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Towards a First-Order Ontology for Semantic Web Services

plh: An unambiguously, computer-interpretable description of the process model of a Web service, and a client s constraints on that process model, are critical to automating a diversity of tasks, including Web service discovery, invocation, composition, monitoring, verification and simulation.

Declarative Policies for Describing Web Service Capabilities and Constraints

plh: using declarative policies that are based on deontic concepts including permissions, obligations, claims, prohibitions, and privileges.

RDF For Web Service Policy Assertions

plh: This document will compare the XML language for expressing WS-Policies with the ways RDF extends XML. Further, it will describe how RDF meets document merging and extensibility goals described in the WS-Policy specification. In support of this, the document cites an RDF schema for representing web service policies. Examples allow direct comparison to the WS-Policy specification.

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