DOM Level 3 XPath Test Suite

Date: $Date: 2003/02/19 20:32:42 $

Note: The information contained in this page may be updated without notice to reflect the latest version of the DOM Level 3 XPath Test Suite. We are still working on the tests to improve them with regards to the W3C Recommendation of DOM Level 3 XPath, therefore the results of the tests are not necessarely fully accurate. We appreciate any bug report or comment regarding the tests (use

The DOM Test Suite for Level 3 XPath contains 0 tests. As a reminder:

The DOM TS (DOM Test Suite) aims at helping implementors to write applications that support the DOM specifications. In no way are these conformance tests in the sense of providing companies or institutions with certification of DOM support. The only claim that could be made is that a particular implementation is conformant to a particular version of the DOM TS.

Given that we don't have the tests yet, we did not test implementations.

Philippe Le Hegaret, for the DOM Test Suite group.