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zakim, this will be rdfc
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ok, AaronSw
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zakim, who is here?
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see ILRT, PatH, Bwm, JosD, EMiller, DanC
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15:04:51 [JosD]
regrets DanB, FrankM, GrahamK
15:04:57 [DaveB]
15:05:11 [DanCon]
FYI about WebOnt pubs
15:05:38 [JosD]
AOB from DanC
15:05:39 [em]
zakim, who is talking?
15:05:50 [Zakim]
em, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Bwm (40%)
15:05:55 [DanCon]
we're likely to publish all our OWL drafts Monday. NOT last call.
15:06:24 [Zakim]
15:06:26 [DanCon]
regrets for next Fri; I'll be at a TAG ftf.
15:06:29 [DaveB]
jan volunteers
15:06:37 [DaveB]
then killed the phone ... ;)
15:06:47 [JosD]
Volunteer Scribe next week: JanG
15:06:58 [Zakim]
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===== 5: Minutes of 2003-01-24 telecon
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15:07:35 [JosD]
JanG send regrets
15:07:45 [JosD]
minutes approved
15:07:57 [JosD]
=========== 6: Confirm Status of Completed Actions
15:08:02 [JosD]
15:08:19 [JosD]
======== 7: Soliciting Last Call Reviews
15:08:46 [JosD]
em's action continued as well as danbris's
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15:08:53 [DanCon]
15:09:03 [JosD]
========== 8: Handling last call comments.
15:09:26 [DanCon]
ack danc
15:09:27 [Zakim]
DanCon, you wanted to ask graph?
15:10:01 [JosD]
ACTION Brian put lcc application code in CVS
15:10:59 [jang]
[if it hasn't been addressed yet - couldn't find it in last week's minutes - which document do we update as we go along?
15:11:01 [JosD]
how much editorial discretion should there be?
15:12:06 [jang]
ah, that's how you do it
15:12:09 [JosD]
each editor keeps a list of changes
15:12:24 [JosD]
link back to the original message
15:12:39 [jang]
q+ to ask [if it hasn't been addressed yet - couldn't find it in last week's minutes - which document do we update as we go along?
15:12:55 [JosD]
editors role to bring stuff back to the group
15:14:38 [bwm]
ack jang
15:14:39 [Zakim]
Jang, you wanted to ask [if it hasn't been addressed yet - couldn't find it in last week's minutes - which document do we update as we go along?
15:15:17 [bwm]
ack danc
15:15:22 [JosD]
jjc: strip list in editors draft for PR and one can still look into editors draft
15:16:03 [Zakim]
15:16:41 [DaveB]
reminds me, the mime type I-D needs renewing RSN
15:16:50 [DaveB]
expires Feb sometime?
15:17:17 [JosD]
danc: these are the changes for LC and say to director they are all editorial
15:17:30 [JosD]
(otherwise another LC)
15:17:46 [JosD]
Zakim, who is here
15:17:48 [Zakim]
JosD, you need to end that query with '?'
15:17:52 [AaronSw]
media: hm, good point
15:17:55 [JosD]
Zakim, who is here?
15:17:56 [Zakim]
On the phone I see PatH, Bwm, JosD, EMiller, DanC, PatrickS, ILRT, Jjc, AaronSw
15:17:57 [Zakim]
ILRT has DaveB, JanG
15:17:58 [Zakim]
On IRC I see jang, RRSAgent, Zakim, JosD, em, DaveB, AaronSw, bwm, DanCon, logger
15:18:09 [DaveB]
AaronSw: expires 21 Feb says
15:18:36 [DanCon]
clarification: "editorial" meaning minor, i.e. reviewers would agree "yes, my review still applies after those changes have been made"
15:21:24 [JosD]
process handling comments via www-rdf-comments
15:22:11 [JosD]
s/process/process of/
15:22:25 [JosD]
no other issues
15:22:49 [em]
15:23:14 [JosD]
JanG: which document to update
15:23:47 [JosD]
bwm: new editors draft
15:24:50 [JosD]
DanC: not a good idea, strong preference to have them in CVS
15:25:19 [jang]
my intention: to update the copy of TR document under rdfcore/TR/ as required, respond to queries with the diff.
15:25:40 [JosD]
... one commit per week and the one underneath the WG directory
15:26:24 [JosD]
... DanC prefers in place
15:26:54 [jang]
em: published docs were modified. ensure the REAL TR documents go under the rdfcore/TR doc
15:27:12 [jang]
make sure ther's an cvs up first prior to edits!
15:27:26 [JosD]
em: make sure to checkout first
15:27:45 [JosD]
ACTION: Brian to update the WG page link
15:28:15 [JosD]
... to editors drafts
15:28:59 [JosD]
============= 9: FAQ: Relationship to XML Family of specs
15:29:14 [JosD]
15:29:39 [JosD]
... to do the update
15:29:57 [DanCon]
15:30:54 [AaronSw]
danc, we're discussing rdf and xml, not rdf and html
15:30:55 [JosD]
bwm: there is a chartered deliverable
15:31:11 [bwm]
* provide an account of the relationship between RDF and the XML family of technologies (particularly Schemas and Infoset/Query)
15:32:41 [JosD]
from charter
15:33:21 [JosD]
this will be continued
15:33:33 [JosD]
========== 11: Comments Review
15:33:52 [DanCon]
I don't think danc-01 is ready for WG discussion. I'd prefer to continue negotiating with the editor.
15:34:15 [DaveB]
I thought we were discussing danc-02 ?
15:34:56 [DanCon]
sorry, yes, danc-02 isn't ready for WG discussion.
15:35:27 [JosD]
======== 11: Comments Review
15:35:55 [DaveB]
this is item 10, JosD
15:36:29 [JosD]
15:36:31 [JosD]
10:00:00 Fri Jan 31 2003 in America/New York duration 60 minutes
15:36:32 [JosD]
which is equivalent to
15:36:34 [JosD]
15:00:00 Fri Dec 31 2003 in Europe/London
15:36:35 [JosD]
Phone: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)#7332
15:36:37 [JosD]
irc: #rdfcore
15:36:39 [JosD]
1: Scribe Jos this week
15:36:41 [JosD]
2: Roll Call
15:36:42 [JosD]
3: Review Agenda
15:36:44 [JosD]
4: Next telecon 07 Feb 2003
15:36:45 [JosD]
Volunteer Scribe
15:36:46 [JosD]
5: Minutes of 2003-01-24 telecon
15:36:48 [JosD]
15:36:49 [JosD]
15:36:52 [JosD]
6: Confirm Status of Completed Actions
15:36:53 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-17#6 ericM
15:36:55 [JosD]
publish the last call WDs and Lbase Note
15:36:56 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#1 jjc
15:36:57 [JosD]
Send msg to I18N asking for relevant LC review
15:36:59 [JosD]
15:37:00 [DaveB]
uh oh
15:37:01 [JosD]
15:37:02 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#2 bwm
15:37:04 [JosD]
Send msg to XML Schema WG asking for relevant LC review
15:37:06 [JosD]
15:37:08 [JosD]
15:37:10 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#3 bwm
15:37:12 [JosD]
Send msg to asking for relevant LC review
15:37:14 [JosD]
15:37:17 [JosD]
15:37:18 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#8 patrickS
15:37:19 [AaronSw]
logger, kick JosD
15:37:19 [JosD]
Send msg to UAProf asking for relevant LC review
15:37:21 [logger]
I'm logging. I don't understand 'kick JosD', AaronSw. Try /msg logger help
15:37:22 [JosD]
15:37:24 [JosD]
15:37:26 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#9 patrickS
15:37:28 [JosD]
Send msg to Open EBook Forum asking for relevant LC review
15:37:30 [JosD]
15:37:32 [JosD]
15:37:35 [JosD]
ACTION: 2002-01-24#11 bwm
15:37:36 [JosD]
send announcement to chairs list
15:37:38 [JosD]
15:37:40 [JosD]
15:37:43 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#12 jjc
15:37:44 [JosD]
Send msg to XML C14N WG asking for relevant LC review
15:37:46 [JosD]
15:37:48 [JosD]
15:37:50 [JosD]
ACTION: 2003-01-24#13 bwm
15:37:52 [JosD]
Send msg to RDF interest asking for relevant LC review
15:37:54 [JosD]
15:37:56 [JosD]
15:37:58 [JosD]
7: Soliciting Last Call Reviews
15:38:00 [JosD]
2003-01-24#4 em Send msg to David of XMLP asking for relevant LC review
15:38:02 [JosD]
2003-01-24#5 danbri Send msg to SVG asking for relevant LC review
15:38:04 [JosD]
2003-01-24#6 danbri Send msg to XHTML WG asking for relevant LC review
15:38:07 [JosD]
2003-01-24#7 danbri Send msg to RDF IG about LC
15:38:08 [JosD]
2003-01-24#10 danbri remind RSS people to send their comments to
15:38:10 [JosD]
15:38:12 [JosD]
15:38:14 [JosD]
8: Handling last call comments.
15:38:17 [JosD]
Comments on comment tracking documents:
15:38:18 [JosD]
15:38:20 [JosD]
15:38:22 [JosD]
What to do with the app source code?
15:38:24 [JosD]
DanC suggests editors discretion to make editorial corrections
15:38:26 [JosD]
15:38:28 [JosD]
Patrick suggests WG should review whether it considers issue editorial
15:39:04 [JosD]
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15:39:20 [jang]
jang: danc just reads out the contents of jang-01
15:39:58 [JosD]
ACTION: to review JanG proposed text for testcases
15:39:59 [jang]
bwm: accepted?
15:40:20 [jang]
ok, cheers
15:40:52 [JosD]
[jang-01] resolved with consensus
15:41:03 [jang]
ACTION: jang to create test case for jang-01 and send details to jos
15:43:30 [DanCon]
no, Brian, we (the WG) doesn't need to decide a disposion of every comment. Only those that raise substantive issues.
15:45:01 [DanCon]
ah... now I see what you mean by "every comment"; it's "every comment that resulted in an issue". yes, we have to decide all those.
15:45:52 [JosD]
======= 11: Comments Review
15:46:45 [JosD]
JanG volunteers to make weekly trawl through rdf comments and check we aren't dropping any.
15:47:03 [JosD]
bmw: this is a big help!
15:47:25 [AaronSw]
15:47:27 [bwm]
15:47:51 [AaronSw]
quoting from
15:48:19 [JosD]
jeremy: take e.g. reagle-01
15:49:43 [JosD]
DanC: 1. yes the dsign is goofy, but here are the 3 testcases
15:50:00 [JosD]
DanC: 2. here is a design change
15:50:31 [JosD]
Path: be careful here, may influence other documents
15:52:55 [DanCon]
"oh, Jeremy's only moaning at .3dB this week. We're good to go."
15:52:57 [DanCon]
15:52:59 [JosD]
========= 12: XML Schema 1.1 Requirements
15:53:09 [jang]
q+ aside, if we sort out process would a 10-point bulletted list of "this is how we successfgully ran our LC process" be helpful to the wider w3c?
15:53:40 [jang]
zakim, if you understand the nature of teh syntactic error I made then you bloody well ought to try supplying my missing punctuation. imho
15:53:41 [Zakim]
I don't understand 'if you understand the nature of teh syntactic error I made then you bloody well ought to try supplying my missing punctuation. imho', jang
15:54:44 [JosD]
Jeremy: made 2 desiderata
15:55:44 [JosD]
Jeremy: those were made personally; asking for WG blessing; there could be a 3rd one
15:56:23 [jang]
q+ to mention that meta-issue as AOB when everything else is done (as AOB, brian)
15:56:50 [AaronSw]
15:57:17 [AaronSw]
danc proposes to endorse the second comment in above
15:57:27 [AaronSw]
(on first class objects)
15:57:57 [JosD]
RESOLVED: endorse the First class objects (RQ-23)
15:59:03 [JosD]
... with consensus
16:01:04 [JosD]
ACTION: Jeremy to report back XML Schema 1.1 Requirements RQ-23
16:01:11 [Zakim]
16:01:13 [Zakim]
16:01:41 [Zakim]
16:01:43 [Zakim]
16:02:00 [Zakim]
16:02:14 [JosD]
16:02:37 [Zakim]
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