Overview of W3C Technologies

Ivan Herman, W3C Head of Offices
Egmond aan Zee, 12 November, 2002

Slides of the presentation held in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, on the 12 November, 2002 at the SURFNet Relatiedagen 2002.

If your browser is enabled for SVG, I advise you to view the slideset in SVG. Otherwise, you can use the links below. There is also a printable version of all slides, collected into a single HTML file. Do not forget to use landscape mode when printing that file.

Table of Content:

  1. Title Page
  2. Some history
  3. Work at W3C
  4. Some guiding principles at W3C
  5. Usage of the Web has evolved
  6. W3C's interoperable XML toolkit
  7. User Interface technologies
  8. What some of them do...
  9. W3C's UI recommendations
  10. Increased automation on the Web
  11. Procedure based automation
  12. Procedure based automation (cont)
  13. WS Example: Travel Agency
  14. Data based automation
  15. Data based automation (cont)
  16. SW Example: Newsfeed
  17. Web Services and the Semantic Web
  18. The Web is for everybody!
  19. What do we need?
  20. Example: international text
  21. Example: adapted presentation
  22. We need you!
  23. More infos