Web Services Architecture Working Group
10-October- meeting minutes

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AT&T Mark Jones
BEA Systems David Orchard
Boeing Company Gerald Edgar
ChevronTexaco Roger Cutler
Computer Associates Igor Sedukhin
Contivo Dave Hollander
Fujitsu Frank McCabe
Hewlett-Packard Company Yin-Leng Husband
Hewlett-Packard Company Zulah Eckert
IBM Heather Kreger
MITRE Corporation James Davenport
Nortel Networks Abbie Barbir
Oracle Corporation Jeff Mischkinsky
Oracle Corporation Martin Chapman
Progress Colleen Evans
SeeBeyond Technology Corp Ugo Corda
Software AG Michael Champion
Sterling Commerce(SBC) Suresh Damodaran

Thompson Corporation Hao He

W. W. Grainger, Inc. Daniel Austin
W. W. Grainger, Inc. Tom Carroll
W3C David Booth
webMethods, Inc. Prasad Yendluri


Apple, Mike Brumbelow

AT&T Ayse Dilber

Carnegie Mellon University Katia Sycara
EDS Waqar Sadiq
Ericsson Nilo Mitra
IBM Chris Ferris
Intel Corporation Joel Munter
IONA Eric Newcomer
Ipedo Srinivas Pandrangi
Macromedia Glen Daniels
Nokia Michael Mahan
SAP Sinisa Zimek
SeeBeyond Technology Corp Alan Davies
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Doug Bunting
TIBCO Software, Inc. Scott Vorthmann


See agenda posted by the Chair.

Detailed minutes

1.Roll call

2. Scribe assigned (David Orchard)

3. Last week's telecon minutes approval deferred

DaveH explains his proposal on discovery

DavidB agrees to close "issue" for now, but wants to work offline with other people to refine a position statement.

WG agrees to incorporate DavidH's text on discovery

Discussion about ws-attachment note and URIs. Hugo raised his email. DaveO Action to write text on use of URIs within DIME.

Much discussion about ws-attachments and scope for xmlp. Should the xmlp deal with writing an abstract description, but not the "real" thing? How should web services arch group deal with this issue in it's documentation.

MarkJones created some text on describing an attachment feature.

DaveO: does ws-arch really think that the attachment feature should have actually been done in xmlp group?

Much discussion on: Does the ws-arch WG think that xmlp should do the actual work around packaging?

MikeC will approach DavidF about the scoping issue around packaging.

Decided to defer discussions around SOAP intermediaries/gateways.

Discussion around moratorium on publication prior to the AC meeting.

DaveO will be editor for choreography sections of arch document.

3 companies have volunteered invited experts for choreography.

WS-Arch meets just prior to AC meeting, current schedule doesn't allow for us to do work on the arch document at f2f and publish before ac meeting.

Plan emerges from the chaos to: ask for publication before f2f, then possibly send updates as a result of the f2f.

Discussions around the term "artificact". Roger doesn't like. Too much discussion for me to be able to keep up.

MikeC: What "thingies" need to be in place for a complex web service to be defined and operated?

MikeC: Important to next think about "roles" in the next layer up.

DaveO: Need for definition of complex web service? Is complexity defined by multiple parties, orchestration of multiple messages.

DavidB: 2 kinds of nouns: Role (component?) that represents something that performs an action; 2nd is an information item, called an artifact; and identifying the verbs that are the transitions.

DaveO: we still need to figure out our software design methodology.

DanielA: This is a metamodel

Action: DanielA will provide some information on meta-models.

Action: DaveO provide some pointers to Roy Fieldings Architectural Metamodels.

Summary of new action items


Chair: Mike Champion <mike.champion@softwareag-usa.com>
Scribe: Katia Sycara