The Tower of Babel

Painting, The Tower of Babel, by Pieter Bruegel (c. 1525-69)

"Significant extensions to RDF(S) require either an extension to the [serialization] syntax, or some deviation from the semantics of RDF(S)." -PFPS

In e-mail he has recently stated: "If you forbid self-reference, then [same-syntax semantic extension] is possible." 1 "I would ... say that it is impossible in RDF to disallow [self-referential sentences]." 2

Sure -- the RDF Graph is still an RDF Graph. But its meaning to someone who understand LX is false. Peter wants to know how you convey the meaning of LX itself in RDF; you don't. The RDF layer cake has invisible buttresses -- the meanings of terms introduced (like "book" or "logical formula") is not entirely conveyed to machines by the lower layers.

Mythical failure mode was: incompatible languages (but really sabotage!)