XMLSpec : Language

How to use XMLSpec

Choose a doctype

<!DOCTYPE spec PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD Specification Version 2.9//EN" "xmlspec.dtd"> 

spec : root element

The spec element is the root of your XML document. It has three attributes w3c-doctype, other-doctype and status.

spec attributes definition

w3c-doctype = "cr | dispcmts | issues | wgnote | memsub | teamsub | note | other | pr | per | rec | wd | review"
Indicates the type of document, so that the appropriate stylesheet or workflow routing can be applied. Should *not* generate any text (such as the "REC-" or "NOTE-" prefix on the W3C designation content). No default. If w3c-doctype is "other", other-doctype should be filled in.
other-doctype = "value"
@@Unspecified - what should I say here?
status = "int-review | ext-review | final"
Indicates the stage of review of the document. May affect the stylesheet's treatment of ednotes (e.g., whether to output them). No default.

Example spec

<spec w3c-doctype="pr">

XHTML equivalent of spec


header element


title element


Example title


version element


Example version

<version>Version 1.0</version>