Semantic Web - an Evolution for the Future

Ivan Herman, W3C Head of Offices
Hong Kong, September 3rd, 2002

Slides of the Keynote Presentation held in Hong Kong, on the 3rd of September, 2002, at the Web Services Conference held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

If your browser is enabled for SVG, I advise you to view the slideset in SVG. Otherwise, you can use the links below. There is also a printable version of all slides, collected into a single HTML file. Do not forget to use landscape mode when printing that file.

Table of Content:

  1. Few Words on W3C
  2. W3C Technologies
  3. Towards a Semantic Web
  4. What Is Needed?
  5. Problem Example
  6. Statements
  7. Resource Description Framework
  8. Simple RDF statements
  9. URI-s play a fundamental role
  10. Adding a new predicate
  11. RDF Containers
  12. RDF Containers (cont)
  13. Building more complex statements
  14. More on RDF
  15. Binding RDF to an XML Resource
  16. Use of RDF in our example
  17. RDF is not Enough...
  18. RDF Schemas
  19. Defining our main resources
  20. Defining Properties
  21. Towards a Web Ontology
  22. Ontologies
  23. W3C's Web Ontologies Language (OWL)
  24. Examples in OWL
  25. Examples in OWL (cont)
  26. Available Specifications
  27. Available Specifications (cont)
  28. Public Fora at W3C
  29. Some Tools
  30. SW Application Examples
  31. SW Application Examples (cont)
  32. SW Application Examples (cont)
  33. And What about Web Services?
  34. A Simple Matching Problem
  35. WS Oriented Search Engines
  36. Convergence at W3C
  37. Further Information