Use case submissions to the test suite

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Jonathan Calladine
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On the the WG call on 10/01/06 we agreed that Issue 2 would be split into 2 
parts with a new issue being raised to capture discussion around submission of 
use case schemas into the WG and that Issue 2 would focus on the 
autogeneration of wsdl from these subissions as a related but distinct issue.

Below is an extract from a previous issue 2 email:
On the calls we have been discussing how we are going to catalogue test cases 
and how we are going to represent these for inclusion in the test suite. It is 
suggested that we have some standard for submitting schema examples for 
inclusion in the basic or advanced pattern suites. 
This would be ideal although we do not want to discourage contributors who are 
not prepared to re-work schemas in order submit test cases in a specific 
format. The following examples therefore describe how we could catalogue 
submitted tests and publish wsdl for them. Contributors should of course be 
encouraged to submit tests in whichever format we decide to catalogue them.
The following schema takes the enumeration fragment from the WG input document 
  elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified"> 
<xs:simpleType name='Beatle' >
  <xs:restriction base='xs:string' >
   <xs:enumeration value='John' />
   <xs:enumeration value='Paul />
   <xs:enumeration value='George' />
   <xs:enumeration value='Stuart' />
   <xs:enumeration value='Pete' />
   <xs:enumeration value='Ringo' />
<xs:element name=’echo’ type=’Beatle’ />
1.      That the namespace supplied is for the workgroups own testsuite and 
identifies a particular test/example.
2.      The global element ’echo’ is a standard name that allows us to 
autogenerate wsdl for this.


In addition to this basic format we all agreed on the call that a 
representative instance document is required to illustrate correct 
interpretation of the schema.

So far discussion has centred around the format of the schema to facilitate 
auto-generation of wsdl. As a seperate issue the initial activity is in 
defining the template used to submit these issues.

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Related notes:

2006-08-01: Closed. No action. This issue captured aspects of the process we wanted to follow. Overtaken by practcial work on the testsuite/patterns/examples documents