TAG update for WSAWG

TAG chartered and elected late 2001
Tim Berners-Lee, 3 appointees, 5 elected members
Responsibility for interpreting and achieving consensus on web principles
Two-pronged Current Approach
Write "the Web Architecture Document"
Sections on: Documents, Messages, Resources, Shared Information space
Write Findings
Based upon issues
Web Arch Document Issues
Shared Information Space
REST and use of HTTP POST/GET/ essential
Protocol Evolution
What is a resource?
Is a person a resource?
Issues so far raised by TAG member "championing"
Often they are turned down, no "parking tickets"
#16: HTTP as a substrate
Response to RFC 3025
#8: Namespace name document
do nothing, xhtml, schema
#15: URI Equivalence
#9: Media Types as URIs
Relationship to WSAWG
WSAWG "owns" the Web Services section of a virtual web arch document
When should liaison/joint committee be formed?
1 view:
TAG asks WSAWG to refine findings:
WSAWG asks TAG for validation
An emerging view:
The TAG asks WGs for work items
How much syntax does the TAG write?

See also the PowerPoint version.
WSAWG face-to-face minutes