Web Services CG
28 Oct 2003

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Regrets: Hugo

Chair: DavidF


<davidF> =========start mtg==============
... action item review

<davidF> ACTION: ST to formally ask WSChor if they have any dependencies on Schema (pending)
... note this action is about profiling of schema

<Marsh> Chor's response is fine
... They don't have any reason to need a profile at this time

<davidF> "fine" as in dropping it is fine?
... y/n?

<Marsh> y

... ACTION 1=
... ========report from xml cg =============
... MSM reports that CG is primarily focussed on re-chartering XML Activity
... ========report from semantic web =============

<caribou> EricM: we too are in the process of starting phase 2 of the activity
... probably a bunch of new people going to suscribe to the SWS IG
... ========= report from WS Chor WG ===========

<davidF> ========report from WSChor =============

<caribou> meeting in Cambridge (editors+chairs+staff)
... [Cambridge, UK]

<davidF> finishing up Reqs
... ========report from WSArch =============

<caribou> not thinking on re-chartering

<davidF> MikeC reports that WSA looking to finish up before possibly closing up

<caribou> use January deadline as a motivator to get useful discussion
... announce to the WG produced somewhat mixed effect, but overall good

<davidF> an announce was made to the WSA WG that W3C was likely not going to re-charter the WG
... in part because MikeC cannot commit to further work
... in part a recog of lack of a common WSArch picture in the industry
... unclear what the final doc will be (in Jan)
... WG Note, Last Call WG WD, etc
... MSM comment on W3C announce .....
... success of the WSA WG has been mixed
... WG churn likely won't be fixed by rechartering, W3C is sensitive to resource constraints
... MikeC notes that WSARch Chairs were not involved in W3C discussions on the subject; MSM opines this was a mistake
... MSM notes that other memebrs of W3T may have thought there was more consensus than there actually was
... EM asks how WG members view decision .....

<caribou> EM: how does the WG react?
... MikeC: Eric Newcomer (editor) seems demotivated

<davidF> MC notes that one of the editors views the deadline as a de-motivator
... MC note that em traffic has dropped

<caribou> core group of people working = good thing

<davidF> no violent objection from WSArch WG members on announce
... JMarsh report on WSDescription
... f2f next week
... new issues still being raised, generally smaller

<caribou> going to publish part 1 & 2, probably not the bindings

<davidF> JM reckons still ~>2 WDs before going to LC

<caribou> ========report from XMLP
... working on MTOM, part 3 describes an optimization mechanism independently of a binding
... SVG interested in an include type mechanism similar to MTOM
... DavidF contacted C. Lilley (SVG WG)
... if generic, MTOM mechanism would be applicable to any vocabulary (not only SOAP)
... reference to XML schema errata problem: MSM says it could be published in November
... (before or after the moratorium)
... MSM: possible to reference the Errata document (which is public)

<davidF> http://www.w3.org/mid/DD35CC66F54D8248B6E04232892B6338262E1D@RED-MSG-43.redmond.corp.microsoft.com
... carine notes that xmlp wg charter has been extended to end of january
... at that time there is thought that it might be extended with some new items (TBD)

<caribou> makes the charter 6 monthes after rec
... ======== topic: colocating WSD-XMLP F2F

<davidF> JMarsh agenda item: co-locate WSD and XMLP? e.g. discuss MTOM co-ordination at Plenary in March 2004

Summary of Action Items

[PENDING] ACTION: ST to formally ask WSChor if they have any dependencies on Schema [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2003/10/28-ws-cg-irc#T18-09-44]

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