Web Services Coordination Group
25 Nov 2003

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Present: Hugo, Carine, Mike, Martin, Michael, David

Regrets: EricM

Chair: David

Scribe: Hugo


Scribe: Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ws-cg/2003Nov/0005.html

<davidF> dialling in now

Review action items from previous meeting

Scribe: DROPPED: ST to formally ask WSChor if they have any dependencies on Schema

WS WG reports

Scribe: ... -- Choreography

MartinC: close to republishing reqs
... hoping to be ready in 1 week or so
... f2f upcoming in Cambridge, England

Scribe: -- Architecture

<davidF> MikeC: winding down WG

MartinC: lost a certain number of people
... core group of people committed to put what we've learned in the document

<davidF> -- Description

Scribe: Jonathan is not here
... Publication of draft of WSDL 2.0

<davidF> -- XMLP

David: Published a draft of an unratified editors' copy of beginning of a spec

Scribe: (re MTOM)

<caribou> MIFFY

David: provide a generic solution for carrying attachments
... we are looking at refactoring the MTOM and MIFFY specs to be able to use MIFFY in a generic way
... SOAP would just be a particular use of this mechanism
... upcoming F2F next week in San Francisco
... will be working on MTOM / MIFFY split
... interested in coordinating with other WGs; SVG WG has related reqs
... having problems reaching the SVG WG chair

Martin: who's authoring MIFFY?

David: Mark Nottingham for the WG

Co-Ordination for MTOM

<davidF> Hugo: has been talking with a lot of people about this
... .... relates to other WGs, like in Core WG
... ... wondering whether XMLP has been thinking about a task force
... ... thinking that XML Core might publish MIFFY
... ... or at least participate in the TF

David: if there is going to be a large number of WGs involved, it would probably make sense to have a task force

Scribe: ACTION: David to contact the XML Core WG about MIFFY/MTOM work

WS WG reports

Scribe: -- SWSIG

Carine: just starting
... already have 150 participants

Report from the AC meeting special session on Web services

See IRC log

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: David to draft email to AB to express desire to have CG involved in organizational liaison, providing technical point of view [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2003/11/25-ws-cg-irc#T18-56-23]
[NEW] ACTION: David to contact the XML Core WG about MIFFY/MTOM work [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2003/11/25-ws-cg-irc#T18-28-16]

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