Generating Alan's (Master) Key-Pair

Alan does this:

cwm access-gen-master.n3 --think --purge > access-master.private

where the access-gen-master.n3 contains:

#  Generate master key

@prefix : <#> .
@prefix log: <> .
@prefix crypto: <> .
@prefix string: <> .
@prefix acc: <>.

this log:forAll :x , :y.

{ :x crypto:keyLength "1024";
     crypto:publicKey :y } log:implies {
 :x a acc:MasterKeyPair; a acc:Secret.  :y a acc:MasterKey } .

log:forAll a log:Chaff.
log:implies a log:Chaff.

:x is a key pair, made by keyLength
:y is the public part
acc: tags help us later
log:Chaff is one way to remove our inputs