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2D Web Graphics: SVG

Ivan Herman (W3C, Head of Offices)

Slides of the tutorial organized by the W3C Dutch Office and ISOC-NL, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 28 March 2002

The slides have been prepared in SVG, and need an SVG player or plugin to view them. You may want to check the SVG Implementations' page for more details on players and on the latest versions. To ensure a proper display of the slides the latest releases of the players should be used.

The first slide is: Titleslide.svgz. (If you use older browsers, you might have problems with the compressed version of the slides; you should then use Titleslide.svg.)

The slides were developed together with Bob Hopgood and David Duce (Oxford Brookes University).

Ivan Herman, (ivan@w3.org)
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