq
equivDD 02A78 U02A78 EQUIVALENT WITH FOUR DOTS ABOVE equivalent, four dots above  
erDot 02253 U02253 IMAGE OF OR APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO /risingdotseq R: eq, rising dots risingdotseq
esdot 02250 U02250 APPROACHES THE LIMIT /doteq R: equals, single dot above DotEqual, doteq
Esim 02A73 U02A73 EQUALS SIGN ABOVE TILDE OPERATOR equal, similar  
esim 02242 U02242 MINUS TILDE /esim R: equals, similar EqualTilde, eqsim
fork 022D4 U022D4 PITCHFORK /pitchfork R: pitchfork pitchfork
forkv 02AD9 U02AD9 ELEMENT OF OPENING DOWNWARDS fork, variant  
frown 02322 U02322 FROWN /frown R: down curve sfrown
gap 02A86 U02A86 GREATER-THAN OR APPROXIMATE /gtrapprox R: greater, approximate gtrapprox
gE 02267 U02267 GREATER-THAN OVER EQUAL TO /geqq R: greater, double equals GreaterFullEqual, geqq
gEl 02A8C U02A8C GREATER-THAN ABOVE DOUBLE-LINE EQUAL ABOVE LESS-THAN /gtreqqless R: gt, dbl equals, less gtreqqless
gel 022DB U022DB GREATER-THAN EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN /gtreqless R: greater, equals, less gtreqless, GreaterEqualLess
ges 02A7E U02A7E GREATER-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO /geqslant R: gt-or-equal, slanted GreaterSlantEqual, geqslant
gescc 02AA9 U02AA9 GREATER-THAN CLOSED BY CURVE ABOVE SLANTED EQUAL greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted  
gesdot 02A80 U02A80 GREATER-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO WITH DOT INSIDE greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside  
gesdoto 02A82 U02A82 GREATER-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO WITH DOT ABOVE greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above  
gesdotol 02A84 U02A84 GREATER-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO WITH DOT ABOVE LEFT greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above left  
gesl 022DB-0FE00 U022DB-0FE00 GREATER-THAN slanted EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN greater, equal, slanted, less  
gesles 02A94 U02A94 GREATER-THAN ABOVE SLANTED EQUAL ABOVE LESS-THAN ABOVE SLANTED EQUAL greater, equal, slanted, less, equal, slanted  
Gg 022D9 U022D9 VERY MUCH GREATER-THAN /ggg /Gg /gggtr R: triple gtr-than ggg
gl 02277 U02277 GREATER-THAN OR LESS-THAN /gtrless R: greater, less gtrless, GreaterLess
gla 02AA5 U02AA5 GREATER-THAN BESIDE LESS-THAN greater, less, apart  
glj 02AA4 U02AA4 GREATER-THAN OVERLAPPING LESS-THAN greater, less, overlapping  
gsim 02273 U02273 GREATER-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO /gtrsim R: greater, similar gtrsim, GreaterTilde
gsime 02A8E U02A8E GREATER-THAN ABOVE SIMILAR OR EQUAL greater, similar, equal  
gsiml 02A90 U02A90 GREATER-THAN ABOVE SIMILAR ABOVE LESS-THAN greater, similar, less  
Gt 0226B U0226B MUCH GREATER-THAN /gg R: dbl greater-than sign NestedGreaterGreater, gg
gtcc 02AA7 U02AA7 GREATER-THAN CLOSED BY CURVE greater than, closed by curve  
gtcir 02A7A U02A7A GREATER-THAN WITH CIRCLE INSIDE greater than, circle inside  
gtdot 022D7 U022D7 GREATER-THAN WITH DOT /gtrdot R: greater than, with dot gtrdot
gtquest 02A7C U02A7C GREATER-THAN WITH QUESTION MARK ABOVE greater than, questionmark above  
gtrarr 02978 U02978 GREATER-THAN ABOVE RIGHTWARDS ARROW greater than, right arrow  
homtht 0223B U0223B HOMOTHETIC homothetic  
lap 02A85 U02A85 LESS-THAN OR APPROXIMATE /lessapprox R: less, approximate lessapprox
lat 02AAB U02AAB LARGER THAN larger than  
late 02AAD U02AAD LARGER THAN OR EQUAL TO larger than or equal  
lates 02AAD-0FE00 U02AAD-0FE00 LARGER THAN OR slanted EQUAL larger than or equal, slanted  
lE 02266 U02266 LESS-THAN OVER EQUAL TO /leqq R: less, double equals LessFullEqual, leqq
lEg 02A8B U02A8B LESS-THAN ABOVE DOUBLE-LINE EQUAL ABOVE GREATER-THAN /lesseqqgtr R: less, dbl eq, greater lesseqqgtr
leg 022DA U022DA LESS-THAN EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN /lesseqgtr R: less, eq, greater LessEqualGreater, lesseqgtr
les 02A7D U02A7D LESS-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO /leqslant R: less-than-or-eq, slant LessSlantEqual, leqslant
lescc 02AA8 U02AA8 LESS-THAN CLOSED BY CURVE ABOVE SLANTED EQUAL less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted  
lesdot 02A7F U02A7F LESS-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO WITH DOT INSIDE less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside  
lesdoto 02A81 U02A81 LESS-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO WITH DOT ABOVE less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above  
lesdotor 02A83 U02A83 LESS-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO WITH DOT ABOVE RIGHT less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above right  
lesg 022DA-0FE00 U022DA-0FE00 LESS-THAN slanted EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN less, equal, slanted, greater  
lesges 02A93 U02A93 LESS-THAN ABOVE SLANTED EQUAL ABOVE GREATER-THAN ABOVE SLANTED EQUAL less, equal, slanted, greater, equal, slanted  
lg 02276 U02276 LESS-THAN OR GREATER-THAN /lessgtr R: less, greater lessgtr, LessGreater
Ll 022D8 U022D8 VERY MUCH LESS-THAN /Ll /lll /llless R: triple less-than  
lsim 02272 U02272 LESS-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO /lesssim R: less, similar LessTilde, lesssim
lsime 02A8D U02A8D LESS-THAN ABOVE SIMILAR OR EQUAL less, similar, equal  
lsimg 02A8F U02A8F LESS-THAN ABOVE SIMILAR ABOVE GREATER-THAN less, similar, greater  
Lt 0226A U0226A MUCH LESS-THAN /ll R: double less-than sign NestedLessLess, ll
ltcc 02AA6 U02AA6 LESS-THAN CLOSED BY CURVE less than, closed by curve  
ltcir 02A79 U02A79 LESS-THAN WITH CIRCLE INSIDE less than, circle inside  
ltdot 022D6 U022D6 LESS-THAN WITH DOT /lessdot R: less than, with dot lessdot
ltlarr 02976 U02976 LESS-THAN ABOVE LEFTWARDS ARROW less than, left arrow  
ltquest 02A7B U02A7B LESS-THAN WITH QUESTION MARK ABOVE less than, questionmark above  
ltrie 022B4 U022B4 NORMAL SUBGROUP OF OR EQUAL TO /trianglelefteq R: left triangle, eq trianglelefteq, LeftTriangleEqual
mcomma 02A29 U02A29 MINUS SIGN WITH COMMA ABOVE minus, comma above  
mDDot 0223A U0223A GEOMETRIC PROPORTION minus with four dots, geometric properties  
mid 02223 U02223 DIVIDES /mid R: VerticalBar, smid, shortmid
models 022A7 U022A7 MODELS /models R:  
mstpos 0223E U0223E INVERTED LAZY S most positive  
Pr 02ABB U02ABB DOUBLE PRECEDES dbl precedes  
pr 0227A U0227A PRECEDES /prec R: precedes Precedes, prec
prap 02AB7 U02AB7 PRECEDES ABOVE ALMOST EQUAL TO /precapprox R: precedes, approximate precapprox
prcue 0227C U0227C PRECEDES OR EQUAL TO /preccurlyeq R: precedes, curly eq PrecedesSlantEqual, preccurlyeq
prE 02AB3 U02AB3 PRECEDES ABOVE EQUALS SIGN precedes, dbl equals  
pre 02AAF U02AAF PRECEDES ABOVE SINGLE-LINE EQUALS SIGN /preceq R: precedes, equals preceq, PrecedesEqual
prsim 0227E U0227E PRECEDES OR EQUIVALENT TO /precsim R: precedes, similar precsim, PrecedesTilde
prurel 022B0 U022B0 PRECEDES UNDER RELATION element precedes under relation  
ratio 02236 U02236 RATIO /ratio  
rtrie 022B5 U022B5 CONTAINS AS NORMAL SUBGROUP OR EQUAL TO /trianglerighteq R: right tri, eq trianglerighteq, RightTriangleEqual
rtriltri 029CE U029CE RIGHT TRIANGLE ABOVE LEFT TRIANGLE right triangle above left triangle  
Sc 02ABC U02ABC DOUBLE SUCCEEDS dbl succeeds  
sc 0227B U0227B SUCCEEDS /succ R: succeeds Succeeds, succ
scap 02AB8 U02AB8 SUCCEEDS ABOVE ALMOST EQUAL TO /succapprox R: succeeds, approximate succapprox
sccue 0227D U0227D SUCCEEDS OR EQUAL TO /succcurlyeq R: succeeds, curly eq SucceedsSlantEqual, succcurlyeq
scE 02AB4 U02AB4 SUCCEEDS ABOVE EQUALS SIGN succeeds, dbl equals  
sce 02AB0 U02AB0 SUCCEEDS ABOVE SINGLE-LINE EQUALS SIGN /succeq R: succeeds, equals succeq, SucceedsEqual
scsim 0227F U0227F SUCCEEDS OR EQUIVALENT TO /succsim R: succeeds, similar succsim, SucceedsTilde
sdote 02A66 U02A66 EQUALS SIGN WITH DOT BELOW equal, dot below  
sfrown 02322 U02322 FROWN /smallfrown R: small down curve frown
simg 02A9E U02A9E SIMILAR OR GREATER-THAN similar, greater  
simgE 02AA0 U02AA0 SIMILAR ABOVE GREATER-THAN ABOVE EQUALS SIGN similar, greater, equal  
siml 02A9D U02A9D SIMILAR OR LESS-THAN similar, less  
simlE 02A9F U02A9F SIMILAR ABOVE LESS-THAN ABOVE EQUALS SIGN similar, less, equal  
smid 02223 U02223 DIVIDES /shortmid R: mid, VerticalBar, shortmid
smile 02323 U02323 SMILE /smile R: up curve ssmile
smt 02AAA U02AAA SMALLER THAN smaller than  
smte 02AAC U02AAC SMALLER THAN OR EQUAL TO smaller than or equal  
smtes 02AAC-0FE00 U02AAC-0FE00 SMALLER THAN OR slanted EQUAL smaller than or equal, slanted  
spar 02225 U02225 PARALLEL TO /shortparallel R: short parallel parallel, DoubleVerticalBar, shortparallel
sqsub 0228F U0228F SQUARE IMAGE OF /sqsubset R: square subset SquareSubset, sqsubset
sqsube 02291 U02291 SQUARE IMAGE OF OR EQUAL TO /sqsubseteq R: square subset, equals SquareSubsetEqual, sqsubseteq
sqsup 02290 U02290 SQUARE ORIGINAL OF /sqsupset R: square superset SquareSuperset, sqsupset
sqsupe 02292 U02292 SQUARE ORIGINAL OF OR EQUAL TO /sqsupseteq R: square superset, eq SquareSupersetEqual, sqsupseteq
ssmile 02323 U02323 SMILE /smallsmile R: small up curve smile
Sub 022D0 U022D0 DOUBLE SUBSET /Subset R: double subset Subset
subE 02AC5 U02AC5 SUBSET OF ABOVE EQUALS SIGN /subseteqq R: subset, dbl equals subseteqq
subedot 02AC3 U02AC3 SUBSET OF OR EQUAL TO WITH DOT ABOVE subset, equals, dot  
submult 02AC1 U02AC1 SUBSET WITH MULTIPLICATION SIGN BELOW subset, multiply  
subplus 02ABF U02ABF SUBSET WITH PLUS SIGN BELOW subset, plus  
subrarr 02979 U02979 SUBSET ABOVE RIGHTWARDS ARROW subset, right arrow  
subsim 02AC7 U02AC7 SUBSET OF ABOVE TILDE OPERATOR subset, similar  
subsub 02AD5 U02AD5 SUBSET ABOVE SUBSET subset above subset  
subsup 02AD3 U02AD3 SUBSET ABOVE SUPERSET subset above superset  
Sup 022D1 U022D1 DOUBLE SUPERSET /Supset R: dbl superset Supset
supdsub 02AD8 U02AD8 SUPERSET BESIDE AND JOINED BY DASH WITH SUBSET superset, subset, dash joining them  
supE 02AC6 U02AC6 SUPERSET OF ABOVE EQUALS SIGN /supseteqq R: superset, dbl equals supseteqq
supedot 02AC4 U02AC4 SUPERSET OF OR EQUAL TO WITH DOT ABOVE superset, equals, dot  
suphsol 02283-0002F U02283-0002F SUPERSET OF, SOLIDUS superset, solidus  
suphsub 02AD7 U02AD7 SUPERSET BESIDE SUBSET superset, subset  
suplarr 0297B U0297B SUPERSET ABOVE LEFTWARDS ARROW superset, left arrow  
supmult 02AC2 U02AC2 SUPERSET WITH MULTIPLICATION SIGN BELOW superset, multiply  
supplus 02AC0 U02AC0 SUPERSET WITH PLUS SIGN BELOW superset, plus  
supsim 02AC8 U02AC8 SUPERSET OF ABOVE TILDE OPERATOR superset, similar  
supsub 02AD4 U02AD4 SUPERSET ABOVE SUBSET superset above subset  
supsup 02AD6 U02AD6 SUPERSET ABOVE SUPERSET superset above superset  
thkap 02248 U02248 ALMOST EQUAL TO /thickapprox R: thick approximate asymp, TildeTilde, approx, thickapprox
thksim 0223C U0223C TILDE OPERATOR /thicksim R: thick similar Tilde, thicksim
topfork 02ADA U02ADA PITCHFORK WITH TEE TOP fork with top  
trie 0225C U0225C DELTA EQUAL TO /triangleq R: triangle, equals triangleq
twixt 0226C U0226C BETWEEN /between R: between between
Vbar 02AEB U02AEB DOUBLE UP TACK dbl vert, bar (under)  
vBar 02AE8 U02AE8 SHORT UP TACK WITH UNDERBAR vert, dbl bar (under)  
vBarv 02AE9 U02AE9 SHORT UP TACK ABOVE SHORT DOWN TACK dbl bar, vert over and under  
Vdash 022A9 U022A9 FORCES /Vdash R: dbl vertical, dash  
vDash 022A8 U022A8 TRUE /vDash R: vertical, dbl dash DoubleRightTee
vdash 022A2 U022A2 RIGHT TACK /vdash R: vertical, dash RightTee
Vdashl 02AE6 U02AE6 LONG DASH FROM LEFT MEMBER OF DOUBLE VERTICAL vertical, dash (long)  
vltri 022B2 U022B2 NORMAL SUBGROUP OF /vartriangleleft R: l tri, open, var vartriangleleft, LeftTriangle
vprop 0221D U0221D PROPORTIONAL TO /varpropto R: proportional, variant propto, Proportional, varpropto
vrtri 022B3 U022B3 CONTAINS AS NORMAL SUBGROUP /vartriangleright R: r tri, open, var vartriangleright, RightTriangle
Vvdash 022AA U022AA TRIPLE VERTICAL BAR RIGHT TURNSTILE /Vvdash R: triple vertical, dash