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Slides of the presentation given at WWW 2003 in Budapest.

If your browser is enabled for SVG, I advise you to view the slideset in SVG. You may want to check the SVG Implementations page for more details on players and on the latest versions. Otherwise, you can use the links to the HTML slides below, but you will loose, for example, some rescaling and animation effects. Besides, the slides look much nicer in SVG...

Table of Content:

Introducing the new TAG...

TAG on the Web

Issues opened in the last 6 months

When, whither and how to profile W3C specifications in the XML Family
Standardize a "binary XML" format?
Should metadata (e.g., versioning information) be encoded in URIs?
How should the problem of identifying ID semantics in XML languages
be addressed in the absence of a DTD?
Composability for user interface-oriented XML namespaces

... and there's more

XML Transformation and composability
(e.g., XSLT, XInclude, Encryption)
Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML
Web site metadata improving on robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon etc.
Definition of abstract components with namespace names and frag ids

Issues closed in last 6 months

What is the meaning of a document composed of content
in mixed namespaces?
What to say in defense of principle that deep linking is not an illegal act?
When, whither and how to profile W3C specifications in the XML Family

Important Issues Slowing Us Down

  • slowing down Web Arch, XML 1.1, Namespaces 1.1, other issues
    • Can IRIs be referenced now?
    • Relationship between IRIs and URIs?
    • String comparison vs. dereferencing
  • Chain of dependencies:
    • International Domain Names
    • RFC 2396 bis (TAG active in editing)
    • IRI (TAG active in discussing)
    • Many W3C specs (TAG wants to see progress to Rec)
  • Are we excluding Semantic Web, Web Services. from Arch doc
    • Accepted, 25 Mar 2002
    • Discussed, every opportunity....
    • Voted to defer, 24 Sept 2002
    • Re opened, 6 Feb 3002
  • If one exists, what is it used for?
    • Machine readable, human readable, or both?
    • RDDL challenge and RDF
  • Hypertext links in XML seem rather desirable
    • Is XLink the answer? Is Xlink 1.0 the answer?
    • Working links in random UI-related XML grammars
    • Overloading multiple links on one element?
    • Task force to gather requirements for XLink revision?
    • HTML WG tracking issue for XHTML 2.0

Benefits of TAG work to date

Web Architecture Document



More on Web Arch doc

Plans for progressing documents

Last Call on Architecture document
  • Two alternatives
    • Model 1: issue Last Call in 2003
      • Trim scope of Arch doc to "REST" Web
      • Exclude Semantic Web, Web Services
      • Useful subset or damaging division?
    • Model 2: issue Last Call in 2004
      • Scope is whole Web
      • Semantic web and Web services integrated
      • Consistent architecture or prolonged confusion?
Namespace Document status
  • Two alternatives
    • Model 1: Publish as Note
      • Not TAG business to create this sort of spec?
      • No life-after-rec worries
      • Note ignored, waste of time
    • Model 2: REC Track
      • Follow through on existing effort
      • Requires ongoing effort through standards track
      • Improve interoperability,

        promote use of well-documented namespaces

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