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Conversation Specification: A New Approach to Design and Analysis of E-Service Composition

bijan: Similar to choreo in spirit, but presents an interesting projection result
bijan: Namely that, given sufficent expressivity of the representation of the coversation, the projection will not roundtrip.

WS-CDL Eclipse

bijan: An eclipsed based CDL editor from, I believe, U. of South Hampton.

PI Calculus for SOA project

bijan: Looks like the hand of Steve is behind this one, given the press release.
carine: Gary Brown is project Admin
bijan: More detail .

Prolly chumped before but: WWW2005 panel -- Web Services Considered Harmful

bijan: Perhaps could be retitled, "Panels considered unhelpful and often uninteresting"
bijan: The main problem I had with it was that there was no plausible web services champion on the panel.
bijan: I think there were some good anti points raised -- certainly well worth considering -- but it didn't help frame the debate.
bijan: And, to be sure, I'm not a huge fan of "tit for tat" balance. In this case, however, it would have helped, I think.
carine: I hope that someone made the point that REST and SOAP are orthogonal...
bijan: IIRC (and it's been a few weeks) there was a fair bit of critique of SOAP per se, e.g., exactly what is the advantage of the wrapper (as opposed to useing HTTP headers, for example)

Mark's view on "stacks"

carine: This relates to Mark's presentation at FSWS workshop
carine: see also http://www.w3.org/2005/04/FSWS/Submissions/32/stacks.png

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