Minutes of 20 Feb 2003 UAWG teleconference

Present: Jon Gunderson (Chair), Cathy Laws, David Poehlman, Harvey Bingham, Colin Kotoles, Ian Jacobs.
Regrets: Matt May

Previous meeting: 6 Feb 2003

Next meeting: 27 Feb 2003. Regrets: DP, IJ

The UAWG meets ftf 6-7 March in Boston. We decided we didn't need teleconf capabilities.

Review of FTF agenda

Discussion of Agenda

- QA Docs to be reviewed
- Dependency tracking tools
- Process for groups requesting specific test suite cases
- Status of UAWG test suite work
- Getting UAWG desired tests into test suites of other groups.
JG: For discussions with PF/HTML WGs, we have a list of things to talk about based on our test suite work.
CL: I'll do demo with telephony Friday morning.
Action UAWG: Read XHTML 2.0
[To be discussed next week]
JG: QAWG has published three docs in last call

Implementation reports and test suites

JG: Lots of activity in this area.
-- Matt submitted new review of IE5 Mac
-- I have some students working on reviews
IJ: QAWG has asked that we allow review of UAAG 1.0 against QA guidelines to be made public. Is that ok?
Resolved: Yes
Action IJ: Say to Lynne Rosenthal that we are fine with that; maybe by talking to her we can get AAA.
JG: In terms of current evaluation reports, students working on IE, Realplayer, Mozilla. CL is working on HPR.
JG: People are going through the current test suite.
IJ: See the QAWG guidelines for info about contributing tests.
[UAWG notes that there are well-formedness errors in xml files of HTML test suite]
Action Colin: Debug this XML problem in test suite sources
Test suites
JG: Being well-used right now. We will have some new tests soon; some of the tests are broken (markup) and we'll fix.
HB: What about EARL usage?
JG: We are not yet using EARL.
IJ: We should give them input based on our experience.
IJ: I am not tracking EARL progress.
JG: Could talk to Wendy at ftf meeting.
JG: Advantages of EARL are, e.g., testing tools.

Involving Beijing

JG: Difficult for folks in Beijing to join given our current schedule.
What about 8am ET/7 am CT?
JG: I'd like to have an intro call first, before we reschedule a bunch of meetings.
HB: Would be good to find out what Chinese policies relate to accessibility.
Action JG: Set up an intro meeting in the morning with Beijing folks.

Education and outreach

JG: We're meeting with JB and EOWG at ftf meeting

There is also a meeting on Friday to discuss the WAI Glossary (IJ, HB to attend)

IJ: UAAG 1.0 reference really old!
* UAAG10: Working Draft User Agent Accessibility Guidelines, 2000-07-28 UAAG 1.0
Action IJ: Ask glossary authors if they can/intend to update the references to UAAG 1.0.