IRC log of wai-wcag on 2003-11-21

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05:30:23 [wendy]
what we can give to QA:
05:30:27 [wendy]
1. feedback on their guidelines
05:31:11 [wendy]
qawg not imposing a set of rules, here to see if their set of guidelines is applicable and does good.
05:33:23 [wendy]
qa working on usability and readability, might have one person from each.
05:33:30 [wendy]
(to liaison to qawg)
05:33:38 [wendy]
what does the liaison do?
05:34:08 [wendy]
monitor activity of wcagwg and says "we are starting test now" and communicate with olivier.
05:34:34 [wendy]
organize the qa work. someone who is dedicated to the qa work.
05:34:57 [wendy]
someone who can review our work against the qa guidelines.
05:35:20 [wendy]
organize the schedule for the test suite, the resources.
05:36:24 [wendy]
jenae andershonis already reviewing wcag 2.0 against one of the qa guidelines.
05:40:52 [wendy]
assigning a qa monitor who watches the process to determine that we're meeting our qa goals.
05:44:07 [wendy]
next steps:
05:44:11 [wendy]
olivier review charter
05:44:17 [wendy]
and then review next working draft (early december)
05:48:44 [wendy]
their cr ends in february (before tech plenary)
05:48:57 [wendy]
then determine if goes to rec, or note, or become part of process
05:49:12 [wendy]
olivier will have initial review in 2 weeks.
05:49:30 [wendy]
incorporate wai glossary into qa system.
05:50:04 [wendy]
05:51:37 [wendy]
if our document is well organized they have tools that can grab terms and definitions for inclusion in their master glossary.
05:53:23 [wendy]
kerstin is interested in being liaison
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