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The SmartWeb Project

bijan: A very cool SemWeb project. They will generate a lot of content for their experiments. Yay them!
bijan: So, why do I chump it here rather than on #swig? Huh? HUUUUUH?!
bijan: Well, aside for the desparate needs for signs of live on this blog/channel, there's this:
bijan: "But SmartWeb does not only deal with information-seeking dialogues but also with task-oriented dialogues, in which the user wants to perform a transaction via a Web service (e.g. buy a ticket for a sports event or program his navigation system to find a souvenir shop)."
bijan: Oh, and the more obvious:
bijan: "SmartWeb is based on two parallel efforts that have the potential of forming the basis for the next generation of the Web. The first effort is the semantic Web which provides the tools for the explicit markup of the content of Web pages; the second effort is the development of semantic Web services which results in a Web where programs act as autonomous agents to become the producers and consumers of information and enable automation of transactions."

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